Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mountain Safety Research Cookware for the Serious Outdoors Person

If you are a big outdoors person, you know the value of quality equipment for your camping needs. To travel as light as possible is the goal by many experienced hikers and campers. Along with light weight cooking gear, it would be nice if it was designed to be compact as well. The good news is that there are companies out there that have done their homework and know the needs of the serious outdoors type. Even if you will be cooking for 2, they have come up with sleek, light weight, and compact designs that is sure to please the person that has to pack this gear.

The Importance of Light Weight Cookware

When you preparing to go hiking or camping, the supplies needed are so great that one usually has to get a long list going so as not to miss any important items. Cookware is always one of the challenges. Most people own a mix and match of pots and pans that they will dig through trying to assess what will be needed. MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has a collection that even the most experienced will absolutely fall in love with. Their cookware is made from advanced, ultralight titanium. This allows for campers and hikers to experience the outdoors without being weighed down by heavy pots and pans.

The Importance of Compact Cookware

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has also designed into their durable cookware, a compact solution that utilizes all space efficiently. Besides nesting of the pots and pans, if the pot or pan has a handle, it conveniently folds up and out of the way. They even go as far as to design the pot lid to double as a plate. You can even acquire a cookware system that feeds two and is completely nested with mugs and plates.

How Many Will You Be Serving

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) cookware comes in sets that will serve one or two people. If you will be cooking for two, the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) cookware sets made for two would be most efficient for saving space as all the pieces nest within each other and waste no packing room at all.

With MSR (Mountain Safety Research) cookware helping outdoors man and women, there is little attention needed for carrying cookware that might take up to much room or weigh to much. Convenience, easy to clean, extremely light weight and durable, I can see how this equipment would be the number one choice for the serious outdoors person.
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