Friday, September 25, 2009

Warm Weather Synthetic Sleeping Bags

30+ Degree Synthetic Bags

If you love to camp or go hiking then you must invest into a Duluth Pack.
Their 30+ degree synthetic bags are a must have for any outdoor activity. The Duluth Pack is made by an American company with over one hundred twenty five years of experience creating bags and packs for outdoor use. Originally these packs were designed for trappers and hunters but now everyone who loves to be outdoors can benefit from using them.

Made with true American quality, these 30+ degree warm weather synthetic sleeping bags can be passed down from one generation to the next. Unlike their cheap imported counterparts there will be no need to take up landfill space with these bags. They are solid and sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Prices are a little higher then comparative imports but the guarantee and quality you receive makes up for the very small price difference.

These high quality bags are guaranteed for life. The 30+ degree synthetic bags are very durable and can accommodate any outdoor activity. To this day these bags are produced in Minnesota where they originated from in 1882.

With the holidays approaching what could be a better gift for the outdoorsman on your Christmas list. Quality, style and reliability all wrapped up into a nice present.

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