Friday, October 12, 2012

ATN Night Cougar XT Night Vision Goggles

ATN Night Cougar The ATN Night Cougar lives up to its name. These night vision goggles make it seem as though you are borrowing the clear and sharp eyes of a Cougar. Thanks to the small size, these goggles are very easy to carry around on trips. The design of the goggles are very stylish and comfortable for the user. The Cougar is perfect for night-time activities like camping. Whatever the use might be, these goggles will make for a very pleasant night-viewing experience. Thanks to the high quality of infrared technology, the optics allow people to see things at night as if it were still day, . Within the goggles, there is an infrared bulb. When the light passes through this bulb, the photons become electrons. The electric charge is amplified and converted into a perfectly green and visible light. When using the ATN Night Cougar in total darkness, the infrared illuminated each object with a green glow.
The peripheral or side vision is not quite perfect, but it is acceptable. The only real issue in this area is that some blurring can occur, but it is only a minor issue. The Night Cougar doesn't do much for long-range distance, as it comes with a fixed range, but there are adjustable features available to get a better picture. Small rings allow people to focus in on whatever object that the human eye has trouble seeing through the goggles. The headgear is extremely functional and makes things easier for anybody. The headgear mounts on to the face, which enables hands-free viewing. Having the headgear hands-free means that you can flip the headgear up or completely out of the way. The most beneficial aspect of being hands-free is being able to carry things that you might not be able to carry otherwise. Bottom Line: The ATN Night Cougar is a very high quality night vision goggle that is extremely easy to handle. Even with the slightly blurred peripheral vision and fixed range, the high level of infrared technology, along with the numerous customizable features, and the extreme ease of use, there is no reason to avoid using the ATN Night Cougar for any your night-viewing needs.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waxed Canvas Backpack

Hiking Backpacks Have you ever experienced a nature trip that completely revived you? It can be so refreshing to experience nature in its most pure form when the everyday hassles of life get overwhelming. Whether it is a day or a week spending carefree time in the beauty of nature can be a rejuvenating experience that refreshes your mind and body leaving you with energy and peace of mind. Hiking requires very little to be an enjoyable experience. However, there is one main thing you need to get the most out of your trip and that is a good hiking backpack. An ill fitting backpack, or one that is not the right size can be uncomfortable and take away from your camping excursion. Opting for a cheaply made pack or one that has not been made for the specific purpose of hiking or camping can leave the consumer spending more money for less quality. In addition, these back packs are often made with unrecyclable products with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. These backpacks often rip and tear easily leaving the hiker with a no choice but to cut their experience short. The straps on these products are typically very weak, and break without much resistance. This is a nightmare for a hiker on a trip berceuse it puts strain on one side of their body leaving them extremely uncomfortable, and unable to enjoy their surroundings. These packs are also rarely waterproof, however claim to be "water resistant" which is a trick used to trick the customer with false claims. Using a pack that is not truly water proof can be dangerous to a hiker on a long journey if food, maps, matches, or other supplies are damaged by water.

Experienced hikers know to not buy these cheap back packs for their nature trips. Many are purchasing great camping/canoeing back packs from These packs are perfect for nature trips because they are specially crafted to be completely water proof and their high quality canvas material is natural and extremely durable. These packs have been made for the past 127 years and are the best product for withstanding nature hikes, camping, canoeing or any other adventure one should chose. The difference that makes these bags better than others is the special waxing technique that gives them their tight water proof benefit, as well as the high quality canvas that is flexible, non bulky, and durable to withstand years of wear. If you truly want to get the most out of your hiking trips, make these waxed canvas bags your back pack of choice. Take a look at Duluth Pack Waxed Canvas Backpacks.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leather Daypack Backpacks that Last

