Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping Pillows and compressible pillows

Camping Pillows
Pillows are used to support your neck when sleeping. You notice that pillows are also used as couch decorations or as blown out of proportion pillows sometimes called bean bags which are not really pillows anymore. Pillows as support for your neck were intended to take the stress out of your spine by evening out the reclining angle when laying flat on a bed. Most people toss and turn because their pillow is not made to support their neck but props up their head which lets them wake up with a headache.
The most natural pillow that fits snug around your neck and evens the angle between your body and your head is a goose down camping pillow, and the only people who know how to make them are the Swiss. In the United States, you are better off buying a rolled corduroy covered rubber foam filled pillow. Most of them are labelled hypo-allergenic and they are non-collapsible. However, most people buy pillows stuffed with Styrofoams of various thicknesses or cotton pillows mixed with synthetic materials.
A quality pillow should have an inner pillowcase that can be removed with a zipper to be washed occasionally. The molding should be firm but not rigid. A rolled pillow used with a normal pillow will make your sleeping more relaxing. compressible pillow

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kids Sleeping Bags

Kids Sleeping Bags

Kids love to go camping and parents want to make sure that their children are protected from the elements. Choosing the right sleeping bag for your child is an important decision. First you need to check the temperature or comfort rating. This will tell you what temperature the sleeping bag is suitable for. Another important factor is the insulation. You need to be sure that you are choosing a sleeping bag with good quality insulation and not made with chap materials. This will help to ensure the quality of the product and can make a big difference on how durable the sleeping bag will be. Another important factor is the size and weight of the bag. It needs to be warm and sturdy, but light enough for a child to be able to easily carry.

The quality of a sleeping bag for your child is very important. A properly made sleeping bag can be used for many years and passed down to other children for a lifetime of use. A well crafted sleeping bag should have a lifetime guarantee, and be made using only the best materials. A sleeping bag for a child needs to be comfortable and also rugged. Keeping your child safe and protected while they are camping is important for any parent. Make sure that you choose a quality sleeping bag made of sturdy materials and guaranteed to be a quality product. This will help to make sure that your child enjoys the experience of camping, and you can rest assured knowing that they are protected. Kids Sleeping Bags can be purchased at DuluthPack.com

Friday, September 25, 2009

Warm Weather Synthetic Sleeping Bags

30+ Degree Synthetic Bags

If you love to camp or go hiking then you must invest into a Duluth Pack.
Their 30+ degree synthetic bags are a must have for any outdoor activity. The Duluth Pack is made by an American company with over one hundred twenty five years of experience creating bags and packs for outdoor use. Originally these packs were designed for trappers and hunters but now everyone who loves to be outdoors can benefit from using them.

Made with true American quality, these 30+ degree warm weather synthetic sleeping bags can be passed down from one generation to the next. Unlike their cheap imported counterparts there will be no need to take up landfill space with these bags. They are solid and sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Prices are a little higher then comparative imports but the guarantee and quality you receive makes up for the very small price difference.

These high quality bags are guaranteed for life. The 30+ degree synthetic bags are very durable and can accommodate any outdoor activity. To this day these bags are produced in Minnesota where they originated from in 1882.

With the holidays approaching what could be a better gift for the outdoorsman on your Christmas list. Quality, style and reliability all wrapped up into a nice present.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Down Sleeping Bags

Every camper needs a quality sleeping bag. If you are going to go on a camping trip do not even check out your local discount retail store. They may carry some sleeping bags, but the sleeping bags that you will find there are barely acceptable for children to use for sleepover parties. If you are an avid camper or are going to be camping very often, you need a quality product. Down bags are as warm as you can get, so these should be the first types of bags that you look for. Check the bags to ensure that they have at least a zero to thirty degree rating. This means that they will keep you warm and safe all the way down to temperatures as cold as thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you are not planning on going on a camping trip in which the weather will get this cold, this is a good sleeping bag to have because it is very versatile. If you are going to go on a camping trip in which the weather will be fairly warm you can always unzip the sleeping bag and use it as a blanket to keep you warm instead of a tent. This rectifies the need for a warm weather and cold weather sleeping bag.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cold weather Sleeping Bags

