Monday, October 5, 2009

camping hatchets - camping axes Grandfors

Axes and Hatchets for camping.
Camping is a wonderful way to connect with nature, your family and friends. To properly set up your campsite you will need a few pieces of equipment that make your outdoors experience more enjoyable. Two of these items are camping axes and camping hatchets.

You need a way to chop the firewood you will be needing for the camp fire, so chose your axe and hatchet carefully, taking into consideration what you need and the type of campsite you will be staying at. For a primitive camping area a good axe is essential. Most campers and/or hikers use the typical style which is a single handed striking tool. Most used for camping needs have a shorter handle then what you would use at home to chop wood for a fireplace or wood stove. An older camping axe will have a wooden handle with a bit of a curve in it for better handling, but the more modern ones have fiberglass or hard plastic handles. Another benefit of buying an axe that is made especially for camping is that they are made in various sizes to fit your needs and for your comfort. Normally a camp axe is less then eleven inches long so it is easier to carry. You won't be able to fall large trees with it but it should work great to cut smaller pieces of wood for the fire, or to remove any dead brush that is in the way of your campsite. Another type of camping axe that is used somewhat less is called an ice grandfors axe. These types are used most for giving you a better hold when climbing up icy surfaces. The blade is thin and pointed at the end.

A camping hatchet is nearly the same as a camping axe. They are used for chopping wood or cutting away brush. They can also be used for butchering small animal carcasses if needed. Some hatchets have a sharp side and a blunt side which comes in handy for knocking the tent pegs into the ground.

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