For those that are going to school, and have to buy new backpack each year this could be the last one you ever have to buy. The large Daypack- Backpack is all leather and guaranteed for life. All the zippers that are used in these bags are built by YKK® to last and are designed for outdoor use, which would make these backpacks able to handle any adventure and not just for books for school. The size of the daypack is 18H x 14W x5D plus pocket. This will let you use it for just about anything you can think of. This is the most durable backpack you will find and even fully packed you do not have to worry about the seams or zippers coming apart. It is Made in the USA and fully guaranteed for life. The construction of this bag, made with either pebbled or smooth leather body, and there are two color choices black and brown. The front and bottom are made of traditional thick leather, with the main compartment zippered and lined with nylon for easy cleaning. The shoulder straps and grab handle are leather. The slip pockets are inside the front pocket to get at the little things you need quickly. The leather daypack has the extra rivets for added reinforcement in the shoulder straps. Highest quality of zippers used in both the front pocket and main compartment of the bag. High durability leather bottom and front allows for areas that may be highly abrasive. In the front compartment is slip pockets that will hold simple necessities like pencils and pens, things for school, or small items for hiking and camping. Whether you are looking for the best and last daypack you will ever need to buy, this all leather fully guaranteed pack is made for anything you can throw at it rain or shine. This leather pack is ready for work, play or the most serious of hiking trips. The recommended uses for this particular leather backpack are school, travel and college.

There are several other choices when it comes to leather luggage that is available from Duluth Pack, all of which made here in the USA, and fully guaranteed. If the large Daypack is too big for example there are several others including ones for children. Buying backpacks for children each year ends up being very costly over the years of their education. As they grow their needs grow as well, there is also leather backpacks with room for the laptop. These leather backpacks/daypacks will be the last that will ever need to be purchased, saving money for more important things.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Backpacks made in the USA

The Best USA Made Backpack A pathfinder pack is a necessity, for anyone, who enjoys outdoor activities to have. These packs are stronger and last longer than any other packs. Anyone who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, knows that packs can take a beating on trips, and you need a pack that is durable. Pathfinder makes their backpacks in the USA. This means high quality materials are used to make these back packs. Furthermore, what better way to support American made products, than to buy a pack that is made in the US? Backpacks made in other countries are not subject to strict quality control, which means they often lack good quality. Many other packs fall apart easily, or just don’t stand the test of time. Pathfinder packs are held to high standards, and each back pack comes with a lifetime guarantee. These back packs are built with the user in mind, and will last a very long time.
You can fit an incredible amount of equipment in this pack. There are multiple outside pockets. These pockets are great, to keep things in, which you will need easy access to. The buckles on the pack are made from very strong leather. When you open the pack up, there is also a pocket, beneath the pack flap. Pathfinder backpacks come in a variety of colors. You can choose from over 15 colors. Each pack in made to order, which means when you buy a pack, you won’t be getting one that has sat around somewhere for months or years, before it’s sent to you. These packs are excellent, for outdoor activities, but can also be used for other things. Pathfinder packs can also be used as school backpacks, or carry-on bags at the airport. With a Pathfinder pack you won’t have a need for any other backpack, because you can use your Pathfinder pack, for anything you would use a regular pack for. Pathfinder's packs are high quality backpack, made in the USA, and have withstood the test of time. These packs can not only hold a lot of equipment, but are also very comfortable. So whether you need a pack for fishing, hiking, camping, school or some other reason, a pathfinder pack in an excellent choice that will last you for many years.

