Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everyone Should Have a Leatherman multi-Tool

Nothing in my toolbox is used as much or does as much as Leatherman multi-tool. I could lose just about every tool I own and still manage to do all the repair jobs with it. I have the Freestyle- the original Leatherman multi-tool. Think of it as a sort of a Swiss Army Knife- many different tools with one handle.

The Freestyle has five different tools in one handle: a knife with a serrated and a straight blade, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters and hard wire cutters. Yes, the last two are completely different tools. In places like, say the attic, trying to crawl around in a tight space with a bunch of tools is impossible. I just drop it in my pocket and away I go. It weighs less than half a pound, so carrying it around is easy.

My bicycle tool case has a Leatherman of its own. The Juice S2 has twelve tools: knife, needle nose and regular pliers, wire cutters and hard wire cutters, extra small screwdriver, medium screwdriver and a large screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener and scissors. I can make any repair on the road in a matter of minutes or help another cyclist. Being able to open a can or bottle of refreshment doesn’t hurt, either. I consider it indispensible.

There are other Leatherman tools available. There are multi tools with as many as eighteen tools in one. Some Leatherman tools carry a corkscrew as well as other tools. I know that someday I may just run across a use for that.

I love the versatility and the lightweight of my Leatherman tools. Giving them as gifts is always fun and no one has ever said no. Many people have personalized their tools with initials and even have had some engraved with poetic prose. There are many colors to choose from so any style or taste can be satisfied.

The Leatherman tools’ price is justified because the quality is outstanding. The reputation of the company and the tools has never been tarnished by using cheap materials or selling anything that does not meet the highest quality control inspections.

My Freestyle has lasted nearly twenty years and shows no signs of slowing down or wearing out. All I really need to do is sharpen the knife. Since I don’t have to carry multiple tools in my bike bag, I save money there as well as space and weight for long distance riding.

This year I’m planning to buy a Leatherman adapter tool. There are four different models with ten different tools. The Squirt S4 is made for ladies: tools, tweezers and nail file included.

I heartily recommend buying a Leatherman tool for your own toolkit, and one for everyone you know. One can be used in almost every job, around the house, picnics, recreation and every place imaginable.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Katadyn Outdoor Products

Katadyn manufactures a large range of outdoor products ranging from desalinators and water purification tablets to water filters. Their company slogan is "Making Water Drinking Water" and their objective is to help outdoor enthusiasts manufacture water in remote areas.

The Katadyn desalinators are divided into the manual water-makers where no power source is needed and the powered water-makers that run on 12-volt systems. They are marketed as the Katadyn Manual Survivors and the Katadyn Power Survivors respectively and there are also several accessories that are available for either model. The available Manual Survivors are the Katadyn Survivor 06 and the Katadyn Survivor 35, and Katadyn describes the 06 model as the "smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world." The 35 model, on the other hand, is larger and can produce up to 4.5 liters of desalinated water per hour.

The Katadyn Power Survivors consist of the 40E model, the 80E model and the 160E model but all three of them operate on the same 12-volt system. The 40E model is special as, not only does it run on power, it can, in an emergency, convert to a hand-operated desalinator. The 80E model also comes in two variations: the variation with vibration damping and the one without. Finally, the 160E is the ideal desalinator for large crews as it delivers up to 25.4 liters of water per hour. Desalinator accessories and repair kits on offer at Katadyn include the following:
(1) membrane preservation and replacement kits;
(2) both acid and alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals;
(3) plunger rod kits for the Power Survivors;
(4) silt reduction kits for the Power Survivors; and
(5) repair seal kits, extended cruise kits and maintenance packages for all Power Survivor models.

The Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets come in packs of 20 and packs of 30 and is the only product of its kind registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It guards against water-borne dangers including viruses, Giardia, bacteria and cryptosporidium.