0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags
So your looking at the 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags, well there are a total of six Duluth types. The most basic type is the Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag it is the cheapest of the 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags priced at $99.00. The Trestles 15 sleeping bag is fully featured with insulation that functions properly even in cold and wet conditions. The insulation is Spiralfil high loft insulation Spiralfil high loft insulation. This is perfect for trekking, backpacking , and mountaineering. It is available in x-widefit. The Trestles 15 sleeping bag has the classic Trapezoidal footbox to assure maximum foot room. The main question with 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags is where is the hood draw chord, so when fumbling around at night how hard will it be to get into bed. The Marmot has its hood draw chord positioned for easy access.
Zipper guards on this and only a few other 0 to 30 Degree Synthetic Bags help repel biting zipper coils. The zipper guard is not single; the Marmot comes with dual zippers and zipper guards. On top of the zipper andzipper guard the Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag has a velcro close at the headpiece to stop bugs from coming in. The bottom line is this cheap model let alone the more expensive cold weather sleeping Bags will keep you safe, warm and dry in the worst possible conditions.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bivy Sacks

Bivy Sacks
If you are a person who likes to backpack, climb, or camp, a bivy sack may be the perfect solution for your overnight needs. It is also known as a bivouac sack, bivi or bivy bag, or bivy. People in the armed services find the use of a bivy sack to be ideal for their needs as it is so lightweight to tote. It is also an asset for people who are “minimalist campers” or to keep for emergency weather protection.

What is a bivy sack? It is a small, compact sleeping bag or roll with an opening for the head. Many models also come with a full-length zipper. Other models are a nylon shell to place around your sleeping bag. A bivy sack has two layers of nylon coated with urethane and “waterproof and breathable laminate” to give the user added protection from the elements.

The drawback is that the user must be willing to sleep compactly for it will not allow you to spread out or sprawl. The positives are that it is extremely lightweight to carry and store, it is waterproof, and it gives the user an increased “warming capacity by approximately ten degrees.”

People who regularly use a bivy sack are thrilled with having camping gear that is rugged, guaranteed for life, and a sleeping solution upon which they can confidently rely.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fuel Bottles for Campers

Campers choose to carry fuel with them for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the fuel that campers carry is to power equipment that they will be using while on their trip. Given that most camping trips are accompanied by at least one camp fire, and fuel is highly flammable, it is important to ensure that the fuel is kept in a safe place and in a safe container. The best way to do this is to keep the fuel that you are taking with you in a fuel bottle.

Fuel bottles are designed specifically to be used by people who intend to take the fuel outdoors and in hazardous conditions. Taking this simple measure to keep your fuel in fuel bottles can result in a happy, safe camping trip for everyone involved. When shopping for fuel bottles ensure that you are purchasing a quality product that is intended for use my campers, hikers, and people that partake in rustic outdoor activities. Check the seal around the opening of the fuel bottle and make sure that no fuel could possibly leak out of the opening. Lastly, make sure that the fuel bottle is a size that you could comfortably and safely carry with you, since a fuel bottle that you cannot keep with you is an entirely useless fuel bottle.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Benefits of Compressed Fuel Stoves

Sure, everyone wants to have the truly rugged camping experience and leave all of technology behind. After a week without real food you might start to change your mind and wish that you had the ability to cook a meal or boil some water without having to first start a fire. This is why smart campers camp with compressed fuel stoves. Compressed fuel stoves are compact enough to be easily carried so it doesn't interfere with your camping trip by weighing you down and holding you back. However, they tend to have enough cooking ability to cook a decent meal and boil a pot of water to make it safe to drink. Never, ever compromise your health and safety by drinking water that you find in the wilderness. Always boil it first to kill off any bacteria that may be living in the water. Having to build a fire and safely put it out each time that you need drinking water can get to become very inconvenient, which is another reason why many avid campers never leave home without their compressed fuel stoves. Taking a compressed fuel stove with you is the way to ensure that you always have quality food to eat and safe water to drink.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Web Data mining software

best web scraper
Finding the best web page scraper is not the hardest task. There are many good products out there, but you want to find the best web page scraper, so that you can blend ease of use with thoroughness of output. First you’re going to want to do an online search to create a list of at least ten web page scrapers that are on the market today. You can have a longer list if you like. You should then search for reviews on each scraper on your list. You should not just use reviews from one site, but you should check out the web data extraction software reviews from a couple of web sites. Once you have done this, make sure that the scraper you choose has a trial period so that if for some reason you determine that this is not the best web page scraper for you then you can get your money back and go with a better option.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Outdoor Survival Canvas tarps and Shelters

