Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping Pillows and compressible pillows

Camping Pillows
Pillows are used to support your neck when sleeping. You notice that pillows are also used as couch decorations or as blown out of proportion pillows sometimes called bean bags which are not really pillows anymore. Pillows as support for your neck were intended to take the stress out of your spine by evening out the reclining angle when laying flat on a bed. Most people toss and turn because their pillow is not made to support their neck but props up their head which lets them wake up with a headache.
The most natural pillow that fits snug around your neck and evens the angle between your body and your head is a goose down camping pillow, and the only people who know how to make them are the Swiss. In the United States, you are better off buying a rolled corduroy covered rubber foam filled pillow. Most of them are labelled hypo-allergenic and they are non-collapsible. However, most people buy pillows stuffed with Styrofoams of various thicknesses or cotton pillows mixed with synthetic materials.
A quality pillow should have an inner pillowcase that can be removed with a zipper to be washed occasionally. The molding should be firm but not rigid. A rolled pillow used with a normal pillow will make your sleeping more relaxing. compressible pillow

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  1. Camping pillow is a kind of camping accessories that can make your camping trip much more comfortable