Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is made from melted iron that is molded to create cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, and more. Lodge logic cast iron cookware was first manufactured over a century ago, and today the Lodge line of cookware has expanded. Joseph Lodge founded the line, and his legacy lives on four generations later; the Lodge line of cookware is the oldest line of family-owned cookware in America.

Benefits of using Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware

Health issues that may be associated with other metals and materials, such as Teflon coatings, stainless steel, and aluminum, used to manufacture cookware has influenced the rebirth and popularity of cooking with cast iron products in recent years. Eating foods cooked in cast iron pots is also a good source of dietary iron.

Cast iron is extremely versatile, it can go from the stove top right into the oven, you can use cast iron pots and skillets to bake, and a Lodge skillet can be even be placed on a BBQ grill to cook foods. Fry, bake, and sauté food over even heat because cast iron is an excellent heat conductor that retains heat, and offers precise cooking temperatures. Cast iron does not warp, and can last for generations.

Non-stick cooking with Lodge Cast Iron Products

A cast iron skillet, griddle, etc. should be preheated before using to get the best temperature and cooking results. Checking to see if the pot is hot enough is easy, just use a drop of water and watch how it reacts; if it sizzles away quickly the surface is too hot, it it sits, and bubbles your cookware is ready.

To avoid food from sticking cast iron must be seasoned or cured. This is done by rubbing a thin coat of cooking oil on the inside of a skillet or pot, or across the top of a griddle or grill. Seasoning cast iron keeps your cook ware in perfect cooking condition, and it prevents rust. Over time, if you use cast iron often and cure it on a regular basis the surface actually becomes smoother.

Cleaning Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Never put cast iron in a dishwasher, or add water to hot cast-iron. After the cooking surface has cooled simply wash in soapy water, rinse, and immediately dry completely. Do not let cast iron air dry because this may cause rusting. How to remove rust spots from cast iron? If you ever have rust spots they can be easily and quickly removed by lightly rubbing a scouring pad over the surface, then wash with soapy water, rinse well, dry completely, and season the surface.

The only downside of cooking with cast iron is the metal gets very hot, alway use pot holders, and it can be heavy.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware is now available specifically for outdoor cooking, with lodge camp Dutch ovens, Grills, and their combo cookers. Lodge cookware continues to produce high quality, long lasting, cast iron products made using their private metal formula, and precision molds.

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