Purchasing a tarp or shelter for camping is very important. This can easily make the difference between having a pleasant camping experience or being cold, wet, and miserable. In order to chose the proper method of shelter for camping, first consider the area you will be camping in. This can make a big difference to choosing the appropriate form of shelter for your trip. Whichever type of tap or shelter you choose be sure that it is made from quality materials. Buying a cheaply made shelter will only result in problems during your trip. This will also wind up causing additional cost once you have to replace it. Make sure that you buy a tarp or shelter from a company with a good reputation and one that uses quality materials to construct their product.

It is very important for any camper to be protected from the elements when enjoying the outdoors. Using a high quality tarp or shelter on a camping trip will help to ensure the best camping experience possible. Starting by buying from a leader in camping gear is the best way to begin your next camping adventure. Look into the tarp or shelter that you are considering and make sure that the materials are sturdy and that it is a well made product. This will help to protect your investment and make sure that your camping trip is a good one.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Camping Screen Rooms

Regular Camping Trips Needs Long Lasting Gear
Families that take multiple camping trips every year quickly realize that having quality gear is crucial. If you are going to battle the elements, then a quality screen house is a must have. A quality screen house takes on even greater importance when you plan on keeping your equipment for several years.

Too many companies make products now that are meant to be disposable to cater to the consumer looking for the most affordable, not the best. Yet, spending a few extra dollars today can provide great savings in the long run. There are even some great screen houses out there that you cannot only count on lasting for years, but will be durable enough to last through generations. Imagine being able to use the screen house for all those great family camping trips, and then being able to hand that same camping screen rooms to your children as they take your grandchildren on their family camping trips.

These screen houses exist and aren't unreasonably priced. But you need to find quality companies that have been around for a long time and have a reputation for quality. Once you find these companies, then compare the price and quality over 20 years or longer as opposed to the 1 or 2 years that you would get from a cheaper, lower quality alternative.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solo Tents

Why buy inferior quality camping gear from overseas companies when you can purchase the highest quality equipment from a U.S. based company with 127 years of experience? Cheap imitations will end up in some non-descript landfill, but the solo tents and gear that you should be purchasing can be passed on from one generation to the next.

Quality solo tents are no different. When choosing camping gear, you should look for a company that has the highest quality control standards in the business. No issues with missing parts, no inferior quality craftsmanship; the items you rely on for your camping needs should be made of the best materials available. Will it cost a bit more? Probably. However, the payoff is in the fact that these items will last a lifetime. You can take that to the bank.

As a camper, you know that nature can have little or no mercy for you. When you're outdoors, you need to know you can trust your equipment. Sometimes, your life may even depend on it. The solo camping tents made by a company that’s been in business since 1882 are trusted worldwide and come with a lifetime guarantee. There is no better way to meet the needs of the most extreme camper than to have products that they can use for more than a lifetime. It’s our guarantee.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Optimus Stoves multi-fule stoves for seasoned campers

What is a Multi-Fuel Stove?

A Multi-fuel Stove is the Best Option for Avid Explorers Seasoned campers are the ones best able to explain the need for a good camping stove. Camping stoves are traditionally run on propane. However international travellers are subject to varying camp rules and regulations regarding which types of fuel are permissible. This may result in the inability to use their cooking source when most needed.

For this reason multi-fuel stoves such as the Optimus are invaluable and essential. They are versatile and can be used across the world. There is no longer the need to buy a different camping stove for every camping trip. Apart from that they are lightweight, strong and compact.

Multi-fuel stoves explained

This type of camping stove is able to burn a variety of liquid fuels other than propane such as white gas, kerosene, paraffin, diesel, jet fuel as well as Optimus’ patented arctic fuel. No matter these stoves burn hot and efficiently on whatever fuels are readily available. They give you piece of mind when setting off as your chances of finding one of the usable fuels is easier than trying to find just one specific type of fuel.