Duluth Pack - Backpacks made in the USA

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bob dustrude saw

The bob dustrude saw is easy to handle, light weight but is able to do big jobs. The handle is easy to hold and can be used by one person or by two people working together depending on the size of the saw. The blade is 24 inches long and easy to replace when it becomes dull. It is easy to carry and not easy to break. It is good to have the saw when on a camping trip to cut wood for a campfire or to have when cutting wood for a fireplace in the home. The saw can also cut through bone of wild meat to prepare for a meal.
The duluth pack, bags, saws are put together in Duluth, Minnesota and have been in business since 1911, the artisits that make the bags or packs devote much time and dedication in making the bags and packs exactly right. There is much sewing of the bags and packs to make sure they stay together properly, along with putting snaps, zippers and buckles on the bags or packs to keep the saw inside and protected for easy carrying and for safety. The warranty on the bags, packs and saws is good to have, however if any of the items are not used or taken care of properly the warranty will not be of any use. The warranty will be effective when the items are used properly and stored properly over time. The duluth pack or bags come in a variety of colors of black, brown, tan, blue and green and can easily be ordered from online once an account is set up. There are many different types of bags, packs, and saws to choose from. Just browse around on their website, ask questions of the experts and choose the right saw, bag or pack for your many uses for at home or on a camping trip. All saws are not toys and should never be given to children to play with. When a person who is old enough to use a saw should be introduced to the saw and explain the safety rules about using the saw properly and how to store the saw properly. A saw can be used for many years as long it is taken care of and used properly.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take a Canoe Pack on your next adventure

Backpacks & Canoe Packs

Have you had a few too many Canoe Packs fall apart after a year or two of use? One of the most frustrating aspects of choosing camping gear is realizing that even the best gear you can buy at most big box stores will end up falling apart on you after just a little bit of hard use.

A good canoe pack is key to enjoying a beautiful day of hiking. When you purchase one with a lower quality, you risk ruining a perfectly good hike with a broken strap or uncomfortable fit. If you are unfortunately enough to be stuck in the middle of a long trip when your pack fails, the problems can be much more severe. Tying a strap back together to keep your pack intact long enough to return from a hiking trip can be painful after the first hour or so.

The canoe packs located here are created with 127 years of experience creating high quality camping packs. They may cost a bit more in the short term, but by purchasing a well made backpack you can save money in the long run. These daypacks and backpacks from Minnesota are guaranteed for life, making them a smarter investment than a succession of cheaper bags spread out over several years.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rambler Backpack by Duluth Pack Is Sure To Please

The Duluth Pack Rambler is more than a day bag but not too much for a short trek or lighter weight person. This medium sized backpack is handmade, as are all Duluth Pack's bags and gear, and is constructed to last. The Rambler is perfect for hauling extra clothes and gear for an overnight hike. The more fashion conscious hiker will also love the nine color choices: black, burgundy, hunters orange, khaki, navy, olive drab, spruce, and now, waxed canvas. The waxed canvas blocks most water and is offered for an additional $35 to the regular price. The retail price of the Duluthpack Rambler is $165 and, according to reviews from satisfied owners, it's well worth the price. Most owners would pay even more for it.

Rambler back pack video
One pleased reviewer writes, "I've had my Duluth Pack Rambler for four years. I use it monthly and it still looks new. I love the pockets. An eighteen inch pack basket is a snug fit but works well in the pack. I also love the touch leather straps. The whole pack is tough and durable; great for short trips."

Featuring zippered pockets on the front of pack and underneath the pack flap, the Rambler has plenty of nooks and crannies to keep gear separated and easy to locate. There is a good size pocket on each side of the pack, too. Each one has a flap which fits down over the pocket and secures with a leather strap and buckle. The pack flap itself also comes comes a third of the way down the front of the pack for security. It secures with two riveted high quality leather straps and buckles; one on each side of the flap. Cotton web shoulder straps are comfortable from day one when you hoist it on your back for your first of many trips with your Duluth Pack Rambler backpack.

The dimensions of the pack are 19H x 17W x 6D plus pockets. Capacity is 2,397 cubic inches plus pockets. It's made in the USA in a factory in Duluth, Minnesota where Duluthpack company has been building its products since 1911. (The company was actually founded in 1882.) Each piece is built by hand with attention and detail to every step of the process and carries a lifetime warranty.

The functionality and quality of the Rambler backpack is evident by it's popularity with hikers all over the world. Don't forget the new wax canvas version of which one reviewer wrote, "I have the waxed canvas version of the Rambler. I know I can toss it on the rocks to rest and know I don't have to worry about it."

When you buy a Duluth Pack Rambler you know you have a great backpack to use for many years with plenty of room for all your short trip gear. It doesn't hurt that it will also look great on your back!