Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Therm-a-Rest for Great Outdoor Comfort

Therm-a-Rest for Great Outdoor Comfort
For those people who value their rest, even when they spend their nights in the wilderness, the Therm-a-Rest mattress supplies just what the doctor ordered. Therm-a-Rest developed by 2 avid backpackers is a self-inflating camping mattress that is designed by an extremely airtight nylon fabric. The Therm-a-Rest mattress also provides a warmth that no other air mattress can give. As it resists leaks, the user does not have to worry about finding him or herself sleeping on a bumpy ground by morning.

Self Inflated

Have you ever gone camping with an inflatable mattress? Even with a battery operated or manual pump to supply the mattress with air, it's an inconvenience. One of the many benefits of the Therm-a-Rest is that it is self inflatable. You can imagine how convenient this makes an air mattress. You simply draws air into itself. You can adjust the air intake to for a softer mattress or a firmer fill.


Besides being self inflatable, it keeps the person sleeping on the Therm-a-Rest mattress warm throughout the night. This is because it is lined with a sheet of low density, polyurethane foam. If you have ever slept a regular inflatable mattress, you may remember that having air underneath you tends to be cold and uncomfortable. Being cold while sleeping outdoors is unacceptable in my book.


The design of the Therm-a-Rest is truly ingenious. Made from an extremely airtight nylon fabric, the inflatable mattress is not only easy to inflate, but also deflate. You simply open the valve and roll it up. As you roll, the air is pushed out the valve. The portability is amazing. Some of these Therm-a-Rest mattresses can be folded or be rolled up to the size of a 1 liter bottle of water, and weighing in at under 15 ounces.

One of my favorite things about camping and sleeping out doors is how wonderfully one sleeps under these conditions. With the convenience of the Therm-a-Rest easy set up, it is no wonder that it is the favorite of many hiking and camping enthusiasts. Along with other important conveniences, keeping warm would be at the top of the list when you are sleeping in the middle of nowhere. The airtight nylon fabric that is wrapped in a low density, open celled polyurethane not only allows the mattress to keep the user warm, but resists a leak hole that might have the camper sleeping on a uneven ground by morning.

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