No matter whether you are heading out for a day trek or planning an extended remote kayaking trip or going to the harshest conditions on earth, you will find an Optimus stove model that will suit your requirements perfectly.

Arctic Explorers

Optimus have set the benchmark for multi-fuel stoves of today, making them a favourite amongst explorers. Their patented features have ensured reliability and ease of use under extreme conditions for many decades. When all you have between you and freezing is something hot, you can’t afford to be without one.

Optimus stoves are built for any condition and can be used on top of a white capped mountain slope just as easily as they can be used inside your tent, reliably and safely. They are able to give up to two hours burning on their highest setting and their turbine shaped legs form a stable base on any terrain.

Optimus’ unique quick priming burner means that less time is needed for full ignition to be achieved, saving both time and fuel. For instance all it takes is about 3½ minutes to boil 1 litre of water, depending on climate and altitude. The magnetic cleaning needles clean the jets while cooking while the self purging fuel line helps reduce maintenance. These two features alone mean that your stove will always be in prime working order.

Add to that the stainless steel body, aluminium pumps and brass components and you get a stove that is almost impervious to conditions and will never let your down, no matter what.

In conditions where reliability or the lack of it could mean life or death; they are the answer.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Purchasing Family Camping Tents

A family camping trip can prove to be a very memorable event. Actually, it can be memorable for being a lot of fun or it can be memorable for being a difficult venture to endure through. How well your camping experience goes will be based upon the value of the family camping tents. You will want a tent that will keep you cool in hot weather and one that will keep you warm in cold weather. Yes, the value of a tent will rest on its ability to protect its inhabitants from the elements. That means you will want family camping tents that are durable and of the highest quality. This way, you can feel confident that your camping trip will be the most beneficial one possible.

And, of course, you will also want a family camping tent that is built to last. When you purchase a tent from a manufacturer that has a solid reputation, you can feel confident that the tent will last many years and enjoy years of use. Best of all, a well produced tent will look as good in ten years that it did in when you firs bought it. Quality counts for a lot and this is a fact that should never be overlooked. Remember, even if the tent comes at a higher price, it will be a better savings than purchasing a less expensive one. When you buy cheap you often get cheap results. Why deal with such a hassle when there are excellent tents out there that can properly deliver on all your camping expectations?
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Benefits of 3-Season Tents

Everyone has fond memories of camping as a child. There is no reason to deprive yourself or your family of the joys of camping. Though inexpensive tents are available at your local discount retail store, you should really consider looking into a 3-season tent. These types of tents are far superior to the typical inexpensive tent that you find on the discount store's shelf because they tend to be rugged enough to be used year-round, excluding the extreme parts of winter. They also tend to be rugged enough to be used for rugged camping, not just campground camping. This means that you can use and abuse the tent without fear of ripping it, resulting in an unpleasantly moist sleeping area when it finally rains during your camping trip.

Duluth Pack makes an excellent Backpacks with a lifetime guarantee. This is one of the most rugged tents out there. It will definitely last you a lifetime and will likely be something that you will pass down to your children and possibly even your grandchildren. It is the type of tent that you can take with you on any camping trip and feel secure that it will keep you dry and away from the elements.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Katadyn filters

So you are interested in finding out about accessible and innovative outdoor survival equipment that the savvy outdoorsmen uses and what they are. Well, although there are many different products to chose from, below are a few great products that deserve some added recognition.

So your question is what are Katadyn filters? Simply put, these handy tools are devises that can take ordinary water and turn it into drinking water. These devices are very popular among those who enjoy the great outdoors and spend a lot of time traveling and enjoy having the convenience of being able to have access to drinking water whenever they need it.

Katadyn filters come in various designs the Katadyn Vario, the Katadyn Base Camp, the Katadyn Hiker and the Katadyn Micro are compact enough so even the avid space saver in your family can take advantage of the benefits that this water treatment device provides. The three specific different designs come in different features, so you will be sure to find the one that best suits your needs. These include the Endurance series, Backcountry series and Ultra light series.

