Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SmartWool Smart wool

Your Choice Of Clothing Should Be SmartWool
Remember grandma’s wool scarf she made and gave to you and when you wrapped it around your neck, you began to itch. Well, SmartWool will give you all the good benefits that wool can without the itch. Smart Wool has combined their prevailing technology and the natural sheep’s wool together to give you the best feeling wool products to wear next to your skin. So soft and comfortable you would not think it is wool.

You will love the smooth feel of SmartWool clothing year round, yes, year round. Because of wools natural fiber characteristics of being odor free and its ability to breathe and regulate body temperature, you will like to wear it year round. It is nature’s renewable resource. The health benefits that make it a smart choice of clothing is that it moves moisture off the skin before it liquefies and that keeps bacteria from forming. Wearing SmartWool products benefit you health wise and a benefit to the environment.

Icebraker uses wool that comes from a sheep breed in New Zealand called merino, so it costs much less to manufacture than fossil fuel. It is a great way to go green, keep warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Allergies to wool is rare and if experienced, it is usually comes from the lanolin on the fiber. Another good reason to wear wool is its flame retardant properties. Wool has UV properties that make it hard to ignite and burn and it will not melt because it is a natural fiber not a synthetic oil based fiber.

SmartWool is a unique wool product that is shrink resistant and easy to care for. Many SmartWool items can be machine washed using a gentle wash cycle with cool to lukewarm water. The socks and underwear can be machine dried with wrong side out. Sweaters can be machine washed then laid flat to dry on a sweater rack. Another plus for SmartWool products is the durability. Wool wears well and stays crisp looking as long as you take care of it properly.

If you love to ski or hike the mountains in the winter then your wardrobe should include socks, scarves, and sweaters, not to mention your underwear from the SmartWool Company. You will enjoy the soft feel of wool and the warmth and protection it gives you from the cold climate in the mountains. After all, being warm and dry is half the fun of a winter sport.

For more information on the SmartWool products or the company, you can go on line to to get more information on their clothing lines and company history. They do more than just make the clothes. They believe in giving back to their community and helping the environment.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Icebreaker Vs Smart Wool

As of today, it is the start of winter. So, how are you going to keep warm? There are a variety of styles and fabrics you can choose from. You could try fleece, cashmere, and cotton to name a few. Or, you could try wool. Yes, wool. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Wool can be just as soft as a baby’s blanket. It can keep you warm throughout the winter. No matter what you do. There are two brand name manufacturers that make the softest, warmest wool alive. One I’m familiar with – Icebreaker, and Smart Wool.

Icebreaker is made from 100% pure New Zealand merino wool. It is totally natural and soft. It’s probably the softest wool that you will ever find. Plus, you could throw this in the washing machine. Icebreaker has been used for a lot of winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding. I personally have used it myself. It keeps me warm, especially on those below temperature days. I wear it whenever I hunt. You can’t even tell that it’s wool! It feels just like cotton.

Smart Wool is a clothing and socks company that is very popular among people. They’re another top seller when it comes to warm and comfortable wool. Like Icebreaker, Smart Wool is also worn for outdoor winter sports. They also claim that it’s the softest fabric that you will ever find. It has a lot of benefits including temperature regulation, breathability, is odor-free, and naturally renewable. None of Smart Wool’s products will shrink or itch. They’re fully functional for all year long and are completely durable. Smart Wool also can test your body temperature, has natural fibers, is hypoallergenic, and is naturally flame retardant. It’s perfect for anyone in your family, even your kids! Smart Wool does seem to be as technologically advanced as Icebreaker. You can even throw them in the wash or wash them by hand.

Even though I’m prone to Icebreaker, you should check out the testimonials for Smart Wool. There seems to be a lot of happy people that wear them. Smart Wool is technological and family friend whereas Icebreaker is more for the serious athlete. Obviously, they both have their good and their bad. No matter what you choose, you will be warm and comfy with either of these products.

Of course you can find out more about Icebreaker and Smart Wool at their official web sites. You will find out more information on their material, fit, and product information. Make a smart choice this winter with the warmest, softest wool on the planet. Try on Smart Wool or Icebreaker, or both! Don’t be afraid to try both. You may never know what you personally like.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Camp Chairs

When camping in the outdoors, you forfeit several luxuries such as electricity, proper bathroom facilities and the comfort of a bed to sleep in. There are ways that campers substitute these amenities. Some use generators for lighting or cooking. Often campers may be forced to go to the bathroom in the woods. Every camper is familiar with using a sleeping bag at night. There are luxuries, however, that you can take with you; one of these is a camping chair. This is not like a wooden chair that you have lying around the house. Proper camping chairs are usually made from a waterproof material, easy to carry and comfortable to sit in. It is important when shopping for a camp chair that you look for something you will be able to use for a long time, preferably passing it down to your kids when they are older. The best camp chairs are not cheap though; these durable materials used to produce them do not come at a low cost for the manufacturer. This is a purchase you should not skimp on though as comfort in the middle of the woods is hard to come by. Go with a company that has a long history in making camping gear. Camp chairs should be a purchase you only have to make once, make the right choice.
canoe seat
Compak Chair

Thursday, December 17, 2009

rugged canvas and leather Purses

In recent years, more and more of the world’s population has been going “green”, meaning becoming more environmentally conscience. There is a multitude of ways that people are making the earth better; recycling, using energy efficient appliances, carpooling, etc. But for shoppers, in what kind of way can they make their contribution? Sure, everyone passes down or donates what they do not want or need, but in the end some of this just ends up just being waste. Why is that? Much of what is being produced is not of good quality or made with high quality materials, which equals a product that will not live up to the customer’s expectations.

