Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rambler Backpack by Duluth Pack Is Sure To Please

The Duluth Pack Rambler is more than a day bag but not too much for a short trek or lighter weight person. This medium sized backpack is handmade, as are all Duluth Pack's bags and gear, and is constructed to last. The Rambler is perfect for hauling extra clothes and gear for an overnight hike. The more fashion conscious hiker will also love the nine color choices: black, burgundy, hunters orange, khaki, navy, olive drab, spruce, and now, waxed canvas. The waxed canvas blocks most water and is offered for an additional $35 to the regular price. The retail price of the Duluthpack Rambler is $165 and, according to reviews from satisfied owners, it's well worth the price. Most owners would pay even more for it.

Rambler back pack video
One pleased reviewer writes, "I've had my Duluth Pack Rambler for four years. I use it monthly and it still looks new. I love the pockets. An eighteen inch pack basket is a snug fit but works well in the pack. I also love the touch leather straps. The whole pack is tough and durable; great for short trips."

Featuring zippered pockets on the front of pack and underneath the pack flap, the Rambler has plenty of nooks and crannies to keep gear separated and easy to locate. There is a good size pocket on each side of the pack, too. Each one has a flap which fits down over the pocket and secures with a leather strap and buckle. The pack flap itself also comes comes a third of the way down the front of the pack for security. It secures with two riveted high quality leather straps and buckles; one on each side of the flap. Cotton web shoulder straps are comfortable from day one when you hoist it on your back for your first of many trips with your Duluth Pack Rambler backpack.

The dimensions of the pack are 19H x 17W x 6D plus pockets. Capacity is 2,397 cubic inches plus pockets. It's made in the USA in a factory in Duluth, Minnesota where Duluthpack company has been building its products since 1911. (The company was actually founded in 1882.) Each piece is built by hand with attention and detail to every step of the process and carries a lifetime warranty.

The functionality and quality of the Rambler backpack is evident by it's popularity with hikers all over the world. Don't forget the new wax canvas version of which one reviewer wrote, "I have the waxed canvas version of the Rambler. I know I can toss it on the rocks to rest and know I don't have to worry about it."

When you buy a Duluth Pack Rambler you know you have a great backpack to use for many years with plenty of room for all your short trip gear. It doesn't hurt that it will also look great on your back!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Scout Pack

The Scout Pack is the ultimate in backpacks if you like to ride your bike, if you like to go hiking or if you need a good, solid backpack for school. It’s not one of those bags that seems to pull you down when you’re moving. It’s almost as if it becomes a part of you. Unlike long, heavy bags, the Scout Pack kind of fits the contour of your back, making the fact that you’re wearing a backpack enjoyable. You hardly even notice it’s there.

This backpack is the preeminent backpack if you’re looking for something not too big and not too small. Also, the quality in the Scout Pack is unmatched. This is one rugged backpack. The ultra strong canvas and premium leather reinforcements and flap straps makes this backpack durable and solid. It can be used for going to class or for taking a hike through the woods.

The Scout Pack has a roomy main compartment for school books or for survival supplies if you’re heading to the woods. This is very important in a backpack because you want to be able to take a lot of things with you when bike riding, hiking or going to class.

It also has an interior zippered pocket to carry items such as your cell phone, flashlight, pens or keys. This is really nice to have so you don’t have to carry these items in your pocket. Especially when riding your bike. Nobody wants to feel their keys grinding into their leg with every peddle. Plus, with that zippered pocket in the Scout Pack, you know your things are safe. They are not going to be dropped somewhere along the way.

The size of the Scout Pack is appealing and is designed for every day use. It comes in the traditional envelope style, so carrying your laptop computer in it is a perfect way to use it for school or work. This backpack make it so much easier to get your laptop from class to class. It’s not bulky and you know your laptop will not fall out because of the quality of the craftsmanship.

The Scout Pack is made to last. Every one of them is hand made by people who are very skilled at their craft. They are so sure of the quality of their craftsmanship that they offer a lifetime warranty on each bag. This doesn’t mean the normal wear and tear a bag goes through, but it does mean their craftsmanship. So if you ever have problems with the sewing or the hardware used in making the bag, you just return the backpack and it will be fixed free of charge.

So you know that if you own a Scout Pack, you own a quality, very useful bag that the company will stand behind. Think about all of those cheap plastic or polyester backpacks you’ve bought before. They didn’t have any kind of warranty on them because they were not skillfully crafted like a Scout Pack.

scout pack

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Sparky Bag @ duluthpack.com

If you are a hiker, fisherman, camper, trekker, scout, or even a student or someone who needs a comfortable and conveinent way to carry some stuff, then zone in and read about the Sparky Bag. The Sparky Bag was created by a company in Duluth, MN. Any traveler that has been to Duluth, MN knows that the great outdoors encompasses trees, lakes, rivers, birds of every color and song, wildlife, hunting, picnics, bon-fires, hiking and trails, fishing, cabins, tents, calling loons and soaring eagles, and memories that are only found by exploring and experiencing nature.

In order to enjoy the outdoors, it is important to have equipment that is dependable, durable, efficient, affordable, and mulit-functional. One item that meets the requirements is the Sparky Bag--found at www.duluthpack.com. What an amazing bag! There are testimonies from customers all over the country, bragging about its usefullness. The Sparky Bag is a back pack. It is an 18 ounce bag (17H x 13W x 5D), cleverly made of durable canvas, with a thick layer of leather on the bottom--protecting the bag from wear and tear. The unique and added features are: padded leather shoulder straps--also durable and designed for comfort, dual zippered side pockets, and a leather grab handle--designed to last. Unlike many conventional back packs, the Sparky Bag opens on top like a small suitcase, which unzipps completely, making it easy to load or unload. This is a definite advantage when in a hurry or late for your next class! There are additional tabs and bungee accessories that allow for carrying additional items on the Sparky Bag. Side pockets allow for further storage space and are large enough to carry a thermos or 32 oz. drinking mug or bottle. The Sparky Bag comes in a selection of different colors.

Not only is the Sparky Bag versatile and durable, making it a "feel-good" purchase, it is made in the USA--Duluth, MN to be exact. As seen on their website at www.duluthpack.com, the manufacturing company of the Sparky Bag started its business in 1911. It has been making products geared for durablity since then. This is a relection that the company is successful and accomplished--the Sparky Bag is a product of that success. Each Sparky Bag is handmade and is backed with a lifetime warranty. The craftmanship shows in each Sparky Bag.

Travelers and outdoorsmen have offered up wonderful comments and praises on the use of the Sparky Bag. The ruggedness of the canvas textile and strong leather will last through all types of climates--high heat, terrential rains, high humidity, and fridgid cold. Safety is a dire concern to many outdoorsmen, and the Sparky Bag is like a miniture housing unit for very important and life-saving items and equipment. You can find your Sparky Bag at www.duluthpack.com.

Leather and canvas backpack

Monday, April 19, 2010

Market Tote: Go Green and Reuse your bags

Market Tote: For Men of For Women
The market tote seems like it is advertised to women, and for good reason. It is the tote that doubles as a purse. But does that mean that it is not for men? Certainly not. Let's explore why women love it, then we will delve into why would men love it.

Women find it appropriate for so many of their daily routines. What women need is a place to hold their stuff, wallet and keys. Not all women want or need an over sized purse filled with makeup, but they still need to carry around the basics. But women are not just carrying around dainty items. They are carrying sweaters and books, even a lap top. You can fit all of that and more into the generously sized market tote.