Katadyn water filters are divided into the Endurance series, the Backcountry series and the Ultralight series which are aimed at expeditions, camping trips and day trips respectively. The Endurance series features the following filters: the Expedition, the Kombi, the Pocket, the Drip Ceradyn, the Drip Gravidyn and the Siphon. The Ultralight series, on the other hand, includes the Micro Microfilter bottle, the Exstream Purifier bottle, the Exstream XR Purifier bottle and the Katadyn Mini, which comes in as the most compact and lightest filter available today. The Backcountry series of water filters consists of the Vario, the Hiker, the Hiker Pro and the Base Camp with its innovative "hang, fill and drink" design.

The accessories, kits and parts available for the Katadyn water filters include:
(1) Exstream cyst filter replacement packs;
(2) bottle adapters with activated carbon;
(3) Ceradyn filter elements; and
(4) pocket filter small parts kits.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Icebreaker Long Johns that keep you warm

The first materials for Icebreaker were discovered in 1994, by Jeremy Moon, in New Zealand. He was introduced to a merino wool farmer that lived in Marlborough. The farmer had created a thermal underwear that was made from New Zealand 100% natural merino wool. Moon, felt that the material was luxurious and soft, not like the usual wool that is rough and bulky material. Another benefit was that it was also machine washable material, preventing a nuisance of dry cleaning. He took this idea and ran with it, creating a natural outdoor clothing line for the public, called Icebreaker.

Since the clothing is all natural without synthetic materials, it appeals to the consumers. The individual fibers of the clothing are breathable, as well as the fabric of the material. This creates insulating, silky and smooth clothing apparel that appeals to active outdoor individuals. This allows the body to release moisture vapors, preventing one from the feeling of dank and wet. The basic concept is that an individual will feel cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Many customers will layer their garments because the fibers will lock together and feel as if they are one cohesive unit.

The clothing is available for men, women and children. There are five basic ideas: active base layers, mid layers, technical sports, outer layer and lightweight travel categories. The active base layers are divided to fit each individual need for coverage. They are broke down to suit each weather conditions: ultralite (all season), lightweight (cool) and midweight (cold). Midlayers are great candidates for traveling because they are insulating, but also quite breathable. Technical sports is created to give the maximum performance for mountain sports. There are extra features that include a small percentage of Lycra that helps with shape retentiveness and a better fit. Outer layers are considered to be styled as urban causal clothing. The style is cut to be a snug fit to enhance the body's form. Lightweight travel is worn as single garments in the heat, but layered when the weather is at a cooler temperature. The material is designed for when one is traveling, meant to deal with different seasons throughout different continents.

The clothing is available in a wide selection of items that include tops, bottoms, underwear, coats, socks and accessories. They are made to be worn as separate units or used to layer for more warmth or a personal individual style. The collections include a large variety that will meet any need for outdoor activity. The collections include outdoor, Alpine, Travel, Underwear, Sport, Bodyfit and Icebreak_GT. Icebreaker clothing apparel is attractive, durable and great for protection from the weather's elements.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gransfors splitting mauls and Axes

Quality Protective Gear for the Woodcutter
Gransfors is a manufacturer of quality equipment designed especially for the woodcutter. Their hand forged axes are award winning and each hand crafted axe is stamped with the initials of the craftsman who created it. Gransfors also develops and manufactures incredibly innovative protective clothing for woodcutters. These patent protected garments, known as SwedePro, are designed to cause a chainsaw to jam before the operator can be harmed. Even though Gransfors axes and SwedePro protective clothing products are among the utmost in quality, they are surprisingly affordable. For the discriminating woodcutter, Gransfors products offer quality, value, and most importantly unsurpassed protection.

The top quality hand crafted axes offered by Gransfors are truly pieces of functional art. Each axe is marked with pride with the logo of the company as well as the initials of the artisan who created it. These quality woodcutting tools are created with quality always being a top consideration. The process is not rushed, and the craftsman takes his time to create the best axe possible. Craftsmen employed by Gransfors are not payed by the piece, so that the craftsman can concentrate on making each piece as good as it can be. On the company website a list of each craftsman's name is given, along with the initials they use to mark their work.