Now, what would a shopper think if a product was guaranteed for life, something that you could pass down to generation after generation? Duluth Pack, a company 127 year old company, has been doing just that! They offer the highest quality packs in the industry, everything from accessories to outdoor gear. These packs are hand-crafted by craftspeople and sewers using only the best quality materials. All processes are carefully overseen, from adding the rivets, to selecting the canvas and leather. Start a family tradition today, by incorporating Duluth packs into your family-making moments and pass down not only the stories, but the packs as well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Canvas And Leather Handbags womans slouch purse

Purchasing rugged canvas womans handbags and leather womans handbags from Duluth is a decision that you will be very proud of. It is an investment that will last you a long time. With the wear and tear that you can put your rugged canvas and leather handbags through you will be surprised at the durability of the products. Because there is a variety of styles to choose from you will find that the rugged canvas and leather handbags from Duluth will be items that you proudly carry. You will also get plenty of great compliments about how they look.

When you are looking sturdy and good looking rugged canvas and leather handbags then you need to go to Duluth and check out their selection. You will find something you like and maybe even more. Get a couple in different colors so that you can use them with different outfits throughout the year. Purchasing rugged canvas and leather handbags from Duluth may be a decision that you will feel good about for years, as these items will give you that much and more use. You can’t beat that for a great product so order yours today and see how happy you will be with these products.
Range Bag

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sportsmans Kit Bag

As the United States struggles to emerge from a long recession, spending patterns of the American consumer, which now seek quality and durability over price may endure. After all, why buy something if it is going to fall apart anyway? If you are considering buying an outdoor camping pack, or even if you want a quality tackle box or book bag that will last for years, then consider giving a look at the line of products that are offered by Duluth Pack. Duluth Pack takes pride in the fact that their products are meant to last a lifetime, and they back up this claim with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for sturdy utility bag, then consider Duluth Pack's line of deluxe shell bags which are priced around $80. These bags were actually designed 90 years ago for a variety of sports that use riffles. Today, their durability and strength is prized by those who want a hand bag or utility bag that can be used for any type of activity. Professional scientists such as geologists and naturalists, who work in the out of doors, enjoy using this bag which has a sturdy leather bottom, in addition to a variety of inside pockets and zippers. If you plan on making a good number of camping or hiking trips over your lifetime, then I would highly recommend that you consider a quality item made by Duluth Pack, which has been in the business for decades and knows utility bags inside and out.
rugged canvas backpack

Leather Passport Wallet

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Canvas Document Brief

If you frequently need to carry a lot of paperwork in an orderly, compact fashion, but don't have enough stuff to require lugging around a full sized portfolio or briefcase, this canvas document brief is an excellent way to keep things neat, clean, and dry. This is a large legal sized pouch with a zipper closure across the full length of the top. This big canvas envelope has leather stress points for super durability. Extremely handsome and distinctive, the high quality canvas portion of the brief is made in a range of colors that are distinctive and tasteful; black, burgundy, spruce, olive drab, khaki, and navy. All colors are nicely offset by the substantial leather binding in dark brown. Works with casual or business attire, or work wear, and will last a long time. When you need to keep organized, and keep your work clean and dry, this canvas brief is a good choice. It also works well as an accessory with other packs and briefcases, so you won't have to search through everything to find important papers. Great on the road, or at the work site - this is top quality, and made in the USA. Reasonably priced for the quality you're getting, so you won't be afraid to use it every day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Leather Document Briefs Made in the USA

Leather document briefs made in the usa are very versatile and stylish. When you purchase the leather document briefs you may want to get more than one. You will find that they are made very well and offer a lifetime guarantee with them. Be sure that you choose from the different styles and find the one that you like the most. You can use the leather document briefs for a variety of things, so make sure that you get one as soon as you can and see how organized you will be when you use it.

The leather document briefs also make a great gift item for just about anyone on your list this year. You can give them to business people, students and even just people that need to keep their things organized. Because it is guaranteed for life it will make a gift that will last them a very long time and that they can use over and over again. Make sure that you consider getting the leather document briefs from Duluth this year so that you can give them to people on special occasions. They will really love them. You will, too. So be sure to get yourself one, too and see how much you will appreciate it.

Outdoor backpacks

Canoe Pack

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leather Portfolio Bags Made in the USA

Leather Portfolio bags from Duluth Pack are a great investment. When you get leather portfolio bags from Duluth Pack you will find a sturdy item that you can transport your most precious papers and items in. Because it is built with the finest leather you will get a lifetime guarantee when you purchase it. It will last a long time and also stay looking good, too. Make sure that you look into the various leather portfolio bags from Duluth and get the one that you like the most as soon as possible. The quicker you purchase it the sooner you can start using it.

If you know an art student or another professional that uses a portfolio bag then the leather portfolio bags from Duluth Pack are you best choice for a gift idea during the holidays or for birthdays during the year. Make sure that you explain to them that they are getting an excellent item that is guaranteed for life and they will really appreciate it. Make sure that you look into the leather portfolio bags from Duluth as soon as possible and get your order in. It might just be one of the best purchase that you could ever make because it will last a long time and give you a lot of great usage.
Leather Computer Bags
Outdoor backpack

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Leather Briefcases, canvas and leather briefcase

What would be the perfect gift to give to the business man or woman on your shopping list? What about the college student who majored in law or business and just graduated? Perhaps a gift for a spouse who just received a promotion to Vice President? The perfect item to get them would be a leather briefcase. As they venture off to the corporate world or up the corporate ladder, they will be needing a briefcase to carry all their important documents and what better way to make a statement then with a leather document briefcase.

