Friday, October 16, 2009

Waxed Canvas and Leather Gun Cases.

So you just went out and spent upwards of a thousand dollars on a shiny new shotgun. You brought the gun home in its box and once you got it there you hung it proudly on the wall to display along with your grandfather's World War Two rifle. With the light shining on them up there they look just as good as you had imagined they would together. Sometime, though, you're going to want to move those guns and you can't just throw them in any old carrying case. That wouldn't do them justice. What you need is a waxed canvas or leather gun case from Duluth Pack.

These cases are the epitome of luxury for your treasured firearm and not only will they compliment your weapon, but they will do it with a lifetime guarantee. The Deluth Pack company has been producing goods since 1882 and all of their leather and canvas gun cases are handmade in the United States and carry the guarantee for life. Their premium canvas shotgun cases are made from the finest, most durable materials and promise to give you a lifetime of use. The canvas rifle case also lives up to the standards the Deluth Pack company has continually achieved for nearly one hundred and fifty years. If canvas isn't the style you're looking for then upgrade to the leather carrying cases. The leather shotgun and rifle cases come in a soft and supple brown leather and are truly the pinnacle of transportation for your firearms.

So, whether you are going to be sloshing through wetlands to get to your duck blinds, or wading through prairie grass, or just showing off for a friend, the different choices of canvas or leather gun cases by the Deluth Pack company are the right fit for you. They are the right quality for the right price, made in the United States of America, every time.

Floating gun case video

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