Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Icebreaker Vs Smart Wool

As of today, it is the start of winter. So, how are you going to keep warm? There are a variety of styles and fabrics you can choose from. You could try fleece, cashmere, and cotton to name a few. Or, you could try wool. Yes, wool. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Wool can be just as soft as a baby’s blanket. It can keep you warm throughout the winter. No matter what you do. There are two brand name manufacturers that make the softest, warmest wool alive. One I’m familiar with – Icebreaker, and Smart Wool.

Icebreaker is made from 100% pure New Zealand merino wool. It is totally natural and soft. It’s probably the softest wool that you will ever find. Plus, you could throw this in the washing machine. Icebreaker has been used for a lot of winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding. I personally have used it myself. It keeps me warm, especially on those below temperature days. I wear it whenever I hunt. You can’t even tell that it’s wool! It feels just like cotton.

Smart Wool is a clothing and socks company that is very popular among people. They’re another top seller when it comes to warm and comfortable wool. Like Icebreaker, Smart Wool is also worn for outdoor winter sports. They also claim that it’s the softest fabric that you will ever find. It has a lot of benefits including temperature regulation, breathability, is odor-free, and naturally renewable. None of Smart Wool’s products will shrink or itch. They’re fully functional for all year long and are completely durable. Smart Wool also can test your body temperature, has natural fibers, is hypoallergenic, and is naturally flame retardant. It’s perfect for anyone in your family, even your kids! Smart Wool does seem to be as technologically advanced as Icebreaker. You can even throw them in the wash or wash them by hand.

Even though I’m prone to Icebreaker, you should check out the testimonials for Smart Wool. There seems to be a lot of happy people that wear them. Smart Wool is technological and family friend whereas Icebreaker is more for the serious athlete. Obviously, they both have their good and their bad. No matter what you choose, you will be warm and comfy with either of these products.

Of course you can find out more about Icebreaker and Smart Wool at their official web sites. You will find out more information on their material, fit, and product information. Make a smart choice this winter with the warmest, softest wool on the planet. Try on Smart Wool or Icebreaker, or both! Don’t be afraid to try both. You may never know what you personally like.


  1. Another well known brand of socks is Wigwam that is made with wool that is just as soft as that in Icebreaker and Smart Wool socks. Wigwam is entirely Made in the USA with wool from sheep raised in the western states of the USA. Wigwam socks are also available in man-made fibers and with blends of Wool and Manmade fibers. It is much more technical than Smart Wool. Bob Chesebro, President and CEO of Wigwam Mills.Inc., Sheboygan, WI USA. Web address is www.wigwam.com

  2. Thanks for this Post Bob, I live in WI not too far from Sheboyban I will have to check out the Wigwan product

  3. Try www.woolerina.com.au for even an even better base layer product than these two companies. They have even finer wool and can source their wool all the way back to the individual farms the wool comes from. Others claim this but it's more than questionable. Worth looking in to...