Why buy a leather briefcase? For starters leather is a very durable soft material that can withstand the elements of mother nature, bumping, dropping and scuffing and still look great. A leather briefcase is very stylish, and will compliment any man or woman's executive wardrobe. The time and quality of workmanship of the people that manufacture leather goods stand behind their products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Leather briefcases are available in black and brown, and the inside of the case are generally lined with a soft material. And finally, if you buy a leather briefcase, chances are you will wear out before your canvas and leather briefcase does.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Canvas Fanny Packs

Canvas fanny packs are one of the most useful inventions. Instead of checking your pockets for items, you have all your items in one place. It can be worn above or under your shirt, if you do not want to be that obvious and call attention to yourself. The leather is quite durable and will take a lot of abuse.

They are a great place to carry items that you want quick access to on a hiking trip. When bicycling they can carry your patches and tire gauge or CO2 canister . The same can be said when on a motorcycle. You can always stick a cell phone in the larger pocket. It is not in your way and you can access cash or keys quickly without adding something bulky to your body. There are many compartments and the canvas fanny packs are well worth the investment. In fact you should always have some tucked away for gifts or just in case you need another one.

This is one of the many items that come in handy when outdoors. If you are going on a vacation by plane the leather fanny packs are a must for traveling around a strange city.

Watch a video on making an outdoor canvas backpack

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leather backpacks, Canvas backpacks, Outdoor backpacks

Leather And Canvas outdoor backpacks
The leather and canvas packs from Duluth make great gift ideas. If you know someone who has to carry a lot around with them, then you will want to consider getting them one of the leather and canvas packs from Duluth. These are sturdy and durable and will last them a very long time. Make sure that you let them know that they are backed by a lifetime guarantee, which makes these products even more desirable. With the leather and canvas packs from Duluth you will find a wide selection to choose from.

When you are getting leather backpacks and canvas backpacks for your friends and relatives on your gift list, don’t forget to get yourself one. You can use it to carry any items that you need to. Make it a beach bag for when you visit the beach. There are so many uses for the leather and canvas packs that you will enjoy it for many different reasons. Be sure to visit the Duluth website and see all the different leather and canvas packs they offer, then order them as soon as possible. You are sure to be very happy with all your purchases from Duluth for many years to come.

Outdoor backpacks video
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canvas and Leather Camera Bags

A canvas and leather camera bag is one of the best investments you can make to protect your camera. While they may be more expensive than nylon bags, a leather camera bag will outlast even the most rugged of synthetic materials. Leather is naturally waterproof and tear resistant. Scratches and scuffs just add character to the outdoor look, and don't detract at all from the usability of the bag.
Leather bags come in a variety of sizes, for everyone from the amateur who just wants to carry a point and shoot digital to the professional who has several cameras and lenses to tote around. Various models of the leather bags are available which have different features. For example, there are a variety of bags which have pockets, both interior and exterior. Holders for memory cards, extra batteries, film holders, and even straps to accommodate a tripod are available on most models. Zip tops, Velcro tops, and fold over tops are some of the options.
Shoulder bags have durable straps to carry a heavy load. Some models are styled like backpacks for easy portability. Canvas and leather SLR Camera Case.
Leather camera bags come in several different colors, from shades of tan and brown to black. You will be certain to find a leather camera bag which fits your personality and photography style.

Point and Shoot Camera Case

Monday, November 9, 2009

Canvas and leather portfolio shoulder bags

One of the greatest leather Shoulder Bags is the Safari Portfolio shoulder bag. The Safari portfolio shoulder bag is made in USA and is guaranteed to last you for life. The Safari Portfolio shoulder bag is only $120.00, that is on average. Colors to choose from include Black, Burgundy, Khaki, Navy, and an olive shade.You can be out on the fly at any second when you own the portfolio shoulder bag. Created hard and sturdy like its Safari brothers and sisters, the Safari Portfolio bag is ready to go at any minute. All leather Shoulder Bags from its line includes internal pockets for passports and other accessories. A huge inner compartment also fits books, notes, and journals. The Safari comfortably fits on the shoulders with a luxury strap.
Leather Shoulder Bags like the Serengeti Deluxe Book Bag are just phenomenal. This item would be located on the same page as the Safari. This is on of the leather Shoulder Bags that is a little more expensive, it runs about 170.00. Colors range from green to blue to grey. The Serengeti Deluxe Book Bag suites all of your needs no matter what they are. This Serengeti leather is as tough as nails, suitable for a motorcycle rider, yet as soft as a pillow, suitable for exactly that a pillow. This is a leather bag that has an internal slip pocket plus pen compartment.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leather Messenger Bags Canvas Messenger Bags

A leather messenger bag is quite a great investment when you purchase it from Duluth pack. You can use it to keep many different things organized for you and it is very durable so it will last you a very long time. You should visit the Duluth website to see the different styles. Keep in mind, when you purchase a leather messenger from Duluth you will be getting a lifetime guarantee. It is made of the finest materials and crafted to perfection. Knowing an item has a lifetime guarantee makes it more attractive than other items of the same type from another company.

Because the leather messenger bags from Duluth are so appealing, they also make great gift idea items for other people that you might know. Consider that when you need to find something for someone that you know. Check the different styles from Duluth and you will be sure to find something that will please you. If you do give the item as a gift always tell the person that there is the lifetime guarantee. That way they will really appreciate that you gave them such a usable and durable gift. It will make a huge difference, so be sure that you look into the leather messenger bag from Duluth and order yours today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leather Laptop Packs and Computer Bags

Getting leather laptop packs from Duluth will be a highlight for anyone on your gift list this year. Be sure that you consider the quality that the leather laptop packs from Duluth have. It is of the highest quality and they are guaranteed for life. When you give someone the leather laptop packs as a gift they will really appreciate it. Make sure that you do wrap it up nicely and include a very nice gift card explaining how nice this item is and be sure to express how it is guaranteed for life.

