Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids Back Packs

When purchasing a child-size backpack, consider a couple of factors. What purpose will the pack fulfill? How long do you want the pack to last? How old and how large is the child and how heavy will the pack be to carry once it is loaded? There are many types of bookbags and backpacks at discount retailers all over the country, however, if you are looking for a kids' pack that will last, steer clear of the vinyl/plastic variety and spend a bit more on a backpack of great quality. Your best bet will be a pack made of canvas or leather which can stand up to a beating (and let's face it, kids are tough on their stuff). A canvas or leather bag with reinforced straps will be able to hold most anything that kids can stuff inside without tearing or falling apart. Not only are canvas bags great for loading up with schoolbooks and supplies, but they are also ideal for camping. The pint-size camper will be delighted to be able to carry his or her own equipment and have some ownership of the camping trip. In case of a sudden rainshower or the occasional drop into a puddle, canvas also dries quickly in bright sunshine. A good quality pack will require a larger investment, but in the long run will be well worth it. Kids backpacks

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