Saturday, March 27, 2010

Victorinox Swiss Army for Any Occasion

Victorinox swiss army knives are one of the most convenient tools that one can possess. Victorinox swiss army products are well known for their quality and many capable uses. There are a wide variety of victorinox swiss army products to choose from. One of my all time favorite is the victorinox swiss army knife.

There are many choices of victorinox swiss army knives to choose from, depending on your hobbies and life style. Just a small list of the types of knives available, fishing, hunting, survival, rescue, hiking, sailing, golfing, and yes even gardening. You just need to choose the one that has the tools that you think would most come in handy for you.


Doubling as a great survival knife, and if you love to camp, imagine having a tool capable of fitting in your pocket that can handle many of the tasks or emergencies that might come up while being secluded in the wilderness. Even something as simple as tightening up a loose screw on a pair of glasses can be very convenient.


You may not be able to display your victorinox swiss army on your keychain anymore while boarding an airplane, but you can still bring it with you by packing it along with your luggage. Having a victorinox swiss army knife with convenient tools while you are traveling is like having a whole tool kit at your disposal.

Everyday Use

The victorinox swiss army knife doesn't have to be acquired for any one reason. It's unique selection of tools can be used for everyday use. From can openers to tweezers, to scissors, and lighter, it is sure to come in handy for any occasion. You can even find one with a removable USB flash drive that is capable of storing anywhere from 256 MB and up to 16 GB of data.

The new victorinox swiss army knives come in a variety of different colors and sizes. One of my favorite to admire is the Swisschamp. It is 2.5 inches thick and full of cool toys. It has absolutely every tool imaginable.

It seems that the victorinox swiss army knife has multitools beyond imagining. Features such as ballpoint pens, magnifying glass, lighters and more. Instruments such as the knife, saw and scissors remain very sharp. With this knife capable of surviving many years, it just seems like a quality peace to add to your survival gear.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Therm-a-Rest for Great Outdoor Comfort

Therm-a-Rest for Great Outdoor Comfort
For those people who value their rest, even when they spend their nights in the wilderness, the Therm-a-Rest mattress supplies just what the doctor ordered. Therm-a-Rest developed by 2 avid backpackers is a self-inflating camping mattress that is designed by an extremely airtight nylon fabric. The Therm-a-Rest mattress also provides a warmth that no other air mattress can give. As it resists leaks, the user does not have to worry about finding him or herself sleeping on a bumpy ground by morning.

Self Inflated

Have you ever gone camping with an inflatable mattress? Even with a battery operated or manual pump to supply the mattress with air, it's an inconvenience. One of the many benefits of the Therm-a-Rest is that it is self inflatable. You can imagine how convenient this makes an air mattress. You simply draws air into itself. You can adjust the air intake to for a softer mattress or a firmer fill.


Besides being self inflatable, it keeps the person sleeping on the Therm-a-Rest mattress warm throughout the night. This is because it is lined with a sheet of low density, polyurethane foam. If you have ever slept a regular inflatable mattress, you may remember that having air underneath you tends to be cold and uncomfortable. Being cold while sleeping outdoors is unacceptable in my book.


The design of the Therm-a-Rest is truly ingenious. Made from an extremely airtight nylon fabric, the inflatable mattress is not only easy to inflate, but also deflate. You simply open the valve and roll it up. As you roll, the air is pushed out the valve. The portability is amazing. Some of these Therm-a-Rest mattresses can be folded or be rolled up to the size of a 1 liter bottle of water, and weighing in at under 15 ounces.