It will carry everything that a women needs to haul around, day in and day out, including all of the baby gear a little tike could hope for. A mom would have no problem fitting diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, bottles, formula and baby food easily into a market tote, and a few toys as well.

It also doubles as a grocery tote bag. Most of us would prefer to use fabric bags over plastic bags for any myriad of of reasons, and this is ideal for that. It is large enough to fit a weeks worth of fresh groceries for a family, including a gallon of milk. You do not need to worry about the durability of the straps, as they are reinforced leather. You could go from one store to another, getting in all of your errands done in one day and fitting all of your purchased goods neatly into this tote. That means one bag to lug in from the car, instead of trip after trip bringing in those plastic bags, worrying that their plastic handles will give way.

So, why would men love this tote as well? They would love it for the same reason that women do. They would probably opt to carry their keys and wallet in their pockets, but they can still use that small compartment for whatever they may need. They can make the adjustable leather straps shorter, and not carry it over their shoulder like a purse, but carry it like a tote.

One might think that a man would opt for the sportsmen tote, and for sure, many would, but the sportsman tote is smaller and more expensive. It has more of a leather reinforcement, structured differently that the leather handles of the market tote. The structure of the sportsman tote and overall look of it might make a man opt for it over the market tote, but there is no reason that men could not get plenty of use out of the market tote as well.

Market Tote Video

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Victorinox Swiss Army for Any Occasion

Victorinox swiss army knives are one of the most convenient tools that one can possess. Victorinox swiss army products are well known for their quality and many capable uses. There are a wide variety of victorinox swiss army products to choose from. One of my all time favorite is the victorinox swiss army knife.

There are many choices of victorinox swiss army knives to choose from, depending on your hobbies and life style. Just a small list of the types of knives available, fishing, hunting, survival, rescue, hiking, sailing, golfing, and yes even gardening. You just need to choose the one that has the tools that you think would most come in handy for you.


Doubling as a great survival knife, and if you love to camp, imagine having a tool capable of fitting in your pocket that can handle many of the tasks or emergencies that might come up while being secluded in the wilderness. Even something as simple as tightening up a loose screw on a pair of glasses can be very convenient.


You may not be able to display your victorinox swiss army on your keychain anymore while boarding an airplane, but you can still bring it with you by packing it along with your luggage. Having a victorinox swiss army knife with convenient tools while you are traveling is like having a whole tool kit at your disposal.

Everyday Use

The victorinox swiss army knife doesn't have to be acquired for any one reason. It's unique selection of tools can be used for everyday use. From can openers to tweezers, to scissors, and lighter, it is sure to come in handy for any occasion. You can even find one with a removable USB flash drive that is capable of storing anywhere from 256 MB and up to 16 GB of data.

The new victorinox swiss army knives come in a variety of different colors and sizes. One of my favorite to admire is the Swisschamp. It is 2.5 inches thick and full of cool toys. It has absolutely every tool imaginable.

It seems that the victorinox swiss army knife has multitools beyond imagining. Features such as ballpoint pens, magnifying glass, lighters and more. Instruments such as the knife, saw and scissors remain very sharp. With this knife capable of surviving many years, it just seems like a quality peace to add to your survival gear.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Therm-a-Rest for Great Outdoor Comfort

Therm-a-Rest for Great Outdoor Comfort
For those people who value their rest, even when they spend their nights in the wilderness, the Therm-a-Rest mattress supplies just what the doctor ordered. Therm-a-Rest developed by 2 avid backpackers is a self-inflating camping mattress that is designed by an extremely airtight nylon fabric. The Therm-a-Rest mattress also provides a warmth that no other air mattress can give. As it resists leaks, the user does not have to worry about finding him or herself sleeping on a bumpy ground by morning.

Self Inflated

Have you ever gone camping with an inflatable mattress? Even with a battery operated or manual pump to supply the mattress with air, it's an inconvenience. One of the many benefits of the Therm-a-Rest is that it is self inflatable. You can imagine how convenient this makes an air mattress. You simply draws air into itself. You can adjust the air intake to for a softer mattress or a firmer fill.


Besides being self inflatable, it keeps the person sleeping on the Therm-a-Rest mattress warm throughout the night. This is because it is lined with a sheet of low density, polyurethane foam. If you have ever slept a regular inflatable mattress, you may remember that having air underneath you tends to be cold and uncomfortable. Being cold while sleeping outdoors is unacceptable in my book.


The design of the Therm-a-Rest is truly ingenious. Made from an extremely airtight nylon fabric, the inflatable mattress is not only easy to inflate, but also deflate. You simply open the valve and roll it up. As you roll, the air is pushed out the valve. The portability is amazing. Some of these Therm-a-Rest mattresses can be folded or be rolled up to the size of a 1 liter bottle of water, and weighing in at under 15 ounces.

One of my favorite things about camping and sleeping out doors is how wonderfully one sleeps under these conditions. With the convenience of the Therm-a-Rest easy set up, it is no wonder that it is the favorite of many hiking and camping enthusiasts. Along with other important conveniences, keeping warm would be at the top of the list when you are sleeping in the middle of nowhere. The airtight nylon fabric that is wrapped in a low density, open celled polyurethane not only allows the mattress to keep the user warm, but resists a leak hole that might have the camper sleeping on a uneven ground by morning.

therm-a-rest prolite 3 therm-a-rest prolite 4 therm-a-rest dreamtime therm-a-rest pillow
therm-a-rest neoair campmor msr marmot

Saturday, March 13, 2010

stormy kromer and ida kromer hat

The outdoorsman needs quality clothes and hats to keep them warm on a cold day. Stormy Kromer sells a line exceptionally warm clothes and hats to keep you warm during the bone-chilling winter months. Stormy Kromer was a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer. One morning back in 1903, Stormy asked his wife, Ida, to sew ear flaps on one of this baseball caps to keep him warm. This is how the Stormy Kromer brand all began.

Stormy Kromer makes many different warm outdoor wares. One of those products is the Stormy Kromer hat. One of those hats is called the Original Stormy Kromer Cap and is made from six panels of pre-shrunk, recycled wool. Another hat is called the Rancher Cap and this one is heavy duty cap. Then there is the Waxed Cotton Cap, this cap will protect you even if it’s raining out. Flexible Fit Original cap is another Stormy Kromer hat and is made from six panels of indestructible pre-shrunk wool. For the child outdoorsman there is the LiL’ Kromer Cap, this cap is made with the same craftsmanship as the adult hats. The Flexible Fit Ida Kromer is made for the outdoorswoman. This is a feminine cap with all the same comfort and warmth of the other Stormy Kromer hats. There are some many hats in the stormy Kromer line I can’t name them all.

Stormy Kromer also makes outerwear. One product would be the Stormy Kromer Button Vest. The Button vest is made from 100% virgin wool and will keep any outdoorsman warm. The Stormy Kromer Mackinaw coat is very warm and also made from 100% virgin wool. This coat is made very high in quality and will last a very long time. The Bunkhouse Trousers are made of 80% wool and 20% nylon and come with an adjustable waist. These are heavy duty pants and will last a long time. The Short Jacket is another way to keep warm on those chilly winter days. This jacket is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon.

Shirts are another product that Stormy Kromer makes. One of those shirts is called the Fishin Shirt. This shirt is made from 100% cotton and is imported. Another shirt by Stormy Kromer is the Flannel shirt. This shirt is sure to keep any outdoorsman warm. This flannel shirt is made from 100% brushed cotton and will keep you warm on your camping trip.

