Sunday, January 24, 2010

Icebreaker Long Johns that keep you warm

The first materials for Icebreaker were discovered in 1994, by Jeremy Moon, in New Zealand. He was introduced to a merino wool farmer that lived in Marlborough. The farmer had created a thermal underwear that was made from New Zealand 100% natural merino wool. Moon, felt that the material was luxurious and soft, not like the usual wool that is rough and bulky material. Another benefit was that it was also machine washable material, preventing a nuisance of dry cleaning. He took this idea and ran with it, creating a natural outdoor clothing line for the public, called Icebreaker.

Since the clothing is all natural without synthetic materials, it appeals to the consumers. The individual fibers of the clothing are breathable, as well as the fabric of the material. This creates insulating, silky and smooth clothing apparel that appeals to active outdoor individuals. This allows the body to release moisture vapors, preventing one from the feeling of dank and wet. The basic concept is that an individual will feel cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Many customers will layer their garments because the fibers will lock together and feel as if they are one cohesive unit.

The clothing is available for men, women and children. There are five basic ideas: active base layers, mid layers, technical sports, outer layer and lightweight travel categories. The active base layers are divided to fit each individual need for coverage. They are broke down to suit each weather conditions: ultralite (all season), lightweight (cool) and midweight (cold). Midlayers are great candidates for traveling because they are insulating, but also quite breathable. Technical sports is created to give the maximum performance for mountain sports. There are extra features that include a small percentage of Lycra that helps with shape retentiveness and a better fit. Outer layers are considered to be styled as urban causal clothing. The style is cut to be a snug fit to enhance the body's form. Lightweight travel is worn as single garments in the heat, but layered when the weather is at a cooler temperature. The material is designed for when one is traveling, meant to deal with different seasons throughout different continents.

The clothing is available in a wide selection of items that include tops, bottoms, underwear, coats, socks and accessories. They are made to be worn as separate units or used to layer for more warmth or a personal individual style. The collections include a large variety that will meet any need for outdoor activity. The collections include outdoor, Alpine, Travel, Underwear, Sport, Bodyfit and Icebreak_GT. Icebreaker clothing apparel is attractive, durable and great for protection from the weather's elements.

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