Monday, January 25, 2010

Katadyn Outdoor Products

Katadyn manufactures a large range of outdoor products ranging from desalinators and water purification tablets to water filters. Their company slogan is "Making Water Drinking Water" and their objective is to help outdoor enthusiasts manufacture water in remote areas.

The Katadyn desalinators are divided into the manual water-makers where no power source is needed and the powered water-makers that run on 12-volt systems. They are marketed as the Katadyn Manual Survivors and the Katadyn Power Survivors respectively and there are also several accessories that are available for either model. The available Manual Survivors are the Katadyn Survivor 06 and the Katadyn Survivor 35, and Katadyn describes the 06 model as the "smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world." The 35 model, on the other hand, is larger and can produce up to 4.5 liters of desalinated water per hour.

The Katadyn Power Survivors consist of the 40E model, the 80E model and the 160E model but all three of them operate on the same 12-volt system. The 40E model is special as, not only does it run on power, it can, in an emergency, convert to a hand-operated desalinator. The 80E model also comes in two variations: the variation with vibration damping and the one without. Finally, the 160E is the ideal desalinator for large crews as it delivers up to 25.4 liters of water per hour. Desalinator accessories and repair kits on offer at Katadyn include the following:
(1) membrane preservation and replacement kits;
(2) both acid and alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals;
(3) plunger rod kits for the Power Survivors;
(4) silt reduction kits for the Power Survivors; and
(5) repair seal kits, extended cruise kits and maintenance packages for all Power Survivor models.

The Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets come in packs of 20 and packs of 30 and is the only product of its kind registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It guards against water-borne dangers including viruses, Giardia, bacteria and cryptosporidium.

Katadyn water filters are divided into the Endurance series, the Backcountry series and the Ultralight series which are aimed at expeditions, camping trips and day trips respectively. The Endurance series features the following filters: the Expedition, the Kombi, the Pocket, the Drip Ceradyn, the Drip Gravidyn and the Siphon. The Ultralight series, on the other hand, includes the Micro Microfilter bottle, the Exstream Purifier bottle, the Exstream XR Purifier bottle and the Katadyn Mini, which comes in as the most compact and lightest filter available today. The Backcountry series of water filters consists of the Vario, the Hiker, the Hiker Pro and the Base Camp with its innovative "hang, fill and drink" design.

The accessories, kits and parts available for the Katadyn water filters include:
(1) Exstream cyst filter replacement packs;
(2) bottle adapters with activated carbon;
(3) Ceradyn filter elements; and
(4) pocket filter small parts kits.

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