Stormy Kromer also make hand wear. One of the gloves that Stormy Kromer makes is called the Deerskin Chopper Mitt. These gloves are made from 100% deerskin and have an acrylic lining. They will keep you warm while performing rugged outdoor activity.

Magnesium Fire Starter

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spyderco Salt I Review

The Spyderco Salt I folding pocket knife comes with a plastic grip with a volcano texturing for added grip in slippery situations. The blade is Japanese steel with some branding courtesy of Spyderco engraved on the blade. The blade has a curved serrated edge with its signature Spyder edge with two serrated points about 2 mm apart and the third being 6 mm apart providing an edge that destroys normal cutting materials. The most prominent feature of this pocket knife is the opening device, a hole in the middle large enough for bulky thumbs and can also act as a blood groove.
Cutting with this knife is a dream through normal cutting materials and the steel blade stays sharp through heavy use. I have used this blade around the house and the blade performed well even when whittling plastic, which can really put a bind on cutting power. The knife additionally performed well in the field when used to open a steel can of condensed milk. While folding knives usually feel like just that, this blade has the feeling of a fixed blade even when piercing the can. The Spyderco Salt I performed remarkably in the cutting portion of field testing.
The knife fits the hand well with an ergonomic natural feel and opening and closing the knife feels equally natural even with extended use. The raised angled backside of the blade gives extra support especially when shaving wood or other materials with a secure area to rest my thumb and direct the blade. There is one concession for this blade that I must discuss although this problem seems to be indicative of a serrated blade and that is making a smooth cut. The serrated edge leaves different indentions in materials so a straight blade is needed for these instances.
Durability with the Spyderco Salt I is exceptional. After three months of excessive use the knife continues to open and close correctly and the blade is still true. It passed the dishwasher test and came out clean as a whistle. After applying a little oil it went straight back into my pocket. The serrated edges have come down in height some and sharpening serrated blades changes the cut dramatically but this is another setback of serrated blades. The knives cutting ability has depreciated over time but still performs well. I recommend this knife to anyone looking for a basic pocket knife for daily use.
The Spyderco Salt I knife is a durable, lightweight knife ideal for every day use. It is actually lighter than most others in its class and consistently performs well in spite of this. Other than the normal setbacks of serrated blades there are not many complaints from my end and I am still amazed at the folding mechanism.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get Smart: The Efficiency of SmartWool

In my case, in the environment that I reside, it's difficult to find wool products that are both comfortable, soft to the touch, odor resistant, and natural. I love the look and feel of wool, however nowadays it's difficult to find a product that is versatile, eco-friendly, and high quality. This is what makes SmartWool unique.

The use of merino wool makes clothing products much softer to the touch and against your skin, which is why I love SmartWool. I want to ability to wear wool in Florida, and with the inconsistency of the weather, it’s always good to have a light fleece or jacket for those unpredictable days. I have a few must haves in the closet that I use on a weekly basis, those being the microweight tank that is perfect for layering and working out in the gym. The greatest aspect about this shirt, well to be honest, I can wear it with dressy pants or workout yoga pants and no one knows it’s outdoor apparel for sport.

Let’s not forget those super cool and colorful Saturnsphere socks that keep your feet dry, soft and comfy, and stylish at the same time. Every year for Christmas my sisters and I get a pair of these socks as a stocking stuffer and our tradition is to all wear them to dinner, and all day for that matter. However, I do tend to stray from tradition and wear them all year round when I work out and, when I run out of trouser socks to wear with my knee high boots, I put a pair on to keep my feet dry and cool.

Now, you have to keep in mind the reasons why you are purchasing SmartWool and how you will use the product when you receive it. If you’re a skier, and let’s face it, this company was founded by two ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke which was acquired by Timberland Company in 2005; this is one of the best companies to find products for your trips. In fact, I think I have purchased over 10 jackets in the last 4 years from them for Christmas and birthday presents. My mom loves the Foothills Full Zip Jacket, and she wears it almost year round up in the UP of Michigan.

The lightweight material, natural moisture wicking, and the odor-reducing, anti-microbial properties make this product unrivaled, providing extreme sports enthusiasts a great product, while still allowing sports enthusiasts and consumers the same kind of quality for everyday use.

The evolution of this product takes great care and requires the highest quality checks to ensure that you are getting the best piece of apparel. As a consumer, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing a product of high quality which has a much lower impact on the environment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SealLine Water Protection Product Review

SealLine products protect your gear, keeping your gear safe and dry when you are out on the water, deep in the woods, or just trekking around the city. SealLine comes from Cascade Designs, Inc., the same people who bring us MSR, Therm-a-Rest and Platypus products.

SealLine products are available in three levels of 'water protection': splash-proof, watertight, and waterproof. Splash-proof products will protect what is inside from driving rain and light splashing. Watertight products will protect the gear inside from quick submersion and will float if dropped in water (think boat tipping or swamping). Waterproof products protect and keep the gear inside dry even when submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Waterproof products work well with expensive electronics which may sink due to their weight.

SealLine offers a wide variety of dry bags, packs, duffle bags, protective cases, specialty bags for watercraft activities and even an urban line.

The Baja(TM) Dry Bag is available in six sizes and is constructed of scrim-reinforced 19 oz. vinyl for the sides and 30 oz. heavy-duty vinyl for the bottom. The Black Canyon(TM) Dry Bag is a redesign of the Baja(TM) Dry Bag using PVC-free 300D nylon with double urethane coating in-place of the vinyl. The 300D TPU double-coated nylon makes the Black Canyon(TM) Dry Bag lighter and more pliable than the Baja(TM) Dry Bag, making it easier to pack and more eco-friendly.

The See(TM) Bag and EcoSee(TM) Bag are transparent dry bags, allowing you to see the gear inside from all angles, and are available in four sizes. The EcoSee(TM) Bag is 100% PVC-free and is constructed of urethane while the See(TM) Bag is constructed of clear vinyl.

The Storm(TM) Sac series is the most lightweight of the SealLine dry bags and is available in seven sizes. The Padded Storm(TM) Sack is similar to the Storm(TM) Sac with the addition of padding and rectangular bottoms and is available in three sizes. The padding provides extra protection for more sensitive items such as binoculars or camera lenses and the rectangular bottoms fit larger items.

If you would like to peek at the contents of each dry bag without sacrificing privacy, the Kodiak(TM) Window Dry Bag is a good choice. The Kodiak(TM) dry bags are 100% PVC-free constructed of 200D polyurethane coated nylon bodies and 400D HD TPU coated nylon bottoms with clear urethane windows. The TieDown(TM) Dry Bag has multiple tie-down points to attach it to whatever your ride is.

All SealLine dry bags are watertight and use the SealLine Dry Seal(TM) Roll-Top Closure.

The six styles of SealLine packs and duffles provide watertight protection through either the Dry Seal(TM) Roll-Top Closure or drysuit zippers. Protective cases, in four styles, take care of maps, electronics, and personal valuables such as your wallet or passport. The Electronic Case provides waterproof protection for your critical electronics and still allows you to operate button-based devices.

Then for those of us who like the added protection of SealLine products for our everyday activities, there is the Urban line with totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, computer sleeves and a variety of accessories.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sea To Summit camping gear

There is nothing like getting away from your nine to five job and heading out to the mountains and rivers to find that tranquil place that gives you peace. Hiking or camping in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or any where else that tickles your fancy is what makes a great day. If you like the outdoors like so many do, there isn’t anything else quite like your weekend getaway or the camping trip you’ve planned all year long.