When you are purchasing a computer backpack for gifts be sure to get one for yourself. You will be making an excellent purchase. These leather laptops will be durable and last a long, long time. You can use them for more than just your laptop, too. Put other things in it, too. Leather laptop packs are wonderful and you should be sure to get yours as soon as possible. Duluth offers a fine selection of them, so be sure to look into them right away and get an item that you will appreciate for a long time. The laptop bags make sense for most people and you will be one of them, too.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Leather duffels - natures resilient material

We all know the usefulness of a duffel bag, easy to tote along, easy to stuff full of all of your belongings, but what happens when that wonderful store-all happens to get wet? All of your belongings get wet too. A better choice of material, when choosing your duffel bag, would be leather.

Leather is extremely resilient, it not only is naturally water resistant, but has an incredibly long shelf life. Imagine canoeing with your belongings in your craft, and running into rough waters, it is inevitable that your belongings will get wet. With a leather duffel you could easily change into dry clothes after you've reached your destination, and damp matches make a delightful issue when you're already cold and wet.

The lasting quality of a leather duffel bag surpasses the shelf life of canvas, cotton, nylon, and many other commonly used materials for duffels. Your leather duffel can last long enough to pass down among the generations of your family yet to come. This product can be used and enjoyed again and again, and you can rest assured that it will remain efficient.

Because of the sturdy natural durability of leather, leather duffel bags are made with heavy duty zippers, brads, and buckles, making it virtually indestructible. A leather duffel is a definite worthwhile investment, rather than having to replace your bags yearly.

canvas duffel bag

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leather Belts Made in the USA

Beautiful and time tested are leather products in the fashion world. Leather is sleek and strong and holds a history for the working smiths of our country. The leather belt has been around for what seems like forever, but the pioneers made it famed in the realm of fashion. The strength of a man's belt at one time in history might have been the determining factor in his safety on the job. Mill workers and men of all construction industries throughout history would utilize the leather belt's strength and durability to allow them to "hang on" in sticky situations and to also carry tools that were much needed. For there workers, not having to make an extra trip for more tools. allowed them to get the job done faster and more efficiently. A staple of not only style, but also innovation is the leather belt. It is and has always been a multipurpose aspect of any wardrobe.

Made in the U.S.A. is always the way to go, and buying your leather belt this way is no different. A leather smith from home can craft you a finely made and functional piece of our history and also a artful accessory. Don't accept cheap imitations from shady foreign importers, get the real thing, a striking and durable leather belts that will last you and generations to come.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leather Wallets Made in the USA

A leather wallet is a necessity for a man. It becomes something they carry every single day. When you are looking for a lifetime guaranteed leather wallet you should consider purchasing one from Duluth. This leather wallet will last forever because it is made with the finest quality. Be sure to consider getting a leather wallet from Duluth.

Made with the finest quality, these leather wallets come in different styles. They are priced at a reasonable rate and will make for a great purchase decision. A leather wallet is an investment that will pay off many years into the future. It will last long and look well as you use it.

For a great gift idea for a special man in your life a leather wallet can be the ideal idea. Put some bills inside it, too and give it to him for a special occasion anytime of the year. Make sure that you wrap it in nice paper and include a special gift card that says how important he is to you. He will really appreciate getting a leather wallet for a gift. This leather wallet from Duluth will especially please him because it is one that is guaranteed for life. He will know that he will get plenty of good use out of it. In one word he will be very grateful when he sees a leather wallet from Duluth on his special day. Make him happy and order one today so that on the next special occasion you can give it to him.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Men's Hiking, Paddling & Camping Pants

Pants for the Outdoorsman

If you are a man that enjoys to hike, paddle, and camp you have probably ruined your fair share of pants. If you are the significant other of a man that enjoy to hike, paddle, and camp you have probably mended your fair share of pants! This seemingly never-ending cycle of buying pants, destroying them while enjoying outdoor activities, and then attempting to fix them just to promptly ruin them again does not have to continue. Quality men's hiking, paddling, and camping pants are built to withstand the abuse that they undergo while worn doing various outdoor activities. A quality company will offer these types of pants with a lifetime guarantee since these types of pants really are meant to last your lifetime. That is the difference between regular pants and jeans that you buy off the rack and quality men's pants made, designed, and marketed for hiking, paddling, and camping. If you want to enjoy your outdoor activities without constantly being worried of tearing the crotch, ripping out the knees, or otherwise destroying your pants you need to look for pants that are designed for the types of activities that you enjoy participating in and leave the other pants to be worn casually or at the workplace.

Here are some great hunting pants too.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living Off Nature? Keep A Water Reservoir Or Container Available

Life in the wild! Living off the land! Becoming one with nature! We need to go back to nature and we desperately need to learn how to survive in the wild.

Whatever the reason, you're headed into the mountains or the countryside to live and co-mingle with nature. Everything you need is available and it’s available to you free of charge.

Learning how to survive from natures plentiful bounty is something everyone should do. Remember, ‘The world is the Lords and the fullness thereof and everything therein‘. And guess what? God has given it to us free of charge. The land will provide our every need. Prepare to unite with nature by having the necessary tools.

One of the basic tools needed when going back to nature is a water reservoir or container. Living off the land with it's bountiful harvest provides the water. You just need a container to keep it in while traveling until the next stream or lake is in the distance.
Enamel Bucket
Unbottle 70

There will be times during your hikes or travel you will not have the water necessary to keep you nourished. These are the times when you need that little water pack available with water to quench your thirst. Water reservoirs can be life saving.

