Friday, October 12, 2012

ATN Night Cougar XT Night Vision Goggles

ATN Night Cougar The ATN Night Cougar lives up to its name. These night vision goggles make it seem as though you are borrowing the clear and sharp eyes of a Cougar. Thanks to the small size, these goggles are very easy to carry around on trips. The design of the goggles are very stylish and comfortable for the user. The Cougar is perfect for night-time activities like camping. Whatever the use might be, these goggles will make for a very pleasant night-viewing experience. Thanks to the high quality of infrared technology, the optics allow people to see things at night as if it were still day, . Within the goggles, there is an infrared bulb. When the light passes through this bulb, the photons become electrons. The electric charge is amplified and converted into a perfectly green and visible light. When using the ATN Night Cougar in total darkness, the infrared illuminated each object with a green glow.
The peripheral or side vision is not quite perfect, but it is acceptable. The only real issue in this area is that some blurring can occur, but it is only a minor issue. The Night Cougar doesn't do much for long-range distance, as it comes with a fixed range, but there are adjustable features available to get a better picture. Small rings allow people to focus in on whatever object that the human eye has trouble seeing through the goggles. The headgear is extremely functional and makes things easier for anybody. The headgear mounts on to the face, which enables hands-free viewing. Having the headgear hands-free means that you can flip the headgear up or completely out of the way. The most beneficial aspect of being hands-free is being able to carry things that you might not be able to carry otherwise. Bottom Line: The ATN Night Cougar is a very high quality night vision goggle that is extremely easy to handle. Even with the slightly blurred peripheral vision and fixed range, the high level of infrared technology, along with the numerous customizable features, and the extreme ease of use, there is no reason to avoid using the ATN Night Cougar for any your night-viewing needs.


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