Having the right travel and camping gear really makes or breaks the trip. Outdoor gear has really improved over the years in quality, weight and size factors making your trip that much more enjoyable. Hikers can carry well designed light weight packs, cooking kitchens and compression dry sacks made just for the outdoorsman. Finally you can really enjoy your hike and the beauty around you without feeling worn out and exhausted from packing too much weight up every trail or campsite.

Wouldn’t you trust someone who has walked a mile in your shoes? Well Tim Macartney-Snape didn’t exactly walk a mile in your shoes, as a matter a fact he went just a bit further. You see he is a summiteer that tackled Mount Everest and lived to tell about it. How’s that for a trek? Tim is well aware of what it’s like to hike with gear and has collaborated with his sewing enthusiast partner (Roland Tyson) to design innovative, ingenious outdoor gear. If you’re going to purchase outdoor gear, wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who really knows what hiking and camping is all about? If you’re looking for great products designed by Tim then stop in at the Sea To Summit and check out some fantastic equipment.

Many of the creative ideas that have been designed for hikers such as rugged backpacks, kitchen ware, bags, tarps and accessories also prove to be invaluable for campers too. Hikers want equipment well designed, light weight and functional and the same qualities are just as appealing to campers. If you have ever set up a tent and all your paraphernalia you know what a back breaking job that can be. Lighten up the load with properly designed gear and everybody will have a great time!

Make your trip especially nice with gear that’s designed to work in the outdoors, keep you comfortable and dry. You can get some great sacks like the Big River Dry Sack and eVent® Compression Dry Sacks at Sea To Summit. At the top of everyone’s list is staying dry and it’s a snap with a Nylon Tarp Poncho or a Siliconized Cordura® Tarp-Poncho.

One of the most useful things that you can bring along on your trip is a portable camp sink. This multi-use sink is good for purifying water, bathing, cleaning up the dishes and cooking. Retailers for Sea To Summit products can easily be found by selecting your State at http://www.seatosummit.com/finder.php. Whether you’re off to the wilderness for a weeks stay or an overnight hike, you can’t go wrong with Sea To Summit gear.
Sea to Summit Stuff Sack

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Petzl headlamp, petzl camping lights, petzl outdoor gear

Petzl is the place to find everything you need for outdoor sports and professional equipment. Their easy to use website provides quick access to those needed accessories. Whether you enjoy caving, fishing, canyoning, mountaineering, ice climbing, Petzl head lamps offers a wide variety of accessories.

Are you into climbing? Petzl has wht you need for aid climbing, multi-pitch climbing, etc. Going Aid climbing? Petzl has the right equipment for the job. They have harnesses (Calidris), multi-purpose helmets (Altios), self-braking belay devices (Grigri), self-jamming pulleys (Pro Traxion) and ergonomic handled ascenders (Ascension). All of these are perfect accessories for that steep climb. If mutli-pitch climbing is your forte, you can find men and womens' harnesses, lightweight helmets and gloves. Everything you need to make your climb a safe and successful one.

What if you like canyoning? Petzl has has what you need. From canyoning harnesses, lightweight helmets, descenders, canyoneering packs and headlights, you will find you are looking for.

If you like to explore caves, you know that climbing, crawling, digging and diving are part of the game. Petzl has everything you need including footcords to make your exploration, a safe one.

For those of who hunt, Petzl has a great selection of headlamps, that help you see your target, without being seen. The petzle Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp and the Petzl Zipka 2 Headlamp are two of the best headlamps made today.

For those who enjoy the water, whether fishing or sailing, Petzl has it. If your sport is fishing, look no further. Petzl has what you need to be a pro at your sport. They offer powerful yet discreet headlamps that provide just the right amount light. Also, their outdoor gear is available in black or camouflage. What about sailing? You can find just the right lighting to help you keep your eyes on that big catch!

For those who enjoy trail running, Petzl has exactly what you need. From headlights to safety lights, Petzl can get you where you need to be, safely.

Do you enjoy hiking or backpacking, aka trekking, Petzl has a what you need. You will find knives, backpacks
and headlamps; the right tools for the job.

Are you not sure which accessories are needed for your sport? Petzl's easy-to-use website gives testimonials and handy suggestions that can help you decide what you need.

Also, if you are looking for work equipement, you can find exactly need under the "Professionals" tab. If you job takes you very high up, Petzl has you covered. They offer a wide variety of descenders, ascenders, lanyards, headlamps and work backpacks guaranteed to keep you and your staff safe.

Not sure what Petzl has to offer? Go to their webiste, www.petzl.com and download their 2010 Catalog, featuring new items.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Optimus Outdoor Camping Stoves

Optimus is a manufacturer of outdoor cooking product lines that consist of outdoor Optimus stoves, cutlery, cooksets and accessories.

Optimus manufactures seven different models of outdoor stove. Their Weekend Starter Kit is designed to be an all-inclusive "outdoor kitchen" and consumers who buy this product will get the Optimus Crux burner as well as a host of smaller items including an aluminum cooking set with a mesh bag, a frying pan and a freeze-dried instant meal. The Optimus Crux also comes as a stand-alone product and is incredibly easy to store as it has a folding head that enables the burner to fit in the empty space under the gas canister. The Optimus Crux Lite, on the other hand, weighs only 72 grams but is powerful enough to boil a liter of water in only three minutes.

Two more of the Optimus stoves are the Optimus Nova and the Optimus Nova+ and, while the Nova features quick priming and the innovative Optimus built-in cleaning needle, the Nova+ features all of that plus the new Powerline Control Valve which facilitates flame control on the stove unit. Various versions of the Optimus Hiker outdoor stove have been on the market for over 70 years but their latest version has been updated by the addition of the award winning and revolutionary Optimus Nova burner. This is also the only Optimus stove that comes with its own steel case. The Optimus Svea is the last, but not the least, of the seven stoves that Optimus has available and it has been developed specifically for climbers. The Svea is made of brass and is a gasoline stove with a lid that doubles as a cooking pot. It's compact and lightweight and has been serving the climbing community for over 100 years.

Not only does Optimus manufacture outdoor stoves, it also makes the pots, pans and cutlery to go with them. The Optimus Terra cookset includes a hard-anodized aluminum gourmet pot, lightweight pot, Teflon coated frying pan and pot gripper as well as a nylon/neoprene insulation bag. The Optimus Terra Weekend, on the other hand, comes with only a large pot and a frying pan but has been engineered to store the Optimus Crux or Crux Lite stove, a 220g gas canister and a folding spork. The Optimus Terra Solo is exactly the same as the Weekend but the pot and frying pan are both smaller, although it can still carry the Crux or Crux Lite, the spork and a 110g gas canister. The Terra gourmet pot, frying pan and lightweight pot are also all sold separately and there is also the kettle and the pot lifter. In the titanium cutlery department, there is a choice between the 3-piece and the 2-piece set, the spork and the folding spork.

Accessories include all sizes of gas canisters and optimus fuel bottles, fuel pumps, funnels and windfoils.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wool book bags

Wool is a timeless fabric. The only time a person should avoid wool, is if they're allergic to the material. If you are not allergic to wool, and you have not had experience with this fabric, you don't know what you're missing.

Wool has so much to offer when it comes to personal benefits. It's both highly comfortable, and highly functional. In addition, it's a truly beautiful fabric as well. There are so many different grades of wool. There is fine and soft wool, as well as rough dry wool. Because of this, it is such a versatile material, and many of the items made out of wool are handmade by artisans, and not by machines.

