Monday, April 19, 2010

Market Tote: Go Green and Reuse your bags

Market Tote: For Men of For Women
The market tote seems like it is advertised to women, and for good reason. It is the tote that doubles as a purse. But does that mean that it is not for men? Certainly not. Let's explore why women love it, then we will delve into why would men love it.

Women find it appropriate for so many of their daily routines. What women need is a place to hold their stuff, wallet and keys. Not all women want or need an over sized purse filled with makeup, but they still need to carry around the basics. But women are not just carrying around dainty items. They are carrying sweaters and books, even a lap top. You can fit all of that and more into the generously sized market tote.

It will carry everything that a women needs to haul around, day in and day out, including all of the baby gear a little tike could hope for. A mom would have no problem fitting diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, bottles, formula and baby food easily into a market tote, and a few toys as well.

It also doubles as a grocery tote bag. Most of us would prefer to use fabric bags over plastic bags for any myriad of of reasons, and this is ideal for that. It is large enough to fit a weeks worth of fresh groceries for a family, including a gallon of milk. You do not need to worry about the durability of the straps, as they are reinforced leather. You could go from one store to another, getting in all of your errands done in one day and fitting all of your purchased goods neatly into this tote. That means one bag to lug in from the car, instead of trip after trip bringing in those plastic bags, worrying that their plastic handles will give way.

So, why would men love this tote as well? They would love it for the same reason that women do. They would probably opt to carry their keys and wallet in their pockets, but they can still use that small compartment for whatever they may need. They can make the adjustable leather straps shorter, and not carry it over their shoulder like a purse, but carry it like a tote.

One might think that a man would opt for the sportsmen tote, and for sure, many would, but the sportsman tote is smaller and more expensive. It has more of a leather reinforcement, structured differently that the leather handles of the market tote. The structure of the sportsman tote and overall look of it might make a man opt for it over the market tote, but there is no reason that men could not get plenty of use out of the market tote as well.

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