Sunday, September 20, 2009

Benefits of Compressed Fuel Stoves

Sure, everyone wants to have the truly rugged camping experience and leave all of technology behind. After a week without real food you might start to change your mind and wish that you had the ability to cook a meal or boil some water without having to first start a fire. This is why smart campers camp with compressed fuel stoves. Compressed fuel stoves are compact enough to be easily carried so it doesn't interfere with your camping trip by weighing you down and holding you back. However, they tend to have enough cooking ability to cook a decent meal and boil a pot of water to make it safe to drink. Never, ever compromise your health and safety by drinking water that you find in the wilderness. Always boil it first to kill off any bacteria that may be living in the water. Having to build a fire and safely put it out each time that you need drinking water can get to become very inconvenient, which is another reason why many avid campers never leave home without their compressed fuel stoves. Taking a compressed fuel stove with you is the way to ensure that you always have quality food to eat and safe water to drink.

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