Wool is used to make many popular clothing and accessory items. Two of the best items to purchase out of wool are wool book bags, and wool vests. Though these might not be the first two wool items to pop to mind when you think of purchasing an item in wool, they are most assuredly two of the most fashionable and one-of-a-kind items you will find made out of wool.

The Many Benefits of Wool for the Wearer

There are some wools that can easily be worn in all seasons, but more often than not, you will find that wool is more commonly worn in the winter time. Wool is one of the warmest materials on the planet. It is comfortable and cozy. It is also neither masculine, nor feminine. Both sexes, and all ages can wear wool comfortably, and look nice at the same time. You will commonly see wool in department stores and boutiques, online and offline, and it is most often sold in the form of socks, hats, sweaters, coats, pants and suits.

But just because these are the most common forms of woolen item you will find, does not mean that these are the best forms of woolen items available.

Considering Wool Book Bags Over a Traditional Book Bag

There are so many book bag options on the market, but there are many reasons that you should consider buying a wool book bag. Style alone is a primary reason. Wool book bags will look good, and be like no other book bag that your friends are carrying. A wool book bag will truly be a trendsetter.

In addition to the unique beauty wool book bags can offer you, you will also come to appreciate the fine and sturdy craftsmanship that hand crafting can offer you. A wool book bag will out perform traditional bags when it comes to quality, if you buy from an artisan that takes pride in their work. The stitching will be heavily reinforced, and the design will be a time tested design that has been used over many years - that is known to be successful and sturdy.

All of the Wonderful Ways to Wear a Wool Vest

Even though a wool vest might not be something that is photographed in all of the major fashion magazines, you will find that a wool vest will never go out of style. Whether you are male or female, you will find that a wool vest will look good with multiple outfits. First find a wool vest in a design you like. If you are a woman try using your vest as a tank top in the spring, or the late summer. Wear it over a tank top for modesty, but leave the arms out. Wear it over a turtleneck, with a long or medium length skirt in cold weather months. Wear it with a turtleneck and slacks, or wear it over a silky blouse for business.

If you are a man, wear your wool vest under your blazer as a 3rd piece to your suit. Wear it over a collared shirt or turtleneck with slacks. Wear it over a thin corduroy or raw silk shirt with jeans. There are so many options.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Wear my Nite Ize at Night

During the early 19th century, miners did not have access to hard hats or mechanical lights to protect their heads and get their work done. In fact, the cloth hat they wore was fastened with a metal plate that hooked onto a candlestick or an oil lamp, thereby allowing the minor to work hands free of lighting equipment for more efficiency. The Colorado Historical Society has a vault of old photos displaying the old felt hats and other styles of head gear worn by miners centuries ago. In all actuality, the entire system seemed a bit flawed and a little dangerous, which is why innovators in the 21st century have come up with Nite Ize.

Nite Ize was created in 1989 by Rick Case who, by accident on a fishing trip, decided that he needed a light that he could use hands free after his Mag-Lite fell in the water. From then on, he established his company in his mountain cabin where he received his first 42,000 order for headbands. With perseverance and dedication to quality, Rick has become a driving force in versatile products.

The Nite Ize company now provides much more than innovative flashlights including:

• Clip on markers
• Dog discuits
• Crocs o-dial
• Tone phone case
• Tooth ferry headset carrier
• S-biners
• Rope tightners
• Tent Line kits

If you're looking to sell the products at wholesale, there are several options for merchandising displays for flashlights, mobile accessories, L.E.D. equipment, and hardware accessories. All of these displays are perfect for hardware and gadget stores, outdoor equipment sales, and even home stores.

If you need help setting up, don't worry because the displays come in all types of formats including floor stands, counter-top, rack mountable and strip displays that attach to shelving, wing racks, pallet racks and upright side rails - all mounting hardware is included*.

So What is My Favorite Nite Ize Product?

After much consideration and many hours picking out gear for my upcoming overseas trip, I would have to say the L.E.D. Headlight.

I am an archaeology student working towards my PhD, and trust me, I find my self in very small spaces underground all the time. Holding a flashlight in my mouth is impossible, so I'm glad that I found this product. The headlight gives off soft lighting, it’s comfortable and lightweight, it uses long life replaceable batteries, and a push button switch with a flash or glow mode.

I'm a dedicated consumer, so when I find something that fits perfectly I continue to buy it. More importantly, the process has to be smooth and the service unrivaled. I do about 75% of my shopping online, so it's extremely important to me to have all of the resources I need all in one place. So as long as Nitre Ize keeps producing revolutionary products that I can't live without, I'll stay a customer for life.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mountain Safety Research Cookware for the Serious Outdoors Person

If you are a big outdoors person, you know the value of quality equipment for your camping needs. To travel as light as possible is the goal by many experienced hikers and campers. Along with light weight cooking gear, it would be nice if it was designed to be compact as well. The good news is that there are companies out there that have done their homework and know the needs of the serious outdoors type. Even if you will be cooking for 2, they have come up with sleek, light weight, and compact designs that is sure to please the person that has to pack this gear.

The Importance of Light Weight Cookware

When you preparing to go hiking or camping, the supplies needed are so great that one usually has to get a long list going so as not to miss any important items. Cookware is always one of the challenges. Most people own a mix and match of pots and pans that they will dig through trying to assess what will be needed. MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has a collection that even the most experienced will absolutely fall in love with. Their cookware is made from advanced, ultralight titanium. This allows for campers and hikers to experience the outdoors without being weighed down by heavy pots and pans.

The Importance of Compact Cookware

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has also designed into their durable cookware, a compact solution that utilizes all space efficiently. Besides nesting of the pots and pans, if the pot or pan has a handle, it conveniently folds up and out of the way. They even go as far as to design the pot lid to double as a plate. You can even acquire a cookware system that feeds two and is completely nested with mugs and plates.

How Many Will You Be Serving

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) cookware comes in sets that will serve one or two people. If you will be cooking for two, the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) cookware sets made for two would be most efficient for saving space as all the pieces nest within each other and waste no packing room at all.

With MSR (Mountain Safety Research) cookware helping outdoors man and women, there is little attention needed for carrying cookware that might take up to much room or weigh to much. Convenience, easy to clean, extremely light weight and durable, I can see how this equipment would be the number one choice for the serious outdoors person.
MSR compact cookware, MSR outdoor cookware, MSR camping cookware

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wool vests and bags for the fashion conscious

Wool has long been one of the chief materials used alongside cotton. Today wool is touted as one of the so called "organic" or "green" materials. The all natural nature of wool causes people to feel it is better for the environment as well being warm and comfortable. Some individuals are allergic to the synthetic materials or cotton and as such wool is the perfect solution.

Wool book bags and wool vests are very durable in construction and can be dyed, woven, or otherwise crafted in a myriad of ways that allow for incredible utility and aesthetics. Patterned designs and custom words on a given vest or bag are excellent ways to show a person's individuality.

There are different types and grades of wool fiber that can be used in the construction of wool vests or bags such as Merino wool which is superfine and soft. This type is often used for construction of baby clothing and body suits. A wool vest made for a baby but complete with a portion that covers their rear-end and similar areas would be a type of body-suit.

A Wool vests is warm, comfortable, and fashionable. They can be washed in any normal washing machine unlike some man made fabrics and they maintain their size and shape better in the wash and when being dried than some of those other fabrics as well. Many individuals complain that wool shrinks when washed and dried but this is because they do not understand the nature of wool. On the outside of wool fibers are natural scales that work in a manner that repeals water, dirt, and similar debris. When this material is heated and cooled too swiftly these scales will lock together and force the wool to become smaller and thicker.

