Sunday, August 30, 2009


A bedroll is traditionally used by cowboys, hikers and trailblazers as an easy way to take a comfortable bed around where they travel. Constructed typically of layers of blankets and/or quilts and wrapped tightly with a tarp or other weather proof material, they are generally carried about the back usually tied into a pack of other necessary camping supplies.

Canvas bedrolls are much easier to roll, carry and maintain. Many of today's imported bedrolls have become thin and do not hold up to the traditional canvas campers roll.

Canvas outer shells provide protection from damp, wet conditions while allowing heat and moisture from your body to escape the pack, keeping you comfortable and dry regardless of the weather. Thin insulation materials allow the pack to remain flexible and easy to move while still being comfortable. You can purchase a bedroll in a variety of sizes and weights, made from a variety of materials from natural and organic to manufactured. There is a bedroll style and type to please almost any outdoor enthusiast.

The quality of your pack will undoubtedly affect the reliability and durability, so be sure to look for materials and craftsmanship that will guarantee you years of trouble free use.

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