Gransfors also offers an innovative line of patent protected clothing designed to protect what every woodcutter values most, his life. This line of professional protective gear is constructed of special materials designed to cause a chainsaw to jam before the wearer could be injured by the chain. These innovative products developed by Gransfors allow are sold under the copyrighted name SwedePro. The product line includes: wrap chaps, apron chaps, pants (Summer & Winter), chainsaw protective pants, shirts, vests, and gloves. Also available from Gansfors under the SwedePro name are: First Aid Kits designed to fit into pockets, tool pouches, and accessories for hard hats. The SwedePro protective products are ISO-9000 certified and passed Underwriters Laboratory testing with zero cut-through incidents and with at least two layers of protective material remaining. Gransfors SwedePro line of clothing is also conveniently machine washable and machine dry able.

For woodcutters who work in the industry professionally protecting themselves with SwedePro clothing is not just a good idea, it's required for compliance with OSHA regulation 1910.266. This regulation states that an employed chainsaw operator must use the following protective gear: head protection, hearing and eye protection, protective footwear, protective gloves, and protective leg devices. SwedePro products allow for the best quality available on the market to allow the professional chainsaw operator to confirm with OSHA standards.

Whether purchasing for the professional woodcutter or the amateur Gransfors offers the ultimate in quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness. When making the decision to choose an item that could someday save the life of a friend, loved one, or employee who uses it Gransfors SwedePro clothing is the obvious choice.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Reasons To Buy A Gerber Knife

Gerber Knives have been around for over 70 years, and are still going strong. In a time when many companies, even reputable ones are failing, it makes you wonder, what makes Gerber Knives different?

First of all, they are tough. Many hunters would be lost without theirs. No other knife can cut through a fish or deer the way a Gerber Knife blade can. They are made out of high carbon stainless steel, with full and partial tangs built in. (Try finding another knife made out of the same material.)

The blades are fixed and do not fold. How many times has your foldable knife stuck in it's case right when you needed it? With this knife, you never have to worry about that again. However if you prefer a knife that does fold, they have a variety that does just that, without the sticking.

The handles come in a variety of different materials-wood, stag or made out of their patented soft grip technology.

They are always ahead of the game. Gerber knives are constantly pushing the envelope, striving to stay ahead of the competition using the latest and greatest technology to bring you the best knives possible.

The price is affordable. You can buy much cheaper knives than these, but they won't measure up to the quality and and performance of these knives. You can also buy much more expensive knives and they won't measure up either. Why spend extra money when you can buy the best knife around for a decent price? Starting at only 15.00, you can have the durabliity and dependence of a Gerber Knife.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. From a small multitool that can fit in your pocket, and has many other amenities added in, to a full size knife, you decide what size is perfect for you.

The uses are endless. During a battle in Iraq, a Gerber LMF ll Asek was used to cut through a 220 volt electric line. It has also been used by many military personel for other reasons as well as the every day hunter. Even women are finding them useful, as they can use the multi-tool version for various jobs around the house.

It's designed by some of the biggest names in the knife industry. If you are a knife fanatic, I'm sure the names Bob Loveless, Fred Carter, Blackie Collins and of course Pete Gerber will all ring a bell.

It's won awards. In 1985 Gerber Knives were honered with Blade Magazine's Most Innovative Knife Of The Year Award. How many knife makers can say that?

When you buy a Gerber Knife, you can be sure it was made with you in mind!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

filson bags, filson jackets, filson hats

Don’t you feel good when you are buying quality products from a company that has been in business for years? Filson has been manufacturing outdoor goods since 1897 and you can be assured you’re purchasing superior goods. Clinton Filson opened his first outfit to supply the stampeders of the Klondike Gold Rush. Now there was a true test of quality, durability and dependability.

His first customers were the early gold miners and pioneers of the frigid North. Clinton Filson sold knit goods, blankets, moccasins, boots, shoes and sleeping bags all specially made to protect against the icy cold and winds, constantly testing every day survival. Filson products were a hit and still are today, thanks to his ingenuity and persistence in listening to his customers. His products have consistently been improved over time thanks to his willingness to take input right from the people that matter the most, his customers!

Today you can buy any number of well made goods including men and women’s clothing, luggage and travel items, backpacks, women's camp cooking gear, Filson bags, Filson Hats. Filson Mackinaw and Filson jackets. They offer some intriguing specialty items on their site for dogs, fly fishing, hunting, gifts and games, pants and chaps, eye ware & accessories and shooting apparel. Any items that you may be looking for in particular to be used outdoors are all attractively made, well designed and of the sturdiest quality.

