Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great Reasons To Buy A Gerber Knife

Gerber Knives have been around for over 70 years, and are still going strong. In a time when many companies, even reputable ones are failing, it makes you wonder, what makes Gerber Knives different?

First of all, they are tough. Many hunters would be lost without theirs. No other knife can cut through a fish or deer the way a Gerber Knife blade can. They are made out of high carbon stainless steel, with full and partial tangs built in. (Try finding another knife made out of the same material.)

The blades are fixed and do not fold. How many times has your foldable knife stuck in it's case right when you needed it? With this knife, you never have to worry about that again. However if you prefer a knife that does fold, they have a variety that does just that, without the sticking.

The handles come in a variety of different materials-wood, stag or made out of their patented soft grip technology.

They are always ahead of the game. Gerber knives are constantly pushing the envelope, striving to stay ahead of the competition using the latest and greatest technology to bring you the best knives possible.

The price is affordable. You can buy much cheaper knives than these, but they won't measure up to the quality and and performance of these knives. You can also buy much more expensive knives and they won't measure up either. Why spend extra money when you can buy the best knife around for a decent price? Starting at only 15.00, you can have the durabliity and dependence of a Gerber Knife.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. From a small multitool that can fit in your pocket, and has many other amenities added in, to a full size knife, you decide what size is perfect for you.

The uses are endless. During a battle in Iraq, a Gerber LMF ll Asek was used to cut through a 220 volt electric line. It has also been used by many military personel for other reasons as well as the every day hunter. Even women are finding them useful, as they can use the multi-tool version for various jobs around the house.

It's designed by some of the biggest names in the knife industry. If you are a knife fanatic, I'm sure the names Bob Loveless, Fred Carter, Blackie Collins and of course Pete Gerber will all ring a bell.

It's won awards. In 1985 Gerber Knives were honered with Blade Magazine's Most Innovative Knife Of The Year Award. How many knife makers can say that?

When you buy a Gerber Knife, you can be sure it was made with you in mind!

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