Humans can survive for days without food, but only twenty four hours without water. Having at least two quarts of water available daily per person is imperative. Make sure when you are living off the land, you have the tools necessary to keep you going.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

stainless steel water bottles, bpa free water bottles

Rugged, durable - not something you usually think when you think of re-usable water bottles. These are a great new replacement for old fashioned canteens, or great for picnics and recreation. It's very important to stay hydrated, and there are times when you need to be sure that your water bottle will hold up. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean and hard to break. It will be a long time before you need to replace it, with its rugged steel construction and enamel finish. It has a wide mouth and twist off cap with a big loop to attach to your baggage, or yourself. There are times when you need to be sure you have enough drinking water on hand, and at 18 ounces, this is a good capacity but not too cumbersome for hiking and long walks. It comes in a good selection of colors, too; green, blue, pink, black brown, orange, or plain stainless steel water bottle, so if there's more than one of these around, it won't get mixed up with anyone else's in a pack. Just throw it in and go about your business. Much more durable than plastic, so you won't be adding to the non-degradable junk heap with any more disposable stuff.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Camping Water Filtration systems

Camping is a time honored, family bonding tradition. Whether you are at a campground or simply out in the wilderness, clean water is a must have. Bottled water can only last a certain period of time and in a lot of campgrounds, well the water is not very good for drinking. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to purify water when you are enjoying a camping adventure.

The most popular way to purify water is to boil it. If you have access to a stream or want to be safe by purifying the water at your campground, boiling the water kills any kind of bacteria that may be present in the water. One way is with stagnant water. Filter the water with a makeshift filter. Use an old piece of cloth or pants and run the water through the filter for about 10 minutes. Then boil it. This will kill and remove the algae and bacteria. When boiling the water, bring to a boil and once you see a little visible evaporation then the water should be safe to drink.

It doesn't hurt to be safe when you are at a campground but everybody has been to a camping park where the water there is just not suitable for drinking and just bearable for bathing. Using a camping water filtration system is just a surefire way to make sure that the contaminants have been eradicated.

Katadyn Water Purifier Tablets

water purification camping, camping water filter and treatment

Many people expect that when they go camping the water will be pure and natural. This is typically not the case. Most natural water sources are polluted and you don't want to drink dirty unfiltered water. This can lead to ingesting bacteria, parasites, and other harmful impurities. Using a water filter for camping will ensure the quality and cleanliness of your drinking water. This is a very important step in the camping process which can help to keep you and your family from becoming very sick. No one wants a camping trip ruined because everyone drank contaminated water.

A water filter for camping is easily portable and simple to use. This is a convenient way to guarantee the safety of the water that you drink while outdoors. A water filter should be well made and well tested. Doing a little research into the company that you purchase a water filter from can go a long way towards guaranteeing the quality of a camping water filter that you purchase. This is a very important camping accessory that can keep you and your family safe and healthy. The natural water sources that we all use when camping contain many pollutants and sometimes harmful chemicals that can make us very sick. Using a high quality water filter can keep these dangerous materials out of our systems and make camping a safe, fun activity again.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

camping knive sheaths

A knife sheath is very important when it comes to camping. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs but their most important task is to help protect the knife. A knife is very essential when it comes to camping especially if you are out in the woods. They are needed for everything from eating to cutting ropes and branches. When the knife is not being used, it is the sheath that keeps it stored and protected.

Majority of knife sheaths are made of some kind of durable leather. There are some that are made of cheaper material but mostly it is some kind of leather. Ballistic nylon has become very popular as knife sheath material. When looking to purchase a sheath you always want to make sure that there is some kind of metal protection at the tip. These are for preventing the knife tip from poking through. This is obviouly for your safety.

The newest innovation in knife sheaths is the use of Kydex plastic. This high grade, durable material is known for not having any staps or fasteners and it wont compromise its grip no matter how long you use it. It also does not retain moisture. As a matter of fact, most knife companies are using Kydex as sheaths for their products.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Waxed Canvas and Leather Gun Cases.

So you just went out and spent upwards of a thousand dollars on a shiny new shotgun. You brought the gun home in its box and once you got it there you hung it proudly on the wall to display along with your grandfather's World War Two rifle. With the light shining on them up there they look just as good as you had imagined they would together. Sometime, though, you're going to want to move those guns and you can't just throw them in any old carrying case. That wouldn't do them justice. What you need is a waxed canvas or leather gun case from Duluth Pack.

These cases are the epitome of luxury for your treasured firearm and not only will they compliment your weapon, but they will do it with a lifetime guarantee. The Deluth Pack company has been producing goods since 1882 and all of their leather and canvas gun cases are handmade in the United States and carry the guarantee for life. Their premium canvas shotgun cases are made from the finest, most durable materials and promise to give you a lifetime of use. The canvas rifle case also lives up to the standards the Deluth Pack company has continually achieved for nearly one hundred and fifty years. If canvas isn't the style you're looking for then upgrade to the leather carrying cases. The leather shotgun and rifle cases come in a soft and supple brown leather and are truly the pinnacle of transportation for your firearms.

So, whether you are going to be sloshing through wetlands to get to your duck blinds, or wading through prairie grass, or just showing off for a friend, the different choices of canvas or leather gun cases by the Deluth Pack company are the right fit for you. They are the right quality for the right price, made in the United States of America, every time.

Floating gun case video

Thursday, October 15, 2009

floating gun cases

Duluth Pack floating shotgun cases are a must have for any serious hunter. These fabulous genuine leather or canvas cases are guaranteed for life and proudly claim to be made in the United States.

Duluth Pack has been proudly serving its customers since 1882. Fine crafted leather packs and bags that are guaranteed to withstand the rugged lifestyle of the outdoorsman. These bags are crafted in the U.S. and remain a staple for those who love the outdoors.

Duluth offers a choice of shotgun style cases or cases made for pistols. These cases are built to last and the canvas cases are even guaranteed to float. With seven current styles to choose from, you will be able to purchase a gun case that is to your distinct taste. There are three styles of shotgun cases, three pistol cases and a fabulous shotgun breakdown case to choose from. Prices are reasonable and are based upon the type of material that is chosen for the case.