One of my favorite things about camping and sleeping out doors is how wonderfully one sleeps under these conditions. With the convenience of the Therm-a-Rest easy set up, it is no wonder that it is the favorite of many hiking and camping enthusiasts. Along with other important conveniences, keeping warm would be at the top of the list when you are sleeping in the middle of nowhere. The airtight nylon fabric that is wrapped in a low density, open celled polyurethane not only allows the mattress to keep the user warm, but resists a leak hole that might have the camper sleeping on a uneven ground by morning.

therm-a-rest prolite 3 therm-a-rest prolite 4 therm-a-rest dreamtime therm-a-rest pillow
therm-a-rest neoair campmor msr marmot

Saturday, March 13, 2010

stormy kromer and ida kromer hat

The outdoorsman needs quality clothes and hats to keep them warm on a cold day. Stormy Kromer sells a line exceptionally warm clothes and hats to keep you warm during the bone-chilling winter months. Stormy Kromer was a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer. One morning back in 1903, Stormy asked his wife, Ida, to sew ear flaps on one of this baseball caps to keep him warm. This is how the Stormy Kromer brand all began.

Stormy Kromer makes many different warm outdoor wares. One of those products is the Stormy Kromer hat. One of those hats is called the Original Stormy Kromer Cap and is made from six panels of pre-shrunk, recycled wool. Another hat is called the Rancher Cap and this one is heavy duty cap. Then there is the Waxed Cotton Cap, this cap will protect you even if it’s raining out. Flexible Fit Original cap is another Stormy Kromer hat and is made from six panels of indestructible pre-shrunk wool. For the child outdoorsman there is the LiL’ Kromer Cap, this cap is made with the same craftsmanship as the adult hats. The Flexible Fit Ida Kromer is made for the outdoorswoman. This is a feminine cap with all the same comfort and warmth of the other Stormy Kromer hats. There are some many hats in the stormy Kromer line I can’t name them all.

Stormy Kromer also makes outerwear. One product would be the Stormy Kromer Button Vest. The Button vest is made from 100% virgin wool and will keep any outdoorsman warm. The Stormy Kromer Mackinaw coat is very warm and also made from 100% virgin wool. This coat is made very high in quality and will last a very long time. The Bunkhouse Trousers are made of 80% wool and 20% nylon and come with an adjustable waist. These are heavy duty pants and will last a long time. The Short Jacket is another way to keep warm on those chilly winter days. This jacket is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon.

Shirts are another product that Stormy Kromer makes. One of those shirts is called the Fishin Shirt. This shirt is made from 100% cotton and is imported. Another shirt by Stormy Kromer is the Flannel shirt. This shirt is sure to keep any outdoorsman warm. This flannel shirt is made from 100% brushed cotton and will keep you warm on your camping trip.

Stormy Kromer also make hand wear. One of the gloves that Stormy Kromer makes is called the Deerskin Chopper Mitt. These gloves are made from 100% deerskin and have an acrylic lining. They will keep you warm while performing rugged outdoor activity.

Magnesium Fire Starter

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spyderco Salt I Review

The Spyderco Salt I folding pocket knife comes with a plastic grip with a volcano texturing for added grip in slippery situations. The blade is Japanese steel with some branding courtesy of Spyderco engraved on the blade. The blade has a curved serrated edge with its signature Spyder edge with two serrated points about 2 mm apart and the third being 6 mm apart providing an edge that destroys normal cutting materials. The most prominent feature of this pocket knife is the opening device, a hole in the middle large enough for bulky thumbs and can also act as a blood groove.
Cutting with this knife is a dream through normal cutting materials and the steel blade stays sharp through heavy use. I have used this blade around the house and the blade performed well even when whittling plastic, which can really put a bind on cutting power. The knife additionally performed well in the field when used to open a steel can of condensed milk. While folding knives usually feel like just that, this blade has the feeling of a fixed blade even when piercing the can. The Spyderco Salt I performed remarkably in the cutting portion of field testing.
The knife fits the hand well with an ergonomic natural feel and opening and closing the knife feels equally natural even with extended use. The raised angled backside of the blade gives extra support especially when shaving wood or other materials with a secure area to rest my thumb and direct the blade. There is one concession for this blade that I must discuss although this problem seems to be indicative of a serrated blade and that is making a smooth cut. The serrated edge leaves different indentions in materials so a straight blade is needed for these instances.
Durability with the Spyderco Salt I is exceptional. After three months of excessive use the knife continues to open and close correctly and the blade is still true. It passed the dishwasher test and came out clean as a whistle. After applying a little oil it went straight back into my pocket. The serrated edges have come down in height some and sharpening serrated blades changes the cut dramatically but this is another setback of serrated blades. The knives cutting ability has depreciated over time but still performs well. I recommend this knife to anyone looking for a basic pocket knife for daily use.
The Spyderco Salt I knife is a durable, lightweight knife ideal for every day use. It is actually lighter than most others in its class and consistently performs well in spite of this. Other than the normal setbacks of serrated blades there are not many complaints from my end and I am still amazed at the folding mechanism.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get Smart: The Efficiency of SmartWool