For the fisherman and hunting buffs you just can’t beat the great selection of jackets, pants, vests, short and long sleeved shirts. The North Fork Wading Jacket and Mesh Fly Fishing Vest are winners all the way around for wading into the coldest of streams and staying warm and dry for some serious fishing! Hunters have some impressive gun sleeves to choose from that are light weight, compact, durable and protective. You can choose from a good selection of colors and of course you will specify the size. In addition they also offer a scope gun case and un-scoped gun case, which ever one meets your needs.

If you have a lot of outdoor activities, chores or a hunting trip lined up there is nothing like the jackets made by Filson. When he first designed jackets and coats way back in the 1800’s, he definitely made some great articles of clothing that can hardly be surpassed by another manufacturer today. Filson offers a fine variety of jackets and styles, which include the Cascade Vest or jacket, down vests or down jackets, Polartec Outfitter, Yukon Wool Cape Coat and a medium and heavy weight outfitter jacket. These are all made for some seriously cold temperatures, so that you can concentrate on your chores or sighting in that big buck!

In addition to outdoor apparel, the Filson company has been manufacturing livestock equipment for the past 60 years. You can take your choice of cattle chutes, goat and calf tables, sweeps and alleys, wheel kits, panels & gates and grooming chutes. As you can see if you need any outdoor apparel or equipment you can depend on Filson for supplying you with the greatest products that you can depend on.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eureka Tents and Screen Rooms

For the everyday outdoors person or somebody organizing a full-blown outdoor event, Eureka is a smart choice for any of your outdoors needs. Eureka offers a large variety of specialized products, from military tents and equipment, camping supplies and accessories, and even party and event tents. Eureka offers quality equipment for almost every situation and is created to withstand virtually any environment. They offer tents for everything from military bases, personal family trips to lavish outdoors weddings. Buying or renting a Eureka tent or any of their products give you’re the promise that you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer.

Eureka is unique in that they offer new and exciting E! Power tents. These tents have a portable power pack that allows you to have a little of homes luxuries while enjoying being in the outdoors. Many of their tents have an illuminated interior and places to plug in their special power appliances, such as fans and extra lights. Although these can be a nice luxury to bring along, many people will still love to bring a traditional tent to fully enjoy their trip. Eureka offers a large variety of tents, ranging in being sized to fit for one or to six. They also have an impressive selection of backcountry camping supplies and expedition equipment. Eureka also boasts a collection of sleeping bags, shelters and screen rooms, and other outdoor supplies.

Although Eureka is most commonly known for its personal camping uses, it is also a provider of tents and supplies for U.S. military personnel. They provide numerous models of tents for a full range of environments that are fit for military bases. Eureka has specialized tents fit for the outdoors in camouflage print and built low and strong to withstand any weather conditions.

Whether it’s for a company party, a wedding reception or a concert even there is a large selection of products to cater for any event. From small pop up tents to breathtaking tents constructed for parties there is tent sure to fit what you’re looking for. Eureka also many unique accessories to make your event special. Bubble machines and projects are just some of their products sure to make your party a hit. Renting a Eureka event tent will provide you with setup as well and the promise of a heavy-duty tent which will stand up against most weather and can accommodate hundreds of people if needed.

Eureka is one of America’s number one leading tent manufacturers because of its huge variety in products and its determination to give buyers the experience they are looking for. They offer beautiful tents fit for anything from a small camping trip to a large-scale outdoor event and promise quality with everything they sell. Eureka has been bringing people together with the outdoors for more than 100 years. They pride themselves on their field-proven family camping tents, solo tents, event tents, sleeping bags, and other accessories.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Columbia River Knife & Tool

The Columbia River Knife & Tool Company has been in business for over 15 years now and it's easy to see why. With their line of products steadily growing and their customer satisfaction at an all time high, this company is definitely making a name for itself.

