Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knives, Shopping for the Right Knife

Anybody who takes the outdoor life seriously knows that the right knife is indispensable. Whether you are cutting rope, cleaning fish or game, stripping foliage from a walking stick or taking on some other task, a knife that will stay sharp, never rust and work when you need it is vital. If someone you love is involved in outdoors activities, camping knives can be a terrific gift idea. Here are some pointers.

Pocketknives are of course the most popular and versatile style of knife for outdoors enthusiasts and others. Case is the most famous pocketknife brand, and their blades can be treated as heirlooms. Buck brand knives are also well known for their reliability—liner lock models in particular are popular. Finally, also consider a full Leatherman multitool, which offers not only a number of different knives in a single device, but other useful implements handy to any outdoors person.

If you or your recipient already has a solid pocketknife, a filet camping knife can be a great choice for hunters and anglers. While a pocketknife is capable of handling these jobs, a knife specifically designed for cutting meat can make the job of processing a catch or kill much easier. Buck also manufactures top of the line filet knives, as does Bushcraft.

Check out all your knife options for the outdoors enthusiast in your life today!

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