Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Optimus Stoves multi-fule stoves for seasoned campers

What is a Multi-Fuel Stove?

A Multi-fuel Stove is the Best Option for Avid Explorers Seasoned campers are the ones best able to explain the need for a good camping stove. Camping stoves are traditionally run on propane. However international travellers are subject to varying camp rules and regulations regarding which types of fuel are permissible. This may result in the inability to use their cooking source when most needed.

For this reason multi-fuel stoves such as the Optimus are invaluable and essential. They are versatile and can be used across the world. There is no longer the need to buy a different camping stove for every camping trip. Apart from that they are lightweight, strong and compact.

Multi-fuel stoves explained

This type of camping stove is able to burn a variety of liquid fuels other than propane such as white gas, kerosene, paraffin, diesel, jet fuel as well as Optimus’ patented arctic fuel. No matter these stoves burn hot and efficiently on whatever fuels are readily available. They give you piece of mind when setting off as your chances of finding one of the usable fuels is easier than trying to find just one specific type of fuel.

No matter whether you are heading out for a day trek or planning an extended remote kayaking trip or going to the harshest conditions on earth, you will find an Optimus stove model that will suit your requirements perfectly.

Arctic Explorers

Optimus have set the benchmark for multi-fuel stoves of today, making them a favourite amongst explorers. Their patented features have ensured reliability and ease of use under extreme conditions for many decades. When all you have between you and freezing is something hot, you can’t afford to be without one.

Optimus stoves are built for any condition and can be used on top of a white capped mountain slope just as easily as they can be used inside your tent, reliably and safely. They are able to give up to two hours burning on their highest setting and their turbine shaped legs form a stable base on any terrain.

Optimus’ unique quick priming burner means that less time is needed for full ignition to be achieved, saving both time and fuel. For instance all it takes is about 3½ minutes to boil 1 litre of water, depending on climate and altitude. The magnetic cleaning needles clean the jets while cooking while the self purging fuel line helps reduce maintenance. These two features alone mean that your stove will always be in prime working order.

Add to that the stainless steel body, aluminium pumps and brass components and you get a stove that is almost impervious to conditions and will never let your down, no matter what.

In conditions where reliability or the lack of it could mean life or death; they are the answer.

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