All of their products are custom made and designed by some of the world's leading knife makers. They are famous for pushing the envelope and developing some of the most unique knives the world has seen. Some of their "surprising" shapes include, the Fulcrum, Flame, Razel, Folders, Tuition, Minimalist and Hole In One. The names alone let you know that these aren't your usual shaped knives.

They also offer a Professional Knives and Tool line, made for "Those who serve". This line is very popular with police officers who never know what they are going to face and have to be ready for anything. In 2009, they offered three new tactical fixed blades to this line - the Williams Hisshou, the Kommer I.F.B. and the Elishewitz F.T.W.S.

If you are looking for something different, (besides the "different" names) they offer self-sharpening knives and multi functional tools as well.

Columbia River Knife & Tool strives to use only natural and premium materials in their knives, that are common in the best custom made knives around. Last year, they introduced knives with layered Micarta, G10, stag, jig bone, white bone, ram horn and hard woods such as, bamboo, walnut, ebony, cocobolo and thuya root.

Although they are unique in every way, they are best known for their original two clip money knives, known as their K.I.S.S. series and their M16 series. They admit this was "pivotal to their success".

If you are looking for something more traditional, they do offer pocket knives, hunting and fishing knives, and survival knives. All at a fraction of the price you would pay for some bigger name brands.

According to the reviews, Columbia River Knife & Tool's products are nothing short of amazing. Not only are their products exceptionally made, but customer service is top notch as well.

For as little as 9.00, you can own one of these incredible knives and find out for yourself why everyone is raving about these products. Many of their models can be purchased under warranty. Compared to the prices of most knives today, especially name brand knives, 9 dollars is a steal. Many custom made knives run hundreds of dollars and offer no warranty.

If you are in the market for a new knife, I definitely recommend checking out Columbia River Knife & Tool Company. But as with all purchases, it's wise to check them out first, and decide if they are right for you. In a case like this, I think you will agree with me when I say, this brand is definitely worth trying out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buck Knives

Outdoor hobbies include camping, hiking and backpacking. When participating in one of these actives you will want a good knife for your journeys. Buck Knives offers many different knives for whatever activity you will be participating in. Buck has been making Knives for more than one hundred years. Buck knives also will offer you a lifetime warranty on any knife made by Buck that you purchase. Buck Knives all started when a young Kansas blacksmith apprentice named Hoyt Buck and he produced the first Buck Knife in 1902. Than in 1964 brought to the knife industry the model 110 folding hunter. This knife has made Buck a leader in the industry and they still hold that title today.

Buck Knives carries many different types of outdoor knives. One of those types is the hunting knife. One of those knives are called the Alpha Dorado, this knife has a blade length of 2 ½ inches and is made from stainless steel with a satin finish. The handle has charcoal Birchwood sides and stainless steel. Another hunting knife made by Buck Knives is called the Alpha Hunter. This knife has a 3 ¾ inch blade and the blade is very strong and has upgraded steel. The handle is made from resin impregnated rosewood. This is a beautiful high quality hunting knife.

Buck Knives also makes a tactical knife. This knife can be used by the serious adventurer or on rescue missions. One of those knives is called Bones. The Bones knife has a blade of 3 inches, which is made from stainless steel. The blade on this knife is serrated. The handle is made from stainless steel and has a tiger stripe camo design. Another knife to bring on your rescue mission would be the Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider has a 3 inch blade which is made of stainless steel and has a tiger stripe camo design. The handle on this knife is made of textured G10.

If you are a backpacker, camper or just an outdoors person, you will need a good outdoor knife. Buck Knives makes knives for the outdoorsman. One of those knives is called the Metro and this knife is multipurpose. The knife has a 1 1/8 inch blade and is made from stainless steel. The handle is a blue anodized aluminum and has stainless steel as well. Another outdoor knife is called the Red point. This knife has a 2 ¾ inch blade made from stainless steel. The handle is made from thermoplastic and a rubber mold.

Buck Knives also offers many more different knives and cutlery. For more information or to make a purchase you can do so online.
survival fire kit

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bending Branches

Dale Kicker and Ron Hultman are the owners of Bending Branches, the company that makes canoe and kayak paddles. In 1982, the whitewater canoeists joined to make a special canoe paddle. The original composite tipped canoe paddle made became known as Bending Branches. The privately owned company, Bending Branches, located in Wisconsin has made more than a million paddles since then.

