Sunday, February 21, 2010

Optimus Outdoor Camping Stoves

Optimus is a manufacturer of outdoor cooking product lines that consist of outdoor Optimus stoves, cutlery, cooksets and accessories.

Optimus manufactures seven different models of outdoor stove. Their Weekend Starter Kit is designed to be an all-inclusive "outdoor kitchen" and consumers who buy this product will get the Optimus Crux burner as well as a host of smaller items including an aluminum cooking set with a mesh bag, a frying pan and a freeze-dried instant meal. The Optimus Crux also comes as a stand-alone product and is incredibly easy to store as it has a folding head that enables the burner to fit in the empty space under the gas canister. The Optimus Crux Lite, on the other hand, weighs only 72 grams but is powerful enough to boil a liter of water in only three minutes.

Two more of the Optimus stoves are the Optimus Nova and the Optimus Nova+ and, while the Nova features quick priming and the innovative Optimus built-in cleaning needle, the Nova+ features all of that plus the new Powerline Control Valve which facilitates flame control on the stove unit. Various versions of the Optimus Hiker outdoor stove have been on the market for over 70 years but their latest version has been updated by the addition of the award winning and revolutionary Optimus Nova burner. This is also the only Optimus stove that comes with its own steel case. The Optimus Svea is the last, but not the least, of the seven stoves that Optimus has available and it has been developed specifically for climbers. The Svea is made of brass and is a gasoline stove with a lid that doubles as a cooking pot. It's compact and lightweight and has been serving the climbing community for over 100 years.

Not only does Optimus manufacture outdoor stoves, it also makes the pots, pans and cutlery to go with them. The Optimus Terra cookset includes a hard-anodized aluminum gourmet pot, lightweight pot, Teflon coated frying pan and pot gripper as well as a nylon/neoprene insulation bag. The Optimus Terra Weekend, on the other hand, comes with only a large pot and a frying pan but has been engineered to store the Optimus Crux or Crux Lite stove, a 220g gas canister and a folding spork. The Optimus Terra Solo is exactly the same as the Weekend but the pot and frying pan are both smaller, although it can still carry the Crux or Crux Lite, the spork and a 110g gas canister. The Terra gourmet pot, frying pan and lightweight pot are also all sold separately and there is also the kettle and the pot lifter. In the titanium cutlery department, there is a choice between the 3-piece and the 2-piece set, the spork and the folding spork.

Accessories include all sizes of gas canisters and optimus fuel bottles, fuel pumps, funnels and windfoils.

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