Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Waxed Canvas Pistol Rugs

Made in America is a symbol of national pride and quality when it comes to products manufactured in the United States. It is a stamp which shouts out “I am from America” and “I am good quality.”

So when you look to purchase a quality protection covering for your pistol you should look no further than the tough wearing and hand-crafted pistol rugs from Duluth Pack.

You will find that the lightweight waxed canvas pistol rug is an ideal addition to your firearm, keeping it safe and free from accidental knocks, scrapes and the weather.

The pistol rug is made up of heavy duty canvass, is fleece lined and very handy outdoor use YKK manufactured zippers that do not rust or become stuck when fastening.

There are two sizes of leather pistol rugs produced by Duluth Pack; a small sized 14 inches in length by 4 inches tall version which extends to 8 inches. This particular protector will handle a pistol that has dimensions of up to 11.75 inches.
There is also the larger pistol rug that measures 17 inches in length by 4 inches in height, but will extend to 8 inches tall. This rug will easily accept a pistol that is 15.75 inches long.

The design is made to be a part of your small or medium handgun, and does not look out of place with whatever you are wearing when you require to be carrying your firearm. A pistol rug of this caliber will help ensure that extra safety that you need while out and about, reducing the risk for any accidents.

Duluth Pack have a tradition with arms protectors that goes back to 1991 at their production location in Minnesota, but do date back to 1882 as a company, so you know you are getting a product that has a good manufacturing pedigree from the USA. On top of that the pistol pouch comes with the Duluth Pack promise of a lifetime guarantee.

Duluth take pride in all their quality assured products and state that if you return an item that is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, then they will repair that product and if it cannot be fixed satisfactorily then they will replace it with a brand new item.

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