What makes Bending Branches canoe paddles different is the Rockgard (R) covering. The covering of every canoe tip is similar to that used in the inside of skate wheels. The special polymer keeps out water and let the paddle function six times longer than paddles that are not using the Rockgard tip. The most significant part of every Bending Branches paddle is the specially manufactured resin tip that protects the paddle from injury due to contact with debris including rocks and from absorbing water. The special tip is laid on the paddle in what is called a Wrap Around method that seals all of the paddles corners.

Bending Branches has several canoe shapes to choose from: the twig, the loon, the traveler, and the beavertail.

Selecting a canoe is very important if you want your experience in the canoe to be a favorable event. Things like our height and the water conditions are all important considerations in choosing a canoe. Bending Branches has a canoe to fit your measurements and your canoeing water conditions.
These canoes come in straight and bent shapes depending on where you plan on canoeing. Since a canoe has to be flexible to be used properly, it has to fit. Measurements for canoes are taken by measuring the distance from between your legs to your nose. Bending Branches canoes are sold according to the size that you request after taking your measurements. The companies dealers have demos of paddles that can be tried out for a more accurate fit. Their online site also comes with fitting charts and explanations of how to decide which canoe and what size will work best for your canoeing needs.

The company guarantees its canoe and kayak paddles against defects if the defective paddle is reported in one year of purchase. If the defect is due to manufacturer's cause and was used for normal paddle function, the paddle will be replaced or repaired. The manufacturer's warranty does not apply if the paddles are used in white water or white water paddles or if the paddles are abused or mistreated.

Friday, January 1, 2010

CamelBak: The Ultimate In Personal Hydration

Today it's common knowledge that hydration is of the utmost importance. This is especially true of people who maintain an active lifestyle. Hydration on the go can be quite a challenge, or at least it could be before CamelBak came along. CamelBak products are designed to make it effortless to stay hydrated by making it easy for anyone to take their water supply with them in a convenient easy to carry way. People from all walks of life, sports, and professions use CamelBak products to stay hydrated. The company has a product in their line to fit most every persons needs. From a spill proof watter bottle made just for kids, to a hands free hydration system designed especially for the U.S. military.

CamelBak offers a wide range of products to fit everyone's needs. Relatively new to their line of products are BPA free stainless steel water bottles available for both adults and children. These bottles are spill free and offer a wonderful way to enjoy water during the day without the need for buyers to worry about potentially harmful chemicals leaching into the water from the container, like with some plastic bottles. The original CamelBak hands free hydration systems originally very popular with mountain bike enthusiasts and motocross racers are becoming more popular than ever and are now available in dozens of colors, configurations, and styles. These load balanced packs offer hydration without the need for the rider to remove his hands from the handlebars to drink. CamelBak also now offers packs specifically designed in configurations compatible with military backpacks and tactical wear. These hydration packs help to keep soldiers hydrated while in extreme environments for extended periods of time. CamelBak has also developed a line of wearable hydration systems. These are garments that act as liquid reservoirs and can be worn comfortably under sports garments and race wear. Tri-athletes and cyclists find these garments particularly useful.

All of these products are becoming more and more popular among the general public, but there are certain groups of people who particularly enjoy CamelBak products. Athletes who seek the scientifically proven edge proper hydration during an event offers rely on CamelBak hydration systems to keep them working at their best. By staying properly hydrated during grueling extended deployment in inhospitable environments members of the military greatly appreciate the convenience and ease of wear CamelBak products offer. People from all walks of life, from young to old, can take advantage of the spill proof, portable, and safe water bottles offered by CamelBak. These containers are made from tough stainless steel and can last a lifetime if treated with respect.

As with any successful product imitators have begun to appear offering personal hydration systems made with varying degrees of success. These often inferior products are sometimes less expensive but may not be made with the same attention to detail and quality construction as official CamelBak products. When it matters, wise consumers choose to go with the original, they choose CamelBak.

Rugged Backpack

CamelBak Fourteener
personal hydration packs