Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sportsmans Kit Bag

As the United States struggles to emerge from a long recession, spending patterns of the American consumer, which now seek quality and durability over price may endure. After all, why buy something if it is going to fall apart anyway? If you are considering buying an outdoor camping pack, or even if you want a quality tackle box or book bag that will last for years, then consider giving a look at the line of products that are offered by Duluth Pack. Duluth Pack takes pride in the fact that their products are meant to last a lifetime, and they back up this claim with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for sturdy utility bag, then consider Duluth Pack's line of deluxe shell bags which are priced around $80. These bags were actually designed 90 years ago for a variety of sports that use riffles. Today, their durability and strength is prized by those who want a hand bag or utility bag that can be used for any type of activity. Professional scientists such as geologists and naturalists, who work in the out of doors, enjoy using this bag which has a sturdy leather bottom, in addition to a variety of inside pockets and zippers. If you plan on making a good number of camping or hiking trips over your lifetime, then I would highly recommend that you consider a quality item made by Duluth Pack, which has been in the business for decades and knows utility bags inside and out.
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Leather Passport Wallet

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Canvas Document Brief

If you frequently need to carry a lot of paperwork in an orderly, compact fashion, but don't have enough stuff to require lugging around a full sized portfolio or briefcase, this canvas document brief is an excellent way to keep things neat, clean, and dry. This is a large legal sized pouch with a zipper closure across the full length of the top. This big canvas envelope has leather stress points for super durability. Extremely handsome and distinctive, the high quality canvas portion of the brief is made in a range of colors that are distinctive and tasteful; black, burgundy, spruce, olive drab, khaki, and navy. All colors are nicely offset by the substantial leather binding in dark brown. Works with casual or business attire, or work wear, and will last a long time. When you need to keep organized, and keep your work clean and dry, this canvas brief is a good choice. It also works well as an accessory with other packs and briefcases, so you won't have to search through everything to find important papers. Great on the road, or at the work site - this is top quality, and made in the USA. Reasonably priced for the quality you're getting, so you won't be afraid to use it every day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Leather Document Briefs Made in the USA

Leather document briefs made in the usa are very versatile and stylish. When you purchase the leather document briefs you may want to get more than one. You will find that they are made very well and offer a lifetime guarantee with them. Be sure that you choose from the different styles and find the one that you like the most. You can use the leather document briefs for a variety of things, so make sure that you get one as soon as you can and see how organized you will be when you use it.

The leather document briefs also make a great gift item for just about anyone on your list this year. You can give them to business people, students and even just people that need to keep their things organized. Because it is guaranteed for life it will make a gift that will last them a very long time and that they can use over and over again. Make sure that you consider getting the leather document briefs from Duluth this year so that you can give them to people on special occasions. They will really love them. You will, too. So be sure to get yourself one, too and see how much you will appreciate it.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leather Portfolio Bags Made in the USA

Leather Portfolio bags from Duluth Pack are a great investment. When you get leather portfolio bags from Duluth Pack you will find a sturdy item that you can transport your most precious papers and items in. Because it is built with the finest leather you will get a lifetime guarantee when you purchase it. It will last a long time and also stay looking good, too. Make sure that you look into the various leather portfolio bags from Duluth and get the one that you like the most as soon as possible. The quicker you purchase it the sooner you can start using it.

If you know an art student or another professional that uses a portfolio bag then the leather portfolio bags from Duluth Pack are you best choice for a gift idea during the holidays or for birthdays during the year. Make sure that you explain to them that they are getting an excellent item that is guaranteed for life and they will really appreciate it. Make sure that you look into the leather portfolio bags from Duluth as soon as possible and get your order in. It might just be one of the best purchase that you could ever make because it will last a long time and give you a lot of great usage.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Leather Briefcases, canvas and leather briefcase

What would be the perfect gift to give to the business man or woman on your shopping list? What about the college student who majored in law or business and just graduated? Perhaps a gift for a spouse who just received a promotion to Vice President? The perfect item to get them would be a leather briefcase. As they venture off to the corporate world or up the corporate ladder, they will be needing a briefcase to carry all their important documents and what better way to make a statement then with a leather document briefcase.

Why buy a leather briefcase? For starters leather is a very durable soft material that can withstand the elements of mother nature, bumping, dropping and scuffing and still look great. A leather briefcase is very stylish, and will compliment any man or woman's executive wardrobe. The time and quality of workmanship of the people that manufacture leather goods stand behind their products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Leather briefcases are available in black and brown, and the inside of the case are generally lined with a soft material. And finally, if you buy a leather briefcase, chances are you will wear out before your canvas and leather briefcase does.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Canvas Fanny Packs

Canvas fanny packs are one of the most useful inventions. Instead of checking your pockets for items, you have all your items in one place. It can be worn above or under your shirt, if you do not want to be that obvious and call attention to yourself. The leather is quite durable and will take a lot of abuse.

They are a great place to carry items that you want quick access to on a hiking trip. When bicycling they can carry your patches and tire gauge or CO2 canister . The same can be said when on a motorcycle. You can always stick a cell phone in the larger pocket. It is not in your way and you can access cash or keys quickly without adding something bulky to your body. There are many compartments and the canvas fanny packs are well worth the investment. In fact you should always have some tucked away for gifts or just in case you need another one.

This is one of the many items that come in handy when outdoors. If you are going on a vacation by plane the leather fanny packs are a must for traveling around a strange city.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leather backpacks, Canvas backpacks, Outdoor backpacks

Leather And Canvas outdoor backpacks
The leather and canvas packs from Duluth make great gift ideas. If you know someone who has to carry a lot around with them, then you will want to consider getting them one of the leather and canvas packs from Duluth. These are sturdy and durable and will last them a very long time. Make sure that you let them know that they are backed by a lifetime guarantee, which makes these products even more desirable. With the leather and canvas packs from Duluth you will find a wide selection to choose from.

