Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Wear my Nite Ize at Night

During the early 19th century, miners did not have access to hard hats or mechanical lights to protect their heads and get their work done. In fact, the cloth hat they wore was fastened with a metal plate that hooked onto a candlestick or an oil lamp, thereby allowing the minor to work hands free of lighting equipment for more efficiency. The Colorado Historical Society has a vault of old photos displaying the old felt hats and other styles of head gear worn by miners centuries ago. In all actuality, the entire system seemed a bit flawed and a little dangerous, which is why innovators in the 21st century have come up with Nite Ize.

Nite Ize was created in 1989 by Rick Case who, by accident on a fishing trip, decided that he needed a light that he could use hands free after his Mag-Lite fell in the water. From then on, he established his company in his mountain cabin where he received his first 42,000 order for headbands. With perseverance and dedication to quality, Rick has become a driving force in versatile products.

The Nite Ize company now provides much more than innovative flashlights including:

• Clip on markers
• Dog discuits
• Crocs o-dial
• Tone phone case
• Tooth ferry headset carrier
• S-biners
• Rope tightners
• Tent Line kits

If you're looking to sell the products at wholesale, there are several options for merchandising displays for flashlights, mobile accessories, L.E.D. equipment, and hardware accessories. All of these displays are perfect for hardware and gadget stores, outdoor equipment sales, and even home stores.

If you need help setting up, don't worry because the displays come in all types of formats including floor stands, counter-top, rack mountable and strip displays that attach to shelving, wing racks, pallet racks and upright side rails - all mounting hardware is included*.

So What is My Favorite Nite Ize Product?

After much consideration and many hours picking out gear for my upcoming overseas trip, I would have to say the L.E.D. Headlight.

I am an archaeology student working towards my PhD, and trust me, I find my self in very small spaces underground all the time. Holding a flashlight in my mouth is impossible, so I'm glad that I found this product. The headlight gives off soft lighting, it’s comfortable and lightweight, it uses long life replaceable batteries, and a push button switch with a flash or glow mode.

I'm a dedicated consumer, so when I find something that fits perfectly I continue to buy it. More importantly, the process has to be smooth and the service unrivaled. I do about 75% of my shopping online, so it's extremely important to me to have all of the resources I need all in one place. So as long as Nitre Ize keeps producing revolutionary products that I can't live without, I'll stay a customer for life.

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