Sunday, September 6, 2009

Food Pack that Leads the Pack

Buy American is a dying phrase these days. With more and more imports and cheaply made products lining the shelves of most stores, it is hard to find quality camping gear, especially food packs for long trips on my canoe or hiking in the upper peninsula.

It seems like every time a purchase is made at one of the discount stores, regrets would follow and another food pack would have to be purchased because the inferior seam stitching, broken straps or buckles break from the weight of my food.

Finding a food pack that will weather the weather and fulfill my need for quality and ruggedness is important. Finding a food pack that will remain with me, as a reminder of my ongoing journey through the wilderness, that won’t fall apart in the middle of nowhere, so maybe I can hand it down to my young son would be great.

Imagine having two days worth of food spilled out on a muddy, riverbank after the stitching of a made in China food pack comes apart. No more, I don’t care if the food pack is the most expensive one on the market, I want a food pack that leads the pack and won’t end up in my local garbage dump.

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