Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wool vests and bags for the fashion conscious

Wool has long been one of the chief materials used alongside cotton. Today wool is touted as one of the so called "organic" or "green" materials. The all natural nature of wool causes people to feel it is better for the environment as well being warm and comfortable. Some individuals are allergic to the synthetic materials or cotton and as such wool is the perfect solution.

Wool book bags and wool vests are very durable in construction and can be dyed, woven, or otherwise crafted in a myriad of ways that allow for incredible utility and aesthetics. Patterned designs and custom words on a given vest or bag are excellent ways to show a person's individuality.

There are different types and grades of wool fiber that can be used in the construction of wool vests or bags such as Merino wool which is superfine and soft. This type is often used for construction of baby clothing and body suits. A wool vest made for a baby but complete with a portion that covers their rear-end and similar areas would be a type of body-suit.

A Wool vests is warm, comfortable, and fashionable. They can be washed in any normal washing machine unlike some man made fabrics and they maintain their size and shape better in the wash and when being dried than some of those other fabrics as well. Many individuals complain that wool shrinks when washed and dried but this is because they do not understand the nature of wool. On the outside of wool fibers are natural scales that work in a manner that repeals water, dirt, and similar debris. When this material is heated and cooled too swiftly these scales will lock together and force the wool to become smaller and thicker.

To remedy this simply stretching the material a little after it is washed and still wet will go a long way toward maintaining size and thickness. Another method is to use normal human hair conditioner to soften the wool a bit. Either way the extra care and concern taken for wool vests or bags is not a problem and unlike synthetic materials that also shrink, wool will return to its normal size with care and maintenance.

When most individuals think of a vest they think of a sleeveless design similar to a tank top with bottoms or a zipper in the front. The truth is that there are many styles and one of the most common is the wool sweater-vest. A long sleeved fashion design that keeps a person warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is a breathable material unlike the designer plastic materials used in other garments. A long sleeved vest such as a wool sweater-vest is the perfect extra clothing layer in the winter as it is breathable, opens at the front, and can be worn instead of a simple t-shirt.

Wool bags are also excellent in the winter as they maintain heat better than leather and are more pliable. Wool bags will stretch and shift more to accommodate items and as mentioned previously they do not harm the environment or any living animal in their creation. Wool is sheared in a manner similar to giving a sheep a haircut. Leather on the other hand is the actual skin of a cow and as such that cow had to die to create that vest or handbag.

The usefulness and aesthetic appeal of wool vests and bags cannot be discounted based on the supposed hassle of shrinkage. They are good for the environment, often cheaper in price than man made materials, and they give sheep a proper form of employment.

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