When you are getting leather backpacks and canvas backpacks for your friends and relatives on your gift list, don’t forget to get yourself one. You can use it to carry any items that you need to. Make it a beach bag for when you visit the beach. There are so many uses for the leather and canvas packs that you will enjoy it for many different reasons. Be sure to visit the Duluth website and see all the different leather and canvas packs they offer, then order them as soon as possible. You are sure to be very happy with all your purchases from Duluth for many years to come.

Outdoor backpacks video
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canvas and Leather Camera Bags

A canvas and leather camera bag is one of the best investments you can make to protect your camera. While they may be more expensive than nylon bags, a leather camera bag will outlast even the most rugged of synthetic materials. Leather is naturally waterproof and tear resistant. Scratches and scuffs just add character to the outdoor look, and don't detract at all from the usability of the bag.
Leather bags come in a variety of sizes, for everyone from the amateur who just wants to carry a point and shoot digital to the professional who has several cameras and lenses to tote around. Various models of the leather bags are available which have different features. For example, there are a variety of bags which have pockets, both interior and exterior. Holders for memory cards, extra batteries, film holders, and even straps to accommodate a tripod are available on most models. Zip tops, Velcro tops, and fold over tops are some of the options.
Shoulder bags have durable straps to carry a heavy load. Some models are styled like backpacks for easy portability. Canvas and leather SLR Camera Case.
Leather camera bags come in several different colors, from shades of tan and brown to black. You will be certain to find a leather camera bag which fits your personality and photography style.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Canvas and leather portfolio shoulder bags

One of the greatest leather Shoulder Bags is the Safari Portfolio shoulder bag. The Safari portfolio shoulder bag is made in USA and is guaranteed to last you for life. The Safari Portfolio shoulder bag is only $120.00, that is on average. Colors to choose from include Black, Burgundy, Khaki, Navy, and an olive shade.You can be out on the fly at any second when you own the portfolio shoulder bag. Created hard and sturdy like its Safari brothers and sisters, the Safari Portfolio bag is ready to go at any minute. All leather Shoulder Bags from its line includes internal pockets for passports and other accessories. A huge inner compartment also fits books, notes, and journals. The Safari comfortably fits on the shoulders with a luxury strap.
Leather Shoulder Bags like the Serengeti Deluxe Book Bag are just phenomenal. This item would be located on the same page as the Safari. This is on of the leather Shoulder Bags that is a little more expensive, it runs about 170.00. Colors range from green to blue to grey. The Serengeti Deluxe Book Bag suites all of your needs no matter what they are. This Serengeti leather is as tough as nails, suitable for a motorcycle rider, yet as soft as a pillow, suitable for exactly that a pillow. This is a leather bag that has an internal slip pocket plus pen compartment.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leather Messenger Bags Canvas Messenger Bags

A leather messenger bag is quite a great investment when you purchase it from Duluth pack. You can use it to keep many different things organized for you and it is very durable so it will last you a very long time. You should visit the Duluth website to see the different styles. Keep in mind, when you purchase a leather messenger from Duluth you will be getting a lifetime guarantee. It is made of the finest materials and crafted to perfection. Knowing an item has a lifetime guarantee makes it more attractive than other items of the same type from another company.

Because the leather messenger bags from Duluth are so appealing, they also make great gift idea items for other people that you might know. Consider that when you need to find something for someone that you know. Check the different styles from Duluth and you will be sure to find something that will please you. If you do give the item as a gift always tell the person that there is the lifetime guarantee. That way they will really appreciate that you gave them such a usable and durable gift. It will make a huge difference, so be sure that you look into the leather messenger bag from Duluth and order yours today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leather Laptop Packs and Computer Bags

Getting leather laptop packs from Duluth will be a highlight for anyone on your gift list this year. Be sure that you consider the quality that the leather laptop packs from Duluth have. It is of the highest quality and they are guaranteed for life. When you give someone the leather laptop packs as a gift they will really appreciate it. Make sure that you do wrap it up nicely and include a very nice gift card explaining how nice this item is and be sure to express how it is guaranteed for life.

When you are purchasing a computer backpack for gifts be sure to get one for yourself. You will be making an excellent purchase. These leather laptops will be durable and last a long, long time. You can use them for more than just your laptop, too. Put other things in it, too. Leather laptop packs are wonderful and you should be sure to get yours as soon as possible. Duluth offers a fine selection of them, so be sure to look into them right away and get an item that you will appreciate for a long time. The laptop bags make sense for most people and you will be one of them, too.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Leather duffels - natures resilient material

We all know the usefulness of a duffel bag, easy to tote along, easy to stuff full of all of your belongings, but what happens when that wonderful store-all happens to get wet? All of your belongings get wet too. A better choice of material, when choosing your duffel bag, would be leather.

Leather is extremely resilient, it not only is naturally water resistant, but has an incredibly long shelf life. Imagine canoeing with your belongings in your craft, and running into rough waters, it is inevitable that your belongings will get wet. With a leather duffel you could easily change into dry clothes after you've reached your destination, and damp matches make a delightful issue when you're already cold and wet.

The lasting quality of a leather duffel bag surpasses the shelf life of canvas, cotton, nylon, and many other commonly used materials for duffels. Your leather duffel can last long enough to pass down among the generations of your family yet to come. This product can be used and enjoyed again and again, and you can rest assured that it will remain efficient.

Because of the sturdy natural durability of leather, leather duffel bags are made with heavy duty zippers, brads, and buckles, making it virtually indestructible. A leather duffel is a definite worthwhile investment, rather than having to replace your bags yearly.

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