The favorite camping water treatment filter among all people is the Backcountry Series. This device is the ideal water treatment that is a perfect fit for many hiking and camping enthusiasts. This model is not only lightweight, but can be used for up to two people. This particular model is the favorite among many avid users of drinking water treatments.

Your other question is what is Optimus stoves? These stoves are not only a handy tool for the outdoor type, but they are some of the smallest and compact stoves around. These stoves come in a variety of models, some of which are able to be folded. Their size, although small does not affect its performance. These stoves are revolutionary in their design and will make every meal worth cooking.

So now that you have learned more about some of the best outdoor products on the market you can pack your bags and look forward to having fun on your camping trip. No more worrying about where you will get water or having to carry gallons of water along your trip. You can also forget about figuring out how to make a fire to cook your food. With these products you will have a better piece of mind knowing that all you have to worry about is having fun.
These easily accessible outdoor accessories were integrated into the Katadyn organization in 2007. The original manufacter called Optimus has been in business making this universal camping equipment for over a century. So when it comes to quality and experience you can't go wrong with their products.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Leather and Canvas Business Accessories

Whether you're headed out to the Appalachian Trail for a six month adventure or traveling with your family to the local State park, you need gear that's dependable and built to last. Our rugged gear is made to survive even the toughest treks; it's guaranteed for life.
For 127 years, Duluth Pack has been made in the same building with the same reliable equipment. Their craftsmanship is top of the line. They've been operating in Duluth, Minnesota, supporting our economy and outfitting outdoor enthusiasts with camping packs and outdoor gear since 1882.
Duluth Pack offer a variety of gear for serious trekkers, avid hunters, or relaxed vacationers. Not necessarily the outdoor type? They've got something for everyone, from home decor and cookware to leather handbags and leather briefcases; you'll find a variety of accessories for both travel and everyday life.
We make everything right here in the USA, made American tough and with American pride. But you may ask, why not buy and sell gear made overseas? It's cheaper. True, but put it to the test of quality and you may not get more than a few trips out of it. Their top quality gear gives you true value for your hard earned dollars. Guaranteed for life, isn't that kind of quality worth a few extra bucks?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pack Baskets

Pack Baskets are made of durable long lasting materials, they provide a sturdier and easier to maneuver than other popular reusable bags. They have ingeniously placed wooden runners that allow the baskets contents to be lifted off of wet or unsavory surfaces keeping your goods dry and safe. Made of leather or canvas, even wood, these baskets can be carried on the shoulders like a backpack leaving your hands free for other things like the cell phone!

Pack Baskets are designed to not only be usable and durable but are a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that can proudly be displayed in your home. They have wooden runners on the bottom and adjustable nylon straps for comfortable fit. They may be a little more expensive than the often inexpensive and imported goods found in local store chains, but these will never need replacing and will never be thrown away!

Buying these products from a reputable American company can not only reduce waste from entering landfills but will help reduce our dependence on foreign goods. These baskets are made with such attention to detail and quality that you can proudly pass them down through the generations, knowing that you are teaching respect for our natural resources and pride in national goods and services.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids Back Packs

When purchasing a child-size backpack, consider a couple of factors. What purpose will the pack fulfill? How long do you want the pack to last? How old and how large is the child and how heavy will the pack be to carry once it is loaded? There are many types of bookbags and backpacks at discount retailers all over the country, however, if you are looking for a kids' pack that will last, steer clear of the vinyl/plastic variety and spend a bit more on a backpack of great quality. Your best bet will be a pack made of canvas or leather which can stand up to a beating (and let's face it, kids are tough on their stuff). A canvas or leather bag with reinforced straps will be able to hold most anything that kids can stuff inside without tearing or falling apart. Not only are canvas bags great for loading up with schoolbooks and supplies, but they are also ideal for camping. The pint-size camper will be delighted to be able to carry his or her own equipment and have some ownership of the camping trip. In case of a sudden rainshower or the occasional drop into a puddle, canvas also dries quickly in bright sunshine. A good quality pack will require a larger investment, but in the long run will be well worth it. Kids backpacks

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lumbar pack and fanny packs

One of the worst things that you will sometimes face, while trying to get to know the great outdoors, is back pain. Rather than popping pills and putting up with the pain, the wiser action would be to address the cause of the issue. Backpacks and shoulder straps can cause a lot of undue pressure on your back and shoulders, creating uncomfortable soreness and pain. What better way to ruin your hike? Try something different this time; try using lumbar and fanny packs.

