Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gransfors splitting mauls and Axes

Quality Protective Gear for the Woodcutter
Gransfors is a manufacturer of quality equipment designed especially for the woodcutter. Their hand forged axes are award winning and each hand crafted axe is stamped with the initials of the craftsman who created it. Gransfors also develops and manufactures incredibly innovative protective clothing for woodcutters. These patent protected garments, known as SwedePro, are designed to cause a chainsaw to jam before the operator can be harmed. Even though Gransfors axes and SwedePro protective clothing products are among the utmost in quality, they are surprisingly affordable. For the discriminating woodcutter, Gransfors products offer quality, value, and most importantly unsurpassed protection.

The top quality hand crafted axes offered by Gransfors are truly pieces of functional art. Each axe is marked with pride with the logo of the company as well as the initials of the artisan who created it. These quality woodcutting tools are created with quality always being a top consideration. The process is not rushed, and the craftsman takes his time to create the best axe possible. Craftsmen employed by Gransfors are not payed by the piece, so that the craftsman can concentrate on making each piece as good as it can be. On the company website a list of each craftsman's name is given, along with the initials they use to mark their work.

Gransfors also offers an innovative line of patent protected clothing designed to protect what every woodcutter values most, his life. This line of professional protective gear is constructed of special materials designed to cause a chainsaw to jam before the wearer could be injured by the chain. These innovative products developed by Gransfors allow are sold under the copyrighted name SwedePro. The product line includes: wrap chaps, apron chaps, pants (Summer & Winter), chainsaw protective pants, shirts, vests, and gloves. Also available from Gansfors under the SwedePro name are: First Aid Kits designed to fit into pockets, tool pouches, and accessories for hard hats. The SwedePro protective products are ISO-9000 certified and passed Underwriters Laboratory testing with zero cut-through incidents and with at least two layers of protective material remaining. Gransfors SwedePro line of clothing is also conveniently machine washable and machine dry able.

For woodcutters who work in the industry professionally protecting themselves with SwedePro clothing is not just a good idea, it's required for compliance with OSHA regulation 1910.266. This regulation states that an employed chainsaw operator must use the following protective gear: head protection, hearing and eye protection, protective footwear, protective gloves, and protective leg devices. SwedePro products allow for the best quality available on the market to allow the professional chainsaw operator to confirm with OSHA standards.

Whether purchasing for the professional woodcutter or the amateur Gransfors offers the ultimate in quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness. When making the decision to choose an item that could someday save the life of a friend, loved one, or employee who uses it Gransfors SwedePro clothing is the obvious choice.

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