To remedy this simply stretching the material a little after it is washed and still wet will go a long way toward maintaining size and thickness. Another method is to use normal human hair conditioner to soften the wool a bit. Either way the extra care and concern taken for wool vests or bags is not a problem and unlike synthetic materials that also shrink, wool will return to its normal size with care and maintenance.

When most individuals think of a vest they think of a sleeveless design similar to a tank top with bottoms or a zipper in the front. The truth is that there are many styles and one of the most common is the wool sweater-vest. A long sleeved fashion design that keeps a person warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is a breathable material unlike the designer plastic materials used in other garments. A long sleeved vest such as a wool sweater-vest is the perfect extra clothing layer in the winter as it is breathable, opens at the front, and can be worn instead of a simple t-shirt.

Wool bags are also excellent in the winter as they maintain heat better than leather and are more pliable. Wool bags will stretch and shift more to accommodate items and as mentioned previously they do not harm the environment or any living animal in their creation. Wool is sheared in a manner similar to giving a sheep a haircut. Leather on the other hand is the actual skin of a cow and as such that cow had to die to create that vest or handbag.

The usefulness and aesthetic appeal of wool vests and bags cannot be discounted based on the supposed hassle of shrinkage. They are good for the environment, often cheaper in price than man made materials, and they give sheep a proper form of employment.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marmot sleeping bags, outdoor clothing, and equipment

The Marmot brand of sleeping bags, outdoor clothing and equipment includes general outdoor products like backpacks and sleeping bags as well as specialized clothing lines for men, women and children.

Their outdoor equipment line includes luggage, sleeping bags, tents and backpacks. Luggage items consist of their stylish range of black Endless Road suitcases and Long Hauler duffel bags. The Endless Road cases are both wheeled and come in large and carry-on sizes while the Long Hauler duffel bags come in medium, large and extra-large. Marmot sleeping bags are featured in a great many colors and buyers can get to choose between the Ultralight sleeping bags, the Backpacking sleeping bags, the Mountaineering sleeping bags and the Outdoor sleeping bags. All are down filled and most weigh less than two pounds.

Tents are Marmot's specialty and the 21 different tents that they have on the market can be divided into the Expedition, Ultralight, Backcountry, Outdoor and Family tents. The Earlylight 2P is a typical Outdoor tent and features a light but sturdy pole structure while the Den 4P is a Family tent that can sleep a family of four. The Backcountry tents include the Alpinist Bivy bivouac sack that weighs under a pound, and the Aeros 3P Ultralight features Marmot's famous 'bent-knee' pole system. The Expedition tents include the Thor 3P with its indestructible design.

Marmot's backpacks are divided into the Urban, the Day, the Fast & Light and the Mountain backpacks and include the Pilot reinforced shoulder bag, the Tirol Lumbar bag featuring the Dri-lex mesh, and the Grand Trunk, which has 1,800 cubic inches of space, a laptop compartment and two quart-sized water bottle pockets.

Marmot also manufactures clothing and lines they have on offer for both men and women include Outerware, Sportswear, Baselayer, Gloves and Hats. Outerwear for both sexes consists of vests, shells, pants, softshells and so on while Baselayer includes midweight and lightweight (and, for women, featherweight) tops and pants. Half-zip long sleeves and short sleeve polos are included in the men's Sportswear category, along with convertible pants. The women's Sportswear, on the other hand, covers items like long sleeve hoodies and long sleeve half-zips. Marmot Gloves for men and women consist of Snowsports, Work, Multipurpose and Liner gloves and mittens while Hats include such styles as safari hats, insulated baseball hats, knitted brimless caps, helmet liners and Primaloft hats with ear flaps.

Boys' and girls' children's clothes are also manufactured by Marmot and tops available for girls include parkas, down sweaters, insulated jackets and long sleeved half-zips. Boys' tops include the PreCip hoodie jacket, long sleeve midweight crew shirts, northshore jackets and reactor jackets. There are also pants for both girls and boys and these range from the midweight and lightweight bottoms to the insulated pants. Other items available for boys and girls include hats, mittens and gloves as well as fleece gloves. Here is a link to some marmot sleeping bags

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is made from melted iron that is molded to create cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, and more. Lodge logic cast iron cookware was first manufactured over a century ago, and today the Lodge line of cookware has expanded. Joseph Lodge founded the line, and his legacy lives on four generations later; the Lodge line of cookware is the oldest line of family-owned cookware in America.

Benefits of using Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware

Health issues that may be associated with other metals and materials, such as Teflon coatings, stainless steel, and aluminum, used to manufacture cookware has influenced the rebirth and popularity of cooking with cast iron products in recent years. Eating foods cooked in cast iron pots is also a good source of dietary iron.

Cast iron is extremely versatile, it can go from the stove top right into the oven, you can use cast iron pots and skillets to bake, and a Lodge skillet can be even be placed on a BBQ grill to cook foods. Fry, bake, and sauté food over even heat because cast iron is an excellent heat conductor that retains heat, and offers precise cooking temperatures. Cast iron does not warp, and can last for generations.

Non-stick cooking with Lodge Cast Iron Products

A cast iron skillet, griddle, etc. should be preheated before using to get the best temperature and cooking results. Checking to see if the pot is hot enough is easy, just use a drop of water and watch how it reacts; if it sizzles away quickly the surface is too hot, it it sits, and bubbles your cookware is ready.

To avoid food from sticking cast iron must be seasoned or cured. This is done by rubbing a thin coat of cooking oil on the inside of a skillet or pot, or across the top of a griddle or grill. Seasoning cast iron keeps your cook ware in perfect cooking condition, and it prevents rust. Over time, if you use cast iron often and cure it on a regular basis the surface actually becomes smoother.

Cleaning Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Never put cast iron in a dishwasher, or add water to hot cast-iron. After the cooking surface has cooled simply wash in soapy water, rinse, and immediately dry completely. Do not let cast iron air dry because this may cause rusting. How to remove rust spots from cast iron? If you ever have rust spots they can be easily and quickly removed by lightly rubbing a scouring pad over the surface, then wash with soapy water, rinse well, dry completely, and season the surface.

The only downside of cooking with cast iron is the metal gets very hot, alway use pot holders, and it can be heavy.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware is now available specifically for outdoor cooking, with lodge camp Dutch ovens, Grills, and their combo cookers. Lodge cookware continues to produce high quality, long lasting, cast iron products made using their private metal formula, and precision molds.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everyone Should Have a Leatherman multi-Tool

Nothing in my toolbox is used as much or does as much as Leatherman multi-tool. I could lose just about every tool I own and still manage to do all the repair jobs with it. I have the Freestyle- the original Leatherman multi-tool. Think of it as a sort of a Swiss Army Knife- many different tools with one handle.

The Freestyle has five different tools in one handle: a knife with a serrated and a straight blade, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters and hard wire cutters. Yes, the last two are completely different tools. In places like, say the attic, trying to crawl around in a tight space with a bunch of tools is impossible. I just drop it in my pocket and away I go. It weighs less than half a pound, so carrying it around is easy.

My bicycle tool case has a Leatherman of its own. The Juice S2 has twelve tools: knife, needle nose and regular pliers, wire cutters and hard wire cutters, extra small screwdriver, medium screwdriver and a large screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener and scissors. I can make any repair on the road in a matter of minutes or help another cyclist. Being able to open a can or bottle of refreshment doesn’t hurt, either. I consider it indispensible.

