Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Splitting Mauls and Wedges

Wood Splitting Made Easy With a Maul and Wedge
Whether camping with the family, taking an overnight hike or just splitting wood in the backyard for the fireplace, the most invaluable tool for this job is what is known as a splitting maul and its partner the wedge.

The sharp edge of the splitting maul looks like an axe, but it is wider and does not get stuck in the log as easily as an axe. Use the maul to begin a split in the log, or if the log already has a natural split, put the point of the splitting wedge into the crack and smack it with the other blunt side of the maul. This greatly reduces the stress to a body caused by the repeated swinging of the axe, and the weight of the maul is the reason for that advantage.

A maul should be dropped onto the log rather than swung like an axe, and the log is best placed on top of another log or frozen ground so the energy of the drop is not absorbed by a cushioned surface.

Another invaluable tool is called the “Handle Saver”. Its purpose is to absorb the shock caused when the maul head misses the wedge, and the wedge is hit by the handle of the maul instead. This little tool not only saves the handle from destruction but also saves the hands from the stinging pain caused by this mistake.

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