In my case, in the environment that I reside, it's difficult to find wool products that are both comfortable, soft to the touch, odor resistant, and natural. I love the look and feel of wool, however nowadays it's difficult to find a product that is versatile, eco-friendly, and high quality. This is what makes SmartWool unique.

The use of merino wool makes clothing products much softer to the touch and against your skin, which is why I love SmartWool. I want to ability to wear wool in Florida, and with the inconsistency of the weather, it’s always good to have a light fleece or jacket for those unpredictable days. I have a few must haves in the closet that I use on a weekly basis, those being the microweight tank that is perfect for layering and working out in the gym. The greatest aspect about this shirt, well to be honest, I can wear it with dressy pants or workout yoga pants and no one knows it’s outdoor apparel for sport.

Let’s not forget those super cool and colorful Saturnsphere socks that keep your feet dry, soft and comfy, and stylish at the same time. Every year for Christmas my sisters and I get a pair of these socks as a stocking stuffer and our tradition is to all wear them to dinner, and all day for that matter. However, I do tend to stray from tradition and wear them all year round when I work out and, when I run out of trouser socks to wear with my knee high boots, I put a pair on to keep my feet dry and cool.

Now, you have to keep in mind the reasons why you are purchasing SmartWool and how you will use the product when you receive it. If you’re a skier, and let’s face it, this company was founded by two ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke which was acquired by Timberland Company in 2005; this is one of the best companies to find products for your trips. In fact, I think I have purchased over 10 jackets in the last 4 years from them for Christmas and birthday presents. My mom loves the Foothills Full Zip Jacket, and she wears it almost year round up in the UP of Michigan.

The lightweight material, natural moisture wicking, and the odor-reducing, anti-microbial properties make this product unrivaled, providing extreme sports enthusiasts a great product, while still allowing sports enthusiasts and consumers the same kind of quality for everyday use.

The evolution of this product takes great care and requires the highest quality checks to ensure that you are getting the best piece of apparel. As a consumer, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing a product of high quality which has a much lower impact on the environment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SealLine Water Protection Product Review

SealLine products protect your gear, keeping your gear safe and dry when you are out on the water, deep in the woods, or just trekking around the city. SealLine comes from Cascade Designs, Inc., the same people who bring us MSR, Therm-a-Rest and Platypus products.

SealLine products are available in three levels of 'water protection': splash-proof, watertight, and waterproof. Splash-proof products will protect what is inside from driving rain and light splashing. Watertight products will protect the gear inside from quick submersion and will float if dropped in water (think boat tipping or swamping). Waterproof products protect and keep the gear inside dry even when submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Waterproof products work well with expensive electronics which may sink due to their weight.

SealLine offers a wide variety of dry bags, packs, duffle bags, protective cases, specialty bags for watercraft activities and even an urban line.

The Baja(TM) Dry Bag is available in six sizes and is constructed of scrim-reinforced 19 oz. vinyl for the sides and 30 oz. heavy-duty vinyl for the bottom. The Black Canyon(TM) Dry Bag is a redesign of the Baja(TM) Dry Bag using PVC-free 300D nylon with double urethane coating in-place of the vinyl. The 300D TPU double-coated nylon makes the Black Canyon(TM) Dry Bag lighter and more pliable than the Baja(TM) Dry Bag, making it easier to pack and more eco-friendly.