There are other Leatherman tools available. There are multi tools with as many as eighteen tools in one. Some Leatherman tools carry a corkscrew as well as other tools. I know that someday I may just run across a use for that.

I love the versatility and the lightweight of my Leatherman tools. Giving them as gifts is always fun and no one has ever said no. Many people have personalized their tools with initials and even have had some engraved with poetic prose. There are many colors to choose from so any style or taste can be satisfied.

The Leatherman tools’ price is justified because the quality is outstanding. The reputation of the company and the tools has never been tarnished by using cheap materials or selling anything that does not meet the highest quality control inspections.

My Freestyle has lasted nearly twenty years and shows no signs of slowing down or wearing out. All I really need to do is sharpen the knife. Since I don’t have to carry multiple tools in my bike bag, I save money there as well as space and weight for long distance riding.

This year I’m planning to buy a Leatherman adapter tool. There are four different models with ten different tools. The Squirt S4 is made for ladies: tools, tweezers and nail file included.

I heartily recommend buying a Leatherman tool for your own toolkit, and one for everyone you know. One can be used in almost every job, around the house, picnics, recreation and every place imaginable.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Katadyn Outdoor Products

Katadyn manufactures a large range of outdoor products ranging from desalinators and water purification tablets to water filters. Their company slogan is "Making Water Drinking Water" and their objective is to help outdoor enthusiasts manufacture water in remote areas.

The Katadyn desalinators are divided into the manual water-makers where no power source is needed and the powered water-makers that run on 12-volt systems. They are marketed as the Katadyn Manual Survivors and the Katadyn Power Survivors respectively and there are also several accessories that are available for either model. The available Manual Survivors are the Katadyn Survivor 06 and the Katadyn Survivor 35, and Katadyn describes the 06 model as the "smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world." The 35 model, on the other hand, is larger and can produce up to 4.5 liters of desalinated water per hour.

The Katadyn Power Survivors consist of the 40E model, the 80E model and the 160E model but all three of them operate on the same 12-volt system. The 40E model is special as, not only does it run on power, it can, in an emergency, convert to a hand-operated desalinator. The 80E model also comes in two variations: the variation with vibration damping and the one without. Finally, the 160E is the ideal desalinator for large crews as it delivers up to 25.4 liters of water per hour. Desalinator accessories and repair kits on offer at Katadyn include the following:
(1) membrane preservation and replacement kits;
(2) both acid and alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals;
(3) plunger rod kits for the Power Survivors;
(4) silt reduction kits for the Power Survivors; and
(5) repair seal kits, extended cruise kits and maintenance packages for all Power Survivor models.

The Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets come in packs of 20 and packs of 30 and is the only product of its kind registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It guards against water-borne dangers including viruses, Giardia, bacteria and cryptosporidium.

Katadyn water filters are divided into the Endurance series, the Backcountry series and the Ultralight series which are aimed at expeditions, camping trips and day trips respectively. The Endurance series features the following filters: the Expedition, the Kombi, the Pocket, the Drip Ceradyn, the Drip Gravidyn and the Siphon. The Ultralight series, on the other hand, includes the Micro Microfilter bottle, the Exstream Purifier bottle, the Exstream XR Purifier bottle and the Katadyn Mini, which comes in as the most compact and lightest filter available today. The Backcountry series of water filters consists of the Vario, the Hiker, the Hiker Pro and the Base Camp with its innovative "hang, fill and drink" design.

The accessories, kits and parts available for the Katadyn water filters include:
(1) Exstream cyst filter replacement packs;
(2) bottle adapters with activated carbon;
(3) Ceradyn filter elements; and
(4) pocket filter small parts kits.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Icebreaker Long Johns that keep you warm

The first materials for Icebreaker were discovered in 1994, by Jeremy Moon, in New Zealand. He was introduced to a merino wool farmer that lived in Marlborough. The farmer had created a thermal underwear that was made from New Zealand 100% natural merino wool. Moon, felt that the material was luxurious and soft, not like the usual wool that is rough and bulky material. Another benefit was that it was also machine washable material, preventing a nuisance of dry cleaning. He took this idea and ran with it, creating a natural outdoor clothing line for the public, called Icebreaker.

Since the clothing is all natural without synthetic materials, it appeals to the consumers. The individual fibers of the clothing are breathable, as well as the fabric of the material. This creates insulating, silky and smooth clothing apparel that appeals to active outdoor individuals. This allows the body to release moisture vapors, preventing one from the feeling of dank and wet. The basic concept is that an individual will feel cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Many customers will layer their garments because the fibers will lock together and feel as if they are one cohesive unit.

The clothing is available for men, women and children. There are five basic ideas: active base layers, mid layers, technical sports, outer layer and lightweight travel categories. The active base layers are divided to fit each individual need for coverage. They are broke down to suit each weather conditions: ultralite (all season), lightweight (cool) and midweight (cold). Midlayers are great candidates for traveling because they are insulating, but also quite breathable. Technical sports is created to give the maximum performance for mountain sports. There are extra features that include a small percentage of Lycra that helps with shape retentiveness and a better fit. Outer layers are considered to be styled as urban causal clothing. The style is cut to be a snug fit to enhance the body's form. Lightweight travel is worn as single garments in the heat, but layered when the weather is at a cooler temperature. The material is designed for when one is traveling, meant to deal with different seasons throughout different continents.

The clothing is available in a wide selection of items that include tops, bottoms, underwear, coats, socks and accessories. They are made to be worn as separate units or used to layer for more warmth or a personal individual style. The collections include a large variety that will meet any need for outdoor activity. The collections include outdoor, Alpine, Travel, Underwear, Sport, Bodyfit and Icebreak_GT. Icebreaker clothing apparel is attractive, durable and great for protection from the weather's elements.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gransfors splitting mauls and Axes

Quality Protective Gear for the Woodcutter
Gransfors is a manufacturer of quality equipment designed especially for the woodcutter. Their hand forged axes are award winning and each hand crafted axe is stamped with the initials of the craftsman who created it. Gransfors also develops and manufactures incredibly innovative protective clothing for woodcutters. These patent protected garments, known as SwedePro, are designed to cause a chainsaw to jam before the operator can be harmed. Even though Gransfors axes and SwedePro protective clothing products are among the utmost in quality, they are surprisingly affordable. For the discriminating woodcutter, Gransfors products offer quality, value, and most importantly unsurpassed protection.

The top quality hand crafted axes offered by Gransfors are truly pieces of functional art. Each axe is marked with pride with the logo of the company as well as the initials of the artisan who created it. These quality woodcutting tools are created with quality always being a top consideration. The process is not rushed, and the craftsman takes his time to create the best axe possible. Craftsmen employed by Gransfors are not payed by the piece, so that the craftsman can concentrate on making each piece as good as it can be. On the company website a list of each craftsman's name is given, along with the initials they use to mark their work.

Gransfors also offers an innovative line of patent protected clothing designed to protect what every woodcutter values most, his life. This line of professional protective gear is constructed of special materials designed to cause a chainsaw to jam before the wearer could be injured by the chain. These innovative products developed by Gransfors allow are sold under the copyrighted name SwedePro. The product line includes: wrap chaps, apron chaps, pants (Summer & Winter), chainsaw protective pants, shirts, vests, and gloves. Also available from Gansfors under the SwedePro name are: First Aid Kits designed to fit into pockets, tool pouches, and accessories for hard hats. The SwedePro protective products are ISO-9000 certified and passed Underwriters Laboratory testing with zero cut-through incidents and with at least two layers of protective material remaining. Gransfors SwedePro line of clothing is also conveniently machine washable and machine dry able.