Duluth pack offers many products that are crafted from leather and canvas. There are several styles of outdoor backpacks to beautifully tooled briefcases to choose from. This company has, for over one hundred years, prided itself on its ability to craft sturdy and durable leather goods. Duluth introduced its canvas line in 1940 and has since perfected the use of canvas for their packs.

While shopping for your gun case you can browse around the Duluth site for many other products you may need for your hunting trip. Duluth offers a variety of other items from snow shoes to cabin supplies.
Floating Gun Case Video

Duluth pack has succeeded for many years by selling guaranteed for life products. They continue to this day to guarantee their brand name items for life and are positive you will be completely satisfied with their purchase. It is not unusual for a Duluth pack to be passed down from generation to generation, and this can hold true for their new line of gun cases.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Waxed Canvas Pistol Rugs

Made in America is a symbol of national pride and quality when it comes to products manufactured in the United States. It is a stamp which shouts out “I am from America” and “I am good quality.”

So when you look to purchase a quality protection covering for your pistol you should look no further than the tough wearing and hand-crafted pistol rugs from Duluth Pack.

You will find that the lightweight waxed canvas pistol rug is an ideal addition to your firearm, keeping it safe and free from accidental knocks, scrapes and the weather.

The pistol rug is made up of heavy duty canvass, is fleece lined and very handy outdoor use YKK manufactured zippers that do not rust or become stuck when fastening.

There are two sizes of leather pistol rugs produced by Duluth Pack; a small sized 14 inches in length by 4 inches tall version which extends to 8 inches. This particular protector will handle a pistol that has dimensions of up to 11.75 inches.
There is also the larger pistol rug that measures 17 inches in length by 4 inches in height, but will extend to 8 inches tall. This rug will easily accept a pistol that is 15.75 inches long.

The design is made to be a part of your small or medium handgun, and does not look out of place with whatever you are wearing when you require to be carrying your firearm. A pistol rug of this caliber will help ensure that extra safety that you need while out and about, reducing the risk for any accidents.

Duluth Pack have a tradition with arms protectors that goes back to 1991 at their production location in Minnesota, but do date back to 1882 as a company, so you know you are getting a product that has a good manufacturing pedigree from the USA. On top of that the pistol pouch comes with the Duluth Pack promise of a lifetime guarantee.

Duluth take pride in all their quality assured products and state that if you return an item that is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, then they will repair that product and if it cannot be fixed satisfactorily then they will replace it with a brand new item.

Camping Knife Sharpening Systems

A sharp knife is a necessary tool for any camper. Most campers will tell you that they use their knives on almost an hourly basis and that a sharp knife is a tool that they absolutely could not live without. With such frequent use of knives avid campers will also tell you that it is nearly impossible to find a knife that will stay sharp throughout the course of an entire camping trip. This is why having a knife sharpening system for your camping trips is an absolute necessity. There's really no safe way to go camping without a sharp knife, and there's no way to keep a knife sharp, so you have to resort to sharpening your knives while you are camping when they get dull.

A variety of companies make some excellent camping knife sharpening systems. The key is to find a company that specializes in knife sharpening systems to be used while camping. When shopping around for a knife sharpening system make sure that it does not have too many moving parts that could be damaged while camping. Also ensure that it does not have any exposed sharp blades or points that could damage your camping material or have the potential to hurt you. Lastly, ensure that it is rugged and will stand up to the wear and tear it will undergo. Buck knives washita stone

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Camping Shears

Game Shears can prove to be a very valuable tool when out in the wilderness. Camping, hiking, hunting and cross country biking can all provide ample opportunity to use a good pair of camping shears. They are created to have strength and durability as well as being easily transportable.

Trimming branches to clear a path, campsite or hunting site are all good reasons to carry a pair of good quality camping shears. They can be useful to open packages, cut rope, clean fish, deer or squirrel. In case of injury they can be used to open up pants legs or sleeves, trim gauze and even remove debris.

Every outdoors man should carry a solidly constructed pair of camping shears, this would be a great gift for any hunter, avid camper or outdoors enthusiast, even fisherman and hikers and bikers will enjoy the versatility of camping shears.

Do your research when looking for durable, quality made buck knives shears. Read reviews and talk to others who may have used these products and get their thoughts on what makes a quality and lasting product. Choose American made products with pride and help reduce cheap import materials from ruining an otherwise enjoyable outdoor experience.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Camping Saws Folding Saw Hand Saw

It may not get the attention it deserves, but one of the camping items that’s sure to get a lot of use, whether you’re backpacking to your site or staying in an established camping location, is a good quality camping saw.

A saw is a handy tool to have, and if you do any amount of camping, you’ll want to have one in your pack at all times. Camping saws are great for cutting away brush when you’re setting up camp, and they’re an absolute necessity for cutting up large fallen branches or other dead wood for your camp fire.

Good camping saws are strong and lightweight, and because you’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again, it’s not a piece of equipment where you’ll want to skimp on price. Camping saws should be of solid construction, with a comfortable and sturdy, contoured handle and grip that avoids slippage. Look for a steel blade, which is resistant to corrosion.

To save on pack space, most camping saws fold or collapse, and others allow for easy dismantling. Some saws offer their own custom pouches. If the saw has a blade that can be easily replaced, it’s a good idea to pack an extra blade or two to avoid unpleasant surprises on the trail.

When chosen well, a folding saw is a tool that’s well worth having, and if you’ve never owned a camping saw, chances are you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knives, Shopping for the Right Knife

Anybody who takes the outdoor life seriously knows that the right knife is indispensable. Whether you are cutting rope, cleaning fish or game, stripping foliage from a walking stick or taking on some other task, a knife that will stay sharp, never rust and work when you need it is vital. If someone you love is involved in outdoors activities, camping knives can be a terrific gift idea. Here are some pointers.

