Friday, November 13, 2009

Canvas Fanny Packs

Canvas fanny packs are one of the most useful inventions. Instead of checking your pockets for items, you have all your items in one place. It can be worn above or under your shirt, if you do not want to be that obvious and call attention to yourself. The leather is quite durable and will take a lot of abuse.

They are a great place to carry items that you want quick access to on a hiking trip. When bicycling they can carry your patches and tire gauge or CO2 canister . The same can be said when on a motorcycle. You can always stick a cell phone in the larger pocket. It is not in your way and you can access cash or keys quickly without adding something bulky to your body. There are many compartments and the canvas fanny packs are well worth the investment. In fact you should always have some tucked away for gifts or just in case you need another one.

This is one of the many items that come in handy when outdoors. If you are going on a vacation by plane the leather fanny packs are a must for traveling around a strange city.

Watch a video on making an outdoor canvas backpack

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