For woodcutters who work in the industry professionally protecting themselves with SwedePro clothing is not just a good idea, it's required for compliance with OSHA regulation 1910.266. This regulation states that an employed chainsaw operator must use the following protective gear: head protection, hearing and eye protection, protective footwear, protective gloves, and protective leg devices. SwedePro products allow for the best quality available on the market to allow the professional chainsaw operator to confirm with OSHA standards.

Whether purchasing for the professional woodcutter or the amateur Gransfors offers the ultimate in quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness. When making the decision to choose an item that could someday save the life of a friend, loved one, or employee who uses it Gransfors SwedePro clothing is the obvious choice.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Reasons To Buy A Gerber Knife

Gerber Knives have been around for over 70 years, and are still going strong. In a time when many companies, even reputable ones are failing, it makes you wonder, what makes Gerber Knives different?

First of all, they are tough. Many hunters would be lost without theirs. No other knife can cut through a fish or deer the way a Gerber Knife blade can. They are made out of high carbon stainless steel, with full and partial tangs built in. (Try finding another knife made out of the same material.)

The blades are fixed and do not fold. How many times has your foldable knife stuck in it's case right when you needed it? With this knife, you never have to worry about that again. However if you prefer a knife that does fold, they have a variety that does just that, without the sticking.

The handles come in a variety of different materials-wood, stag or made out of their patented soft grip technology.

They are always ahead of the game. Gerber knives are constantly pushing the envelope, striving to stay ahead of the competition using the latest and greatest technology to bring you the best knives possible.

The price is affordable. You can buy much cheaper knives than these, but they won't measure up to the quality and and performance of these knives. You can also buy much more expensive knives and they won't measure up either. Why spend extra money when you can buy the best knife around for a decent price? Starting at only 15.00, you can have the durabliity and dependence of a Gerber Knife.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. From a small multitool that can fit in your pocket, and has many other amenities added in, to a full size knife, you decide what size is perfect for you.

The uses are endless. During a battle in Iraq, a Gerber LMF ll Asek was used to cut through a 220 volt electric line. It has also been used by many military personel for other reasons as well as the every day hunter. Even women are finding them useful, as they can use the multi-tool version for various jobs around the house.

It's designed by some of the biggest names in the knife industry. If you are a knife fanatic, I'm sure the names Bob Loveless, Fred Carter, Blackie Collins and of course Pete Gerber will all ring a bell.

It's won awards. In 1985 Gerber Knives were honered with Blade Magazine's Most Innovative Knife Of The Year Award. How many knife makers can say that?

When you buy a Gerber Knife, you can be sure it was made with you in mind!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

filson bags, filson jackets, filson hats

Don’t you feel good when you are buying quality products from a company that has been in business for years? Filson has been manufacturing outdoor goods since 1897 and you can be assured you’re purchasing superior goods. Clinton Filson opened his first outfit to supply the stampeders of the Klondike Gold Rush. Now there was a true test of quality, durability and dependability.

His first customers were the early gold miners and pioneers of the frigid North. Clinton Filson sold knit goods, blankets, moccasins, boots, shoes and sleeping bags all specially made to protect against the icy cold and winds, constantly testing every day survival. Filson products were a hit and still are today, thanks to his ingenuity and persistence in listening to his customers. His products have consistently been improved over time thanks to his willingness to take input right from the people that matter the most, his customers!

Today you can buy any number of well made goods including men and women’s clothing, luggage and travel items, backpacks, women's camp cooking gear, Filson bags, Filson Hats. Filson Mackinaw and Filson jackets. They offer some intriguing specialty items on their site for dogs, fly fishing, hunting, gifts and games, pants and chaps, eye ware & accessories and shooting apparel. Any items that you may be looking for in particular to be used outdoors are all attractively made, well designed and of the sturdiest quality.

For the fisherman and hunting buffs you just can’t beat the great selection of jackets, pants, vests, short and long sleeved shirts. The North Fork Wading Jacket and Mesh Fly Fishing Vest are winners all the way around for wading into the coldest of streams and staying warm and dry for some serious fishing! Hunters have some impressive gun sleeves to choose from that are light weight, compact, durable and protective. You can choose from a good selection of colors and of course you will specify the size. In addition they also offer a scope gun case and un-scoped gun case, which ever one meets your needs.

If you have a lot of outdoor activities, chores or a hunting trip lined up there is nothing like the jackets made by Filson. When he first designed jackets and coats way back in the 1800’s, he definitely made some great articles of clothing that can hardly be surpassed by another manufacturer today. Filson offers a fine variety of jackets and styles, which include the Cascade Vest or jacket, down vests or down jackets, Polartec Outfitter, Yukon Wool Cape Coat and a medium and heavy weight outfitter jacket. These are all made for some seriously cold temperatures, so that you can concentrate on your chores or sighting in that big buck!

In addition to outdoor apparel, the Filson company has been manufacturing livestock equipment for the past 60 years. You can take your choice of cattle chutes, goat and calf tables, sweeps and alleys, wheel kits, panels & gates and grooming chutes. As you can see if you need any outdoor apparel or equipment you can depend on Filson for supplying you with the greatest products that you can depend on.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eureka Tents and Screen Rooms

For the everyday outdoors person or somebody organizing a full-blown outdoor event, Eureka is a smart choice for any of your outdoors needs. Eureka offers a large variety of specialized products, from military tents and equipment, camping supplies and accessories, and even party and event tents. Eureka offers quality equipment for almost every situation and is created to withstand virtually any environment. They offer tents for everything from military bases, personal family trips to lavish outdoors weddings. Buying or renting a Eureka tent or any of their products give you’re the promise that you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer.

Eureka is unique in that they offer new and exciting E! Power tents. These tents have a portable power pack that allows you to have a little of homes luxuries while enjoying being in the outdoors. Many of their tents have an illuminated interior and places to plug in their special power appliances, such as fans and extra lights. Although these can be a nice luxury to bring along, many people will still love to bring a traditional tent to fully enjoy their trip. Eureka offers a large variety of tents, ranging in being sized to fit for one or to six. They also have an impressive selection of backcountry camping supplies and expedition equipment. Eureka also boasts a collection of sleeping bags, shelters and screen rooms, and other outdoor supplies.

Although Eureka is most commonly known for its personal camping uses, it is also a provider of tents and supplies for U.S. military personnel. They provide numerous models of tents for a full range of environments that are fit for military bases. Eureka has specialized tents fit for the outdoors in camouflage print and built low and strong to withstand any weather conditions.

Whether it’s for a company party, a wedding reception or a concert even there is a large selection of products to cater for any event. From small pop up tents to breathtaking tents constructed for parties there is tent sure to fit what you’re looking for. Eureka also many unique accessories to make your event special. Bubble machines and projects are just some of their products sure to make your party a hit. Renting a Eureka event tent will provide you with setup as well and the promise of a heavy-duty tent which will stand up against most weather and can accommodate hundreds of people if needed.

Eureka is one of America’s number one leading tent manufacturers because of its huge variety in products and its determination to give buyers the experience they are looking for. They offer beautiful tents fit for anything from a small camping trip to a large-scale outdoor event and promise quality with everything they sell. Eureka has been bringing people together with the outdoors for more than 100 years. They pride themselves on their field-proven family camping tents, solo tents, event tents, sleeping bags, and other accessories.