Pocketknives are of course the most popular and versatile style of knife for outdoors enthusiasts and others. Case is the most famous pocketknife brand, and their blades can be treated as heirlooms. Buck brand knives are also well known for their reliability—liner lock models in particular are popular. Finally, also consider a full Leatherman multitool, which offers not only a number of different knives in a single device, but other useful implements handy to any outdoors person.

If you or your recipient already has a solid pocketknife, a filet camping knife can be a great choice for hunters and anglers. While a pocketknife is capable of handling these jobs, a knife specifically designed for cutting meat can make the job of processing a catch or kill much easier. Buck also manufactures top of the line filet knives, as does Bushcraft.

Check out all your knife options for the outdoors enthusiast in your life today!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Splitting Mauls and Wedges

Wood Splitting Made Easy With a Maul and Wedge
Whether camping with the family, taking an overnight hike or just splitting wood in the backyard for the fireplace, the most invaluable tool for this job is what is known as a splitting maul and its partner the wedge.

The sharp edge of the splitting maul looks like an axe, but it is wider and does not get stuck in the log as easily as an axe. Use the maul to begin a split in the log, or if the log already has a natural split, put the point of the splitting wedge into the crack and smack it with the other blunt side of the maul. This greatly reduces the stress to a body caused by the repeated swinging of the axe, and the weight of the maul is the reason for that advantage.

A maul should be dropped onto the log rather than swung like an axe, and the log is best placed on top of another log or frozen ground so the energy of the drop is not absorbed by a cushioned surface.

Another invaluable tool is called the “Handle Saver”. Its purpose is to absorb the shock caused when the maul head misses the wedge, and the wedge is hit by the handle of the maul instead. This little tool not only saves the handle from destruction but also saves the hands from the stinging pain caused by this mistake.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

camping hatchets - camping axes Grandfors

Axes and Hatchets for camping.
Camping is a wonderful way to connect with nature, your family and friends. To properly set up your campsite you will need a few pieces of equipment that make your outdoors experience more enjoyable. Two of these items are camping axes and camping hatchets.

You need a way to chop the firewood you will be needing for the camp fire, so chose your axe and hatchet carefully, taking into consideration what you need and the type of campsite you will be staying at. For a primitive camping area a good axe is essential. Most campers and/or hikers use the typical style which is a single handed striking tool. Most used for camping needs have a shorter handle then what you would use at home to chop wood for a fireplace or wood stove. An older camping axe will have a wooden handle with a bit of a curve in it for better handling, but the more modern ones have fiberglass or hard plastic handles. Another benefit of buying an axe that is made especially for camping is that they are made in various sizes to fit your needs and for your comfort. Normally a camp axe is less then eleven inches long so it is easier to carry. You won't be able to fall large trees with it but it should work great to cut smaller pieces of wood for the fire, or to remove any dead brush that is in the way of your campsite. Another type of camping axe that is used somewhat less is called an ice grandfors axe. These types are used most for giving you a better hold when climbing up icy surfaces. The blade is thin and pointed at the end.

A camping hatchet is nearly the same as a camping axe. They are used for chopping wood or cutting away brush. They can also be used for butchering small animal carcasses if needed. Some hatchets have a sharp side and a blunt side which comes in handy for knocking the tent pegs into the ground.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hammocks & Cots

When shopping for hammocks and cots, you'll want to get high quality items that will last generations. Hammocks and cots are camping and outdoor items that can be used for a variety of purposes. They need to withstand the cold weather, rain and winds. They can serve the purpose of relaxing in the backyard to hanging out in the woods. Although these items are usually created for individuals camping out, it can also be used for the whole family. Either way, it is important to choose hammocks and cots made in a high quality manner. While it may be more expensive to purchase high quality, it is worth it in the long run.

Kids tend to play rough, so you'll need a hammock or cot with durable material if they will be using it. Rugged material also guarantees the safety of the person or persons using the item. Durable material ensures that the child or adult using the cot or hammock will not fall off due to a tear in the material. The high quality structure will not break and can withstand people of various weights. It can also be passed down to children as they grow older. By doing this, it also has the added eco-friendly effect of keeping cheap quality hammocks and cots out of our landfills. These are made to last not just one lifetime, but several. camping hammock, camping cot

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping Pillows and compressible pillows

Camping Pillows
Pillows are used to support your neck when sleeping. You notice that pillows are also used as couch decorations or as blown out of proportion pillows sometimes called bean bags which are not really pillows anymore. Pillows as support for your neck were intended to take the stress out of your spine by evening out the reclining angle when laying flat on a bed. Most people toss and turn because their pillow is not made to support their neck but props up their head which lets them wake up with a headache.
The most natural pillow that fits snug around your neck and evens the angle between your body and your head is a goose down camping pillow, and the only people who know how to make them are the Swiss. In the United States, you are better off buying a rolled corduroy covered rubber foam filled pillow. Most of them are labelled hypo-allergenic and they are non-collapsible. However, most people buy pillows stuffed with Styrofoams of various thicknesses or cotton pillows mixed with synthetic materials.
A quality pillow should have an inner pillowcase that can be removed with a zipper to be washed occasionally. The molding should be firm but not rigid. A rolled pillow used with a normal pillow will make your sleeping more relaxing. compressible pillow

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kids Sleeping Bags

Kids Sleeping Bags

Kids love to go camping and parents want to make sure that their children are protected from the elements. Choosing the right sleeping bag for your child is an important decision. First you need to check the temperature or comfort rating. This will tell you what temperature the sleeping bag is suitable for. Another important factor is the insulation. You need to be sure that you are choosing a sleeping bag with good quality insulation and not made with chap materials. This will help to ensure the quality of the product and can make a big difference on how durable the sleeping bag will be. Another important factor is the size and weight of the bag. It needs to be warm and sturdy, but light enough for a child to be able to easily carry.

