Sunday, August 30, 2009

Leather Book bag

Some adventurers pack up their gear in duffels or rucksacks and then set off exploring trails to the high pass or navigating a wild river to the sea. I like my adventures too, but most of them have their point of origin in the stacks of my local library and end at the return desk. I am by nature a bookworm.

I am just as passionate about my book bag as the most ardent hiker is about his backpack. I like leather. It is no coincidence that the highest quality books are bound in leather. It is both beautiful and rugged, and it simply exudes an air of distinction. Nothing protects like real leather.

My leather book bag has given me years of service. I anticipate it will give me many more. I used to have to replace my vinyl bags every year or two, but this one keeps on functioning as strong as ever. It has a padded shoulder strap, which is important since the bag is used for more than just books. The interior pocket is very practical because it keeps my small necessities handy so that I do not waste time fishing for my keys or a pen.

I don't know where my next literary adventure will take me, but I know what I'll be taking with me—my leather book bag.

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