Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bivy Sacks

Bivy Sacks
If you are a person who likes to backpack, climb, or camp, a bivy sack may be the perfect solution for your overnight needs. It is also known as a bivouac sack, bivi or bivy bag, or bivy. People in the armed services find the use of a bivy sack to be ideal for their needs as it is so lightweight to tote. It is also an asset for people who are “minimalist campers” or to keep for emergency weather protection.

What is a bivy sack? It is a small, compact sleeping bag or roll with an opening for the head. Many models also come with a full-length zipper. Other models are a nylon shell to place around your sleeping bag. A bivy sack has two layers of nylon coated with urethane and “waterproof and breathable laminate” to give the user added protection from the elements.

The drawback is that the user must be willing to sleep compactly for it will not allow you to spread out or sprawl. The positives are that it is extremely lightweight to carry and store, it is waterproof, and it gives the user an increased “warming capacity by approximately ten degrees.”

People who regularly use a bivy sack are thrilled with having camping gear that is rugged, guaranteed for life, and a sleeping solution upon which they can confidently rely.

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