The quality of a sleeping bag for your child is very important. A properly made sleeping bag can be used for many years and passed down to other children for a lifetime of use. A well crafted sleeping bag should have a lifetime guarantee, and be made using only the best materials. A sleeping bag for a child needs to be comfortable and also rugged. Keeping your child safe and protected while they are camping is important for any parent. Make sure that you choose a quality sleeping bag made of sturdy materials and guaranteed to be a quality product. This will help to make sure that your child enjoys the experience of camping, and you can rest assured knowing that they are protected. Kids Sleeping Bags can be purchased at

Friday, September 25, 2009

Warm Weather Synthetic Sleeping Bags

30+ Degree Synthetic Bags

If you love to camp or go hiking then you must invest into a Duluth Pack.
Their 30+ degree synthetic bags are a must have for any outdoor activity. The Duluth Pack is made by an American company with over one hundred twenty five years of experience creating bags and packs for outdoor use. Originally these packs were designed for trappers and hunters but now everyone who loves to be outdoors can benefit from using them.

Made with true American quality, these 30+ degree warm weather synthetic sleeping bags can be passed down from one generation to the next. Unlike their cheap imported counterparts there will be no need to take up landfill space with these bags. They are solid and sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Prices are a little higher then comparative imports but the guarantee and quality you receive makes up for the very small price difference.

These high quality bags are guaranteed for life. The 30+ degree synthetic bags are very durable and can accommodate any outdoor activity. To this day these bags are produced in Minnesota where they originated from in 1882.

With the holidays approaching what could be a better gift for the outdoorsman on your Christmas list. Quality, style and reliability all wrapped up into a nice present.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Down Sleeping Bags

Every camper needs a quality sleeping bag. If you are going to go on a camping trip do not even check out your local discount retail store. They may carry some sleeping bags, but the sleeping bags that you will find there are barely acceptable for children to use for sleepover parties. If you are an avid camper or are going to be camping very often, you need a quality product. Down bags are as warm as you can get, so these should be the first types of bags that you look for. Check the bags to ensure that they have at least a zero to thirty degree rating. This means that they will keep you warm and safe all the way down to temperatures as cold as thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you are not planning on going on a camping trip in which the weather will get this cold, this is a good sleeping bag to have because it is very versatile. If you are going to go on a camping trip in which the weather will be fairly warm you can always unzip the sleeping bag and use it as a blanket to keep you warm instead of a tent. This rectifies the need for a warm weather and cold weather sleeping bag.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cold weather Sleeping Bags

0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags
So your looking at the 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags, well there are a total of six Duluth types. The most basic type is the Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag it is the cheapest of the 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags priced at $99.00. The Trestles 15 sleeping bag is fully featured with insulation that functions properly even in cold and wet conditions. The insulation is Spiralfil high loft insulation Spiralfil high loft insulation. This is perfect for trekking, backpacking , and mountaineering. It is available in x-widefit. The Trestles 15 sleeping bag has the classic Trapezoidal footbox to assure maximum foot room. The main question with 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags is where is the hood draw chord, so when fumbling around at night how hard will it be to get into bed. The Marmot has its hood draw chord positioned for easy access.
Zipper guards on this and only a few other 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags help repel biting zipper coils. The zipper guard is not single; the Marmot comes with dual zippers and zipper guards. On top of the zipper andzipper guard the Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag has a velcro close at the headpiece to stop bugs from coming in. The bottom line is this cheap model let alone the more expensive cold weather sleeping Bags will keep you safe, warm and dry in the worst possible conditions.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bivy Sacks

Bivy Sacks
If you are a person who likes to backpack, climb, or camp, a bivy sack may be the perfect solution for your overnight needs. It is also known as a bivouac sack, bivi or bivy bag, or bivy. People in the armed services find the use of a bivy sack to be ideal for their needs as it is so lightweight to tote. It is also an asset for people who are “minimalist campers” or to keep for emergency weather protection.

What is a bivy sack? It is a small, compact sleeping bag or roll with an opening for the head. Many models also come with a full-length zipper. Other models are a nylon shell to place around your sleeping bag. A bivy sack has two layers of nylon coated with urethane and “waterproof and breathable laminate” to give the user added protection from the elements.

The drawback is that the user must be willing to sleep compactly for it will not allow you to spread out or sprawl. The positives are that it is extremely lightweight to carry and store, it is waterproof, and it gives the user an increased “warming capacity by approximately ten degrees.”

People who regularly use a bivy sack are thrilled with having camping gear that is rugged, guaranteed for life, and a sleeping solution upon which they can confidently rely.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fuel Bottles for Campers

Campers choose to carry fuel with them for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the fuel that campers carry is to power equipment that they will be using while on their trip. Given that most camping trips are accompanied by at least one camp fire, and fuel is highly flammable, it is important to ensure that the fuel is kept in a safe place and in a safe container. The best way to do this is to keep the fuel that you are taking with you in a fuel bottle.

Fuel bottles are designed specifically to be used by people who intend to take the fuel outdoors and in hazardous conditions. Taking this simple measure to keep your fuel in fuel bottles can result in a happy, safe camping trip for everyone involved. When shopping for fuel bottles ensure that you are purchasing a quality product that is intended for use my campers, hikers, and people that partake in rustic outdoor activities. Check the seal around the opening of the fuel bottle and make sure that no fuel could possibly leak out of the opening. Lastly, make sure that the fuel bottle is a size that you could comfortably and safely carry with you, since a fuel bottle that you cannot keep with you is an entirely useless fuel bottle.