Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waxed Canvas Backpack

Hiking Backpacks Have you ever experienced a nature trip that completely revived you? It can be so refreshing to experience nature in its most pure form when the everyday hassles of life get overwhelming. Whether it is a day or a week spending carefree time in the beauty of nature can be a rejuvenating experience that refreshes your mind and body leaving you with energy and peace of mind. Hiking requires very little to be an enjoyable experience. However, there is one main thing you need to get the most out of your trip and that is a good hiking backpack. An ill fitting backpack, or one that is not the right size can be uncomfortable and take away from your camping excursion. Opting for a cheaply made pack or one that has not been made for the specific purpose of hiking or camping can leave the consumer spending more money for less quality. In addition, these back packs are often made with unrecyclable products with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. These backpacks often rip and tear easily leaving the hiker with a no choice but to cut their experience short. The straps on these products are typically very weak, and break without much resistance. This is a nightmare for a hiker on a trip berceuse it puts strain on one side of their body leaving them extremely uncomfortable, and unable to enjoy their surroundings. These packs are also rarely waterproof, however claim to be "water resistant" which is a trick used to trick the customer with false claims. Using a pack that is not truly water proof can be dangerous to a hiker on a long journey if food, maps, matches, or other supplies are damaged by water.

Experienced hikers know to not buy these cheap back packs for their nature trips. Many are purchasing great camping/canoeing back packs from These packs are perfect for nature trips because they are specially crafted to be completely water proof and their high quality canvas material is natural and extremely durable. These packs have been made for the past 127 years and are the best product for withstanding nature hikes, camping, canoeing or any other adventure one should chose. The difference that makes these bags better than others is the special waxing technique that gives them their tight water proof benefit, as well as the high quality canvas that is flexible, non bulky, and durable to withstand years of wear. If you truly want to get the most out of your hiking trips, make these waxed canvas bags your back pack of choice. Take a look at Duluth Pack Waxed Canvas Backpacks.

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