The See(TM) Bag and EcoSee(TM) Bag are transparent dry bags, allowing you to see the gear inside from all angles, and are available in four sizes. The EcoSee(TM) Bag is 100% PVC-free and is constructed of urethane while the See(TM) Bag is constructed of clear vinyl.

The Storm(TM) Sac series is the most lightweight of the SealLine dry bags and is available in seven sizes. The Padded Storm(TM) Sack is similar to the Storm(TM) Sac with the addition of padding and rectangular bottoms and is available in three sizes. The padding provides extra protection for more sensitive items such as binoculars or camera lenses and the rectangular bottoms fit larger items.

If you would like to peek at the contents of each dry bag without sacrificing privacy, the Kodiak(TM) Window Dry Bag is a good choice. The Kodiak(TM) dry bags are 100% PVC-free constructed of 200D polyurethane coated nylon bodies and 400D HD TPU coated nylon bottoms with clear urethane windows. The TieDown(TM) Dry Bag has multiple tie-down points to attach it to whatever your ride is.

All SealLine dry bags are watertight and use the SealLine Dry Seal(TM) Roll-Top Closure.

The six styles of SealLine packs and duffles provide watertight protection through either the Dry Seal(TM) Roll-Top Closure or drysuit zippers. Protective cases, in four styles, take care of maps, electronics, and personal valuables such as your wallet or passport. The Electronic Case provides waterproof protection for your critical electronics and still allows you to operate button-based devices.

Then for those of us who like the added protection of SealLine products for our everyday activities, there is the Urban line with totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, computer sleeves and a variety of accessories.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sea To Summit camping gear

There is nothing like getting away from your nine to five job and heading out to the mountains and rivers to find that tranquil place that gives you peace. Hiking or camping in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or any where else that tickles your fancy is what makes a great day. If you like the outdoors like so many do, there isn’t anything else quite like your weekend getaway or the camping trip you’ve planned all year long.

Having the right travel and camping gear really makes or breaks the trip. Outdoor gear has really improved over the years in quality, weight and size factors making your trip that much more enjoyable. Hikers can carry well designed light weight packs, cooking kitchens and compression dry sacks made just for the outdoorsman. Finally you can really enjoy your hike and the beauty around you without feeling worn out and exhausted from packing too much weight up every trail or campsite.

Wouldn’t you trust someone who has walked a mile in your shoes? Well Tim Macartney-Snape didn’t exactly walk a mile in your shoes, as a matter a fact he went just a bit further. You see he is a summiteer that tackled Mount Everest and lived to tell about it. How’s that for a trek? Tim is well aware of what it’s like to hike with gear and has collaborated with his sewing enthusiast partner (Roland Tyson) to design innovative, ingenious outdoor gear. If you’re going to purchase outdoor gear, wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who really knows what hiking and camping is all about? If you’re looking for great products designed by Tim then stop in at the Sea To Summit and check out some fantastic equipment.

Many of the creative ideas that have been designed for hikers such as rugged backpacks, kitchen ware, bags, tarps and accessories also prove to be invaluable for campers too. Hikers want equipment well designed, light weight and functional and the same qualities are just as appealing to campers. If you have ever set up a tent and all your paraphernalia you know what a back breaking job that can be. Lighten up the load with properly designed gear and everybody will have a great time!

Make your trip especially nice with gear that’s designed to work in the outdoors, keep you comfortable and dry. You can get some great sacks like the Big River Dry Sack and eVent® Compression Dry Sacks at Sea To Summit. At the top of everyone’s list is staying dry and it’s a snap with a Nylon Tarp Poncho or a Siliconized Cordura® Tarp-Poncho.

One of the most useful things that you can bring along on your trip is a portable camp sink. This multi-use sink is good for purifying water, bathing, cleaning up the dishes and cooking. Retailers for Sea To Summit products can easily be found by selecting your State at Whether you’re off to the wilderness for a weeks stay or an overnight hike, you can’t go wrong with Sea To Summit gear.
Sea to Summit Stuff Sack