Lumbar packs and fanny packs remove the weight of the load from your sore and tender back muscles and help to evenly disperse the load to the regions of your body that are built to support the weight more naturally.

A lumbar pack is designed to take the bulk of the weight from your shoulders and back muscles, and place it comfortably about your waist. This pack not only allows for an easier and more enjoyable journey, but also the convenience of easy access to your belongings without having to remove or adjust the pack.

The fanny pack is another easy to use piece of equipment that supports these same uses. Its design takes the pressure off of your lower back and spreads it evenly to the more sturdy muscles and bone structure of your hips, ensuring comfort on your journeys afoot.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Hydration Packs

Hydration packs have been in existence since the end of Desert Storm in the early 1990s. During the war, it was determined that constant and regular hydration with known-clean and pure water was required in the harsh environment of the desert. At the time, the most common method of hydration was the ubiquitous commercial clear plastic bottles of filtered or deionized water.

However, it was the private sector that designed and engineered the concepts used today. It wasn't long before the military was full on board with the implementation and integration of the hydration pack in a number of conformations; each suited to the particular mission requirements.

The best hydration systems available are the MIL-SPEC conforming packs. Most military applications are based on interchangeable and replaceable components and built to withstand the most strenuous demands. Don't be fooled by camouflage covers, however. If it has a tag reading “Made in China,” it's a copy and generally not worth the water its carrying.

Hydration packs are made by a number of very good manufacturers for many applications; from routine hiking to kayaking, biking to packs built to accommodate a woman's anatomy.

Shop for the application first, then get the best quality hydration pack you can find. Readily available spare parts or specialized accessories make a huge difference. A more general pack with adaptable features is better than having several overly specialized packs in most cases.

“Hydrate or die,” is more than a catchy slogan. It's reality.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Food Pack that Leads the Pack

Buy American is a dying phrase these days. With more and more imports and cheaply made products lining the shelves of most stores, it is hard to find quality camping gear, especially food packs for long trips on my canoe or hiking in the upper peninsula.

It seems like every time a purchase is made at one of the discount stores, regrets would follow and another food pack would have to be purchased because the inferior seam stitching, broken straps or buckles break from the weight of my food.

Finding a food pack that will weather the weather and fulfill my need for quality and ruggedness is important. Finding a food pack that will remain with me, as a reminder of my ongoing journey through the wilderness, that won’t fall apart in the middle of nowhere, so maybe I can hand it down to my young son would be great.

Imagine having two days worth of food spilled out on a muddy, riverbank after the stitching of a made in China food pack comes apart. No more, I don’t care if the food pack is the most expensive one on the market, I want a food pack that leads the pack and won’t end up in my local garbage dump.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Daypacks & Backpacks

Have you had a few too many daypacks & backpacks fall apart after a year or two of use? One of the most frustrating aspects of choosing camping gear is realizing that even the best gear you can buy at most big box stores will end up falling apart on you after just a little bit of hard use.

A good backpack is key to enjoying a beautiful day of hiking. When you purchase one with a lower quality, you risk ruining a perfectly good hike with a broken strap or uncomfortable fit. If you are unfortunately enough to be stuck in the middle of a long trip when your pack fails, the problems can be much more severe. Tying a strap back together to keep your pack intact long enough to return from a hiking trip can be extremely painful after the first hour or so of hiking.

The daypacks & backpacks located here are created with 127 years of experience creating high quality camping packs. They may cost a bit more in the short term, but by purchasing a well made backpack you can save money in the long run. These daypacks and backpacks from Minnesota are guaranteed for life, making them a much smarter investment than a succession of cheaper bags spread out over several years.
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canoe pack

Take a Canoe Pack On Your 'Journey To The Center of The Earth'
Adventurers would love to take their canoe pack and head out into the country on some of the most amazing adventures recorded in literature.

Millions of us were right there when Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson and Anita Briem took their amazing trip as seen in the movie ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth‘. Each was prepared with a canoe pack on their back as they climbed the mountain and then went down into the deep realms of the Earth. Core by core they met with adventure.

Simply amazing how much they were able to carry in their packs. It’s obvious, their packs were some of the best available on the market.

Anita carried rope enough for all three to climb down an internal crater heading towards the center of the earth. In addition she had water, food, flares and headlamps. In his, Josh was able to deliver a light bird millions of years old from the center of the earth out through a crater and onto the earth above.

Josh brought back to the earth above a bounty of diamonds. How we would envy someone actually doing this.

So if your intent is to take such an amazing journey be prepared. Whatever your dreams of adventure are, if your plans are to travel through the wilds or just a few miles of hiking, a canoe pack is a necessity.

You can carry food, water and numerous other items necessary for your trek through the open country on your back. And guess what, canoe packs are comfortable if you purchase it with care.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tackle Boxes & Rod Cases

Any avid angler knows how important it is to have a sturdy tackle box and a padded rod case to protect their equipment when they are out searching for the big one. Fishing is an intense sport, and you will need a plethora of lures, sinkers, bobbers, and bait if you want to be equipped for the rapidly changing eco-system of your favorite fishing hole, and a proper case will keep your rod safe not matter how rugged the jaunt to where the fish are biting.

Softsided leather and canvas backpack tackle box and Rod Case.

A good canvas tackle box will be able to hold a wide variety of hooks and other fishing tools. You should look for a tackle box with magnetic strips that will keep your hooks and other metallic tools from getting all jumbled up as you traipse around in the wilderness. Magnets are especially important to the fly-fisherman, as they help to keep all of your flies organized, and since you have likely spent hours crafting the little fellows, you would be sore if you lost any.

A proper rod case will not only protect your rod from any harm that could befall it throughout your journey into the wilderness, but it can also help prevent any unfortunate losses and even help to identify it in the event that your rod goes missing. Many rod cases come with a very low density padding throughout the case which will help it to float atop water, so if you do accidentally drop your rod in a stream or lake, it will float, rather than sink to the bottom. Even if the rod still manages to get away from you, if another fisherman finds it they may return it to you if you’ve written contact info somewhere in your case.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shoulder & Ammo Bags Range Bags

Range Bags Video

Shoulder and ammo bags are exactly what is needed whether or not you are in the great outdoors roughing it with friends and family, in college or in the office. Well made, durable and dependable bags are always needed since there are so many worthless and poorly made shoulder and ammo bags on the market just littering our landfills. Everyone wants quality and durability in their camping equipment and you expect nothing less.

Originally designed as bags to carry ammunition for hunters, shoulder and ammo bags are being used to more and more inventive uses all the time. They can be easily used for school, the office or just a weekend away from home. These shoulder and ammo bags are not limited to any one simple use and they are made so well that can take almost anything you can put them through.

High quality shoulder and ammo bags are made from leather with durable and rugged stitching so they won't fall apart on like some cheaper versions will. Not only functional but fashionable as well since they come in a variety of colors and designs. If you need quality shoulder and ammo bags, you are in the right place and need look no further.

Range Bags

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leather and Canvas Gun Cases Pistol Rugs

If you have a pistol or shotgun that you want to protect, you can keep it in a nice looking and durable gun case. These cases are conveniently zippered for easy access and they protect your firearms. They come in different materials all depending on what's right for your gun or rifle. You can pick one in canvas or in leather. They are lined with fleece and Sherpa.

These gun cases will give your firearms the proper presentation and treatment that they deserve. The rugged durability of these gun cases are great for long hunting trips, a day at the gun club, or carrying and transporting your firearm in public with discretion.

When you use these superbly crafted leather or canvas gun cases and leather or canvas pistol rugs, you will appreciate the way they are made to accommodate your gun just perfectly. Not to mention that they are made right here in the USA. You will see the way that they are completely lined with fleece and/or Sherpa to protect the surface of your gun or rifle. They are also reinforced with leather on each end to protect your firearm from any sort of damage that could happen to it during transport. This will allow you to carry your firearm in complete confidence that it will stay in its prized impeccable shape.