Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bob dustrude saw

The bob dustrude saw is easy to handle, light weight but is able to do big jobs. The handle is easy to hold and can be used by one person or by two people working together depending on the size of the saw. The blade is 24 inches long and easy to replace when it becomes dull. It is easy to carry and not easy to break. It is good to have the saw when on a camping trip to cut wood for a campfire or to have when cutting wood for a fireplace in the home. The saw can also cut through bone of wild meat to prepare for a meal.
The duluth pack, bags, saws are put together in Duluth, Minnesota and have been in business since 1911, the artisits that make the bags or packs devote much time and dedication in making the bags and packs exactly right. There is much sewing of the bags and packs to make sure they stay together properly, along with putting snaps, zippers and buckles on the bags or packs to keep the saw inside and protected for easy carrying and for safety. The warranty on the bags, packs and saws is good to have, however if any of the items are not used or taken care of properly the warranty will not be of any use. The warranty will be effective when the items are used properly and stored properly over time. The duluth pack or bags come in a variety of colors of black, brown, tan, blue and green and can easily be ordered from online once an account is set up. There are many different types of bags, packs, and saws to choose from. Just browse around on their website, ask questions of the experts and choose the right saw, bag or pack for your many uses for at home or on a camping trip. All saws are not toys and should never be given to children to play with. When a person who is old enough to use a saw should be introduced to the saw and explain the safety rules about using the saw properly and how to store the saw properly. A saw can